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Ladostim unites all useful properties of plant components. He possesses such properties: adaptogenic, immunostimulating, antihypoxic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, hepatoprotective.

 The following components (plant extracts) can be distinguished in the preparation:

  • purple echinacea (rhizome, roots);
  • St. John's wort (stalks with leaves);
  • mint - peppery (young leaves);
  • Oregano common (aboveground part);
  • a yarrow ordinary (a grass);
  • ayr ordinary (rhizome);
  • aronia, common rowan (fruit juice);
  • ethyl alcohol (45%).
  • sugar (as an auxiliary element).

Indications We wish

Ladostim is recommended to be taken as an additional curative in complex treatment and with a preventive purpose. Indications for application of Ladostim are as follows:

Ladostim is shown as a drug that improves well-being, has a strengthening effect for the whole body, improves and supports the work of the central nervous system.

Release form

The form of release of the drug Ladostim is a tincture. It connects certain parts of plants (fruit juice, roots, rhizomes, leaves, grassy part) with ethyl alcohol. The drug has a pleasant smell, the color is brown. The taste of the tincture is sweet, since the composition contains a small amount of sugar, as an additional element. Dilute the drug Ladostim in bottles of dark glass, with a capacity of 100, 200, 250 and 500 milliliters. On the bottle with tincture there is a label on which the composition, date of issue, expiration date and other important information for the consumer are indicated. Bottles with the drug should be securely sealed, without damage.


Ladostin consists of plant elements, each of which has a certain effect on the human body. Pharmacodynamics Ladostim is determined by the effect on the body of the components of plant components.

Echinacea acts as a powerful immunostimulant, an anesthetic component.

St. John's wort - its grass has the property to reduce the spasm of small vessels (capillaries), to normalize the venous, peripheral circulation.

Peppermint - used for the sedative effect of the drug, against severe headaches.

Oregano - is used as an element against insomnia.

Yarrow common - used as an anti-inflammatory, bactericidal agent.

Air is common - it is used as a remedy for diseases of the liver and bile ducts, a remedy for throat and mouth diseases.

Chokeberry, ordinary ashberry - its juice is rich in vitamins, the poem is used in the preparation as a multivitamin agent, the juice of black ashberry contributes to the normalization of blood pressure.

The combination of all elements of Ladostim gives him a healing effect.


All herbal components of the drug Ladostim are alcohol tincture. Pharmacokinetics Ladostim is as follows: the components are selected in such proportions that the administration in certain doses brings the desired outcome. After taking the drug quickly absorbed. In complex treatment, a positive effect is observed 40-60 minutes after administration. The pharmacological action is kept for 6 to 8 hours. Blood pressure is balanced, headaches decrease. At reception for the night, there are improvements of a dream - signs of a sleeplessness disappear in due course. The drug is excreted partially by the kidneys. When the full course of treatment increases immunity, the body is strengthened.

Use We wish during pregnancy

Since the drug Ladostim has ethyl alcohol, the drug is not prescribed to women during pregnancy. Despite the fact that the drug with complex treatment or prevention has a great positive effect, the use of Ladostim during pregnancy is not recommended. Alcohol has a negative impact on the body of the mother and the future child. There is a danger of pathologies, premature birth, congenital maladies of the baby. Women in any case can not independently start taking this drug, because there is a high probability of risks and complications during pregnancy as a result.


The drug Ladostim, despite the natural, environmentally friendly composition, is not suitable for everyone. Only a qualified person should prescribe it. We can distinguish the following contraindications to the use of Ladostim:

  • individual sensitivity to any active substance, or to an auxiliary substance;
  • because of the presence of alcohol, the drug is contraindicated in children up to the age of twelve;
  • period of pregnancy;
    • the period of breastfeeding, since at the moment there is no information on the penetration into milk (breast);
    • because the composition contains sugar, then with great care and only on the advice of a doctor, Ladostim is taken by people with diabetes.

Side effects We wish

As part of the drug Ladostim a lot of plant material. Not every person knows the reaction of his body to each of the components. Therefore, side effects of Ladostim may manifest as allergic reactions to a component. An allergic reaction may appear on the skin, in the form of a rash or redness. Itching is possible, slight dizziness. Before taking the drug, consult a doctor. He should talk about possible side effects and what to do in such cases. At admission it is necessary to be guided only by appointment of the attending physician. All side effects should be reported to the specialist, and follow his advice further.

Dosing and administration

Ladostim is a drug in the form of a tincture. Before using, you need to know its use and dose. The drug is taken orally, orally. Recommended doses are two or three tablespoons (tea). Take this amount of tincture and divorce in fifty milliliters of pure still water. The received liquid is taken for half an hour before meals, three times a day. Doses are determined by the doctor. He gives recommendations and on account of the duration of treatment. In no case can one start taking Ladostim medicament on its own, or continue taking it when it is not prescribed by a specialist.


Acceptance of any drug should only be carried out according to the recommendations of a qualified specialist. It determines the intake dose, method and duration. This also applies to Ladostima, although up to this point there has been no evidence of an overdose. But there are cases when the patient takes a large dose. This can be a simple inattention, absent-mindedness. Overdose of the drug Ladostim manifests itself in the form of allergic reactions to any of the constituent components. In such cases it is necessary to stop taking this medication and immediately call a doctor. The specialist will decide on further admission.

Very erroneous is the opinion about the usefulness of the "slaughter" dose or other drug. Most often, medications have a beneficial effect after a certain period of time with regular admission. Taking a large dose at a time can not only not get the necