Cough drops: instructions how to make your own hands, recipes

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Cough drops help reduce the intensity of attacks, thereby facilitating the overall condition of the patient. The medicine helps to reduce the inflammatory process and eliminate the sensation of perspiration in the throat.

Indications of the cough drops

Lozenges from a cough are recommended for reception at cold and ORVI. They are used in combination with other means to combat colds. They are able to eliminate an easy cough, but in general they are considered only an auxiliary medicine, since they eliminate only the symptom, and not the cause of the disease itself.

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Release form

With a light perspiration in the throat with a dry cough, such lozenges as Travisil, Doctor MOM, Strepsils, Dr. Theiss Eucalyptus, and Sage are also good at coughing. These drugs are considered the most effective in the fight against bouts of coughing.


Doctor MOM

Doctor MOM is a combined medicine, which is of vegetable origin. Has an expectorant and anti-inflammatory effect on the body. There are lollipops with different flavors - raspberry, lemon, pineapple, orange, lemon, berry and fruit.


Dr. Theiss

Dr. Thyss soothes the irritated inflammatory process of the throat. These candies contain extracts of various medicinal plants, as well as essential oils. Thanks to this, the lozenges help normalize the activity of the upper respiratory organs and relieve the sensation of perspiration in the throat.

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Lollipops with sage

Lollipops with sage are an antiseptic of plant origin. Due to the sage-based extract, lozenges help to eliminate pain, irritation, and perspiration in the throat.

Gamma Lollipops

Gamma candies are of vegetable origin and have an anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effect. Also have analgesic, antimicrobial and expectorant effects. They relieve inflammation in the throat and facilitate the respiratory process, remove the edema of the nasal mucosa.


Travisil is a plant remedy of complex action. The drug has an antiemetic and expectorant effect. Due to its softening effect it helps to reduce the irritation of the oral mucosa.


Lollipops Carmolis are made on the basis of essential oil of 10 different medicinal herbs. Among them, Chinese cinnamon, citronella, thyme, mint, sage, anise, lemon, nutmeg, lavender, and cloves. Additional components are menthol, vitamin C, sugar substitute, glucose syrup and honey. All these ingredients help to alleviate the symptoms of irritation and coughing attacks.

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Strepsils - pastilles, which contain essential oils and peppermint, as well as antibacterial substances. Thanks to essential oils, the irritation of the inflamed mucosa decreases, because the involuntary intensification of salivation begins because of them.


Hols lollipops are effective only in cases when bronchial spasms are manifested due to abnormalities occurring in the nasopharynx. It should be borne in mind that these lozenges are not a real medicine, giving only a symptomatic effect. Hols lozenges have a therapeutic effect only in such disorders:

  • The cough did not arise as a result of the disease, but because of mechanical damage to the mucosa due to foreign objects, or because of a torn voice;
  • Coughing attacks are a sign of pathological phenomena in the nasopharynx (while simultaneously treating this disease).

Bobs Lollipops

Lobsters Bobs are quite effective cough remedy, and at the same time they are of low cost. There are 4 variations of pastilles, depending on the flavor filler:

  • Lemon and honey;
  • Raspberry tea;
  • Mint and eucalyptus;
  • Taste of forest berries.

Among other components of the drug - glucose syrup, essential oils, sugar and menthol. All these ingredients effectively eliminate coughing attacks, softening the irritated throat and relieving inflammation.

Broncho Veda

Broncho Veda are pastilles on herbs with flavoring additives of orange, lemon and ginger. The drug is complex, helping to cope with the pain in the throat and coughing attacks. It has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, weakening and mucolytic effects.

Lollipops recommend to use in such cases:

  • Inflammation of the mucosa and pain in the throat;
  • Irritation and dryness of mucous membranes;
  • Has a different origin cough (among causes and cough smoker);
  • With a strong load on the vocal cords - to restore the voice faster.

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Gramdin with an anesthetic effect - lollipops used to treat inflammation of the throat and mouth, as well as infectious diseases. The medication contains lidocaine (local anesthetic), gramicidin C (antimicrobial agent), eucalyptus and menthol (softening effect), as well as sweeteners, which give the pastilles a pleasant taste.


Lincas - vegetable candies with expectorant, anti-inflammatory effect. Another function of this medication is antipyretic effect. 


Pastilles with verbena are often used to treat diseases of the upper respiratory tract (such as angina, influenza, bronchitis (in acute and chronic forms)) and the oral cavity (stomatitis, gingivitis, etc.). Thanks to the anti-inflammatory qualities of eucalyptus, they also accelerate the healing process of wounds.


Falimint has an analgesic and analgesic effect. It is an antitussive medicine - it softens irritation and relieves dry non-productive cough. In the process of resorption, the lozenge exerts a cooling effect on the larynx and the oral cavity. In this case, the candies do not dry the mucous membranes, nor do they induce a sensation of numbness in the mouth.

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Chinese Lollipops

Chinese lozenges "Golden pastilles" are excellent for cough and are a popular means of traditional Chinese medicine. In the composition of pastilles are medicinal herbs, which have been used for many years in Tibetan medicine.

The drug effectively eliminates inflammation in the mouth and upper respiratory tract, and also removes intoxication. Eliminating irritation of the mucosa and restoring affected areas, candies also improve local immunity. Effective in the treatment of diseases of the upper respiratory tract virus etiology and cold. Removes pain, softens cough, adds freshness to breathing. Chinese pastilles can be taken as a preventive measure in hypothermia or during the epidemic of ARVI.


Lozenges from a cough with zinc

Lozenges from cough with zinc, as well as Echinacea and vitamin C - an effective remedy for fighting colds. These pastilles do not contain dyes and chemical additives. There is also no lactose, soy, milk and gluten. Sweeteners are stevia and fructose. Therefore, this medicine can be taken even to diabetics and small children.

Lozenges from cough with zinc and lemon

One of the best anti-cold medications are lollipops with zinc and lemon content. Pastilles, in which there is zinc, reduce the duration of the cold by 40%. According to the results of some studies, it was also found out that such candies reduce the duration of coughing attacks by 3 days. Lozenges from a cough with zinc and lemon are considered the most effective.

Lozenges from a cough without sugar

Cough syrups without sugar act as a local anesthetic for the pharynx and oral cavity. They should be gradually absorbed. These candies are recommended for use by diabetics.

Lacquer lozenges

Liquorice candies are used for catarrhal diseases with a cough as a mucolytic agent. The lactitol used as an ingredient is a sugar substitute from lactose. On the basis of this substance, products with a low caloric value are created. Such candies do not cause caries, and are also suitable for diabetics, since lactitol does not increase the level of insulin and glucose in the blood.

Lollipop Lollipops

"Zvezdochka" candies are a nutritional supplement, they contain menthol and glycyrrhizic acid. Pastilles have antispastic and antioxidant effects. They are used to treat pain in the throat, as well as coughing attacks.


Lazolvan - an expectorant drug that is used to treat inflammation of the upper and lower respiratory tract, where sputum is observed. Usually these candies are used for diseases accompanied by attacks of moist cough.

Mint lollipops

Mint candies are an anesthetic that has mucolytic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, and at the same time reduces puffiness in the nasal mucosa. The lozenges reduce pain and sensation of perspiration in the throat, and also contribute to improving the process of breathing and expectoration.

Lozenges from a cough with antibiotic

Pastilles with antibiotics are good for coughing with angina, but you need to understand that they are only an auxiliary remedy. Lollipops alone cure angina (of any type) will not work, and they will not protect the development of complications of the disease either. But if applied as part of complex therapy, they can be effective - they will ease the symptoms of the disease and accelerate the recovery.

Cough drops for children

Cough drops for children - a very convenient medicine that effectively reduces cough and facilitates the process of sputum discharge. Coughing attacks become less soon after taking a lozenge - just a few minutes. The effect of the drug lasts for 2-3 hours. Usually they are allowed to be used from 5-6 years, not younger, but there are also such candies that can be given to children from 3 years of age. This contraindication is due to the fact that in most such drugs there is menthol, which is harmful to young children.


Lozenges from a dry cough

Lozenges from dry cough contain dextromethorphan (this substance is considered the most effective in fighting this type of cough). Due to this component, the sensitivity of the cough center is reduced, which allows quickly mitigating the manifestations of the common cold.

Recipes for home cough drops

In addition to pharmacy pastilles, there are also alternative methods - home cough drops.

  • Herbal medicine recipe:

Honey (1 stack.) And a mixture of dried herbs (1 tablespoon). Heat the honey in a saucepan and add the herb collection, then cook on low heat. After that, turn off, close the lid and wrap it with a cloth for 10 minutes. After this, strain the tincture and drain it back into the pan, to once again heat. Next, check the candies for hardness, and they can be removed from the fire. Next, pour the mixture (on a teaspoonful) onto parchment paper and wait until it has solidified. The resulting lozenges before hardening should be sprinkled with powdered sugar, so that they do not stick together.

  • Lollipops with honey and lemon:

Honey (150 g), butter (1 tsp), essential oil (sage, eucalyptus and lemon (10 drops maximum)). Boil the honey on low heat, then cook for about 20 minutes, then add 1 tsp. Creamy. Oil. Then you need to let the mass cool, stirring it - about 10-15 minutes - and then add essential oils and another 1 tsp. Creamy. Pour the mixture into molds or lay it on parchment, previously sprinkling it with powder or starch.

  • Lollipops with coconut oil:

Coconut oil, honey (100 grams), ground cinnamon (1 tsp), essential oil (7-8 drops). Beat the butter in a bowl with a mixer, then add the honey with cinnamon and mix the ingredients thoroughly. Next, fill the mold with the resulting mixture and leave it for 1 hour in the refrigerator to make the candies frozen.

Lozenges from cough with ginger

  • Recipe for sugar candies with ginger

Sugar sand (1 cup.), Plain water (4 tablespoons), ground ginger (1 tea), lemon juice (0.5-1 tsp), food colorings (if you want to add color pastes ). Before dissolving, mix the sugar with water, and then add the ginger and keep the mixture on low heat until it becomes clear. After this, you can add the dye or replace it with natural juice (beet for red coloring, carrot for yellow).

Then you need to check the readiness of the mixture - pour cold water into the container and add a drop of syrup to it. If it stiffens, then the mixture can be removed from the fire. The finished syrup must be stirred for 30 seconds. Formochki, in which the syrup will be poured, it is necessary to grease with oil beforehand. Leave the filled mixture in the molds until it solidifies.

  • Lollies from honey and ginger

Preparation of pastilles with ginger and honey

Honey (250-300 g), ground ginger (1 tea), lemon juice (0.5-1 tsp). Mix honey with ginger and cook for 1.5-2 hours, stirring. Ready mixture should be cooled, pouring on an even surface, and then split it into pieces (or pour on the molds, which should be oiled beforehand).

Lozenges from cough from burnt sugar

Lollipops from burnt sugar - pour sugar into the pan (a few tablespoons), and cook it on low heat, stirring. The sugar must be melted to a viscous mass having a brown color. After that, the mixture is poured into molds (greased with vegetable oil) and allowed to freeze. Ready lollipops can be given to children with a cold with a cough - 3-4 r. / Day.


The properties of candy from coughing are considered on the example of drugs Dr. MOM and Lazolvan.

Doctor MOM contains the components, which determine the therapeutic effect of this drug. The extract of the licorice root gives it mucolytic, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic properties. Ginger root extract adds candies to the antiseptic effect. Extract of medicinal embryo gives antipyretic effect. Thanks to the menthol of the lozenges, Dr. IOM has an antispasmodic effect.

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Ambroxol, contained in Lazolvan, is absorbed quickly and almost completely. The maximum plasma concentration is reached after half an hour or three hours. About 90% of the substance binds to proteins in the plasma. Ambroxol is quickly distributed between tissues and blood, active components are dynamically concentrated in the lungs. The half-life of the drug from the plasma occurs in 7-12 hours, it does not accumulate in the tissues. Metabolism of most of the ambroxol is carried out in the liver through conjugation. Approximately 90% of the drug is excreted through the kidneys.

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Use of the cough drops during pregnancy

Candies from coughing in most cases are not suitable for pregnant women - they are either not too effective, or even banned during gestation. Therefore, during this period, women are allowed to take only 2 drugs that are made from lysozyme - Laripront and Lizobakt. Such lozenges are used 3-4 r. / Day. 2 pieces each. These candies will be effective even with severe angina.


Do not use antitussive candies if there is an individual hypersensitivity to components, children under 3 years old, pregnant and lactating women. Lollipops with a sugar content are contraindicated for diabetics.

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Side effects of the cough drops

Side effects of taking candy from cough in rare cases can be allergic reactions, expressed as a rash on the skin.

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Dosing and administration

Lollipops Travisil should be resorbed in the mouth, without chewing - until dissolved. The duration of the treatment course, as well as the dosage is prescribed by the doctor to each patient individually. Children over 12 years and adults should drink 2-3 lozenges three times a day. Children 3-12 years old consume 1-2 sweets three times a day.

Doctor MOM - dissolve 1 lollipop every 2 h. Maximum of 10 can be consumed per day. The treatment course lasts 2-3 weeks.

Strepsils - children older than 5 years and adults: 1 lozenge every 2-3 hours (per day allowed to consume no more than 8 lollipops).


Interactions with other drugs

Do not drink cough lozenges along with other antitussive medicines, as well as drugs that interfere with the process of sputum formation, because this prevents the expectoration of the dissolved substance.

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Storage conditions

Lax cough drops are usually stored under standard conditions - at room temperature, in a dry place, closed from the sun.


Shelf life

The shelf life of candies from cough averages 3-5 years.


Cheap lollipops for cough

Cough drops are quite an effective remedy that helps to eliminate this symptom. But it should be remembered that they do not eliminate the infection that causes coughing. Among the cheapest drugs, the most famous and effective is Doctor MOM.


To simplify the perception of information, this instruction for use of the drug "Cough drops: instructions how to make your own hands, recipes" translated and presented in a special form on the basis of the official instructions for medical use of the drug. Before use read the annotation that came directly to medicines.

Description provided for informational purposes and is not a guide to self-healing. The need for this drug, the purpose of the treatment regimen, methods and dose of the drug is determined solely by the attending physician. Self-medication is dangerous for your health.

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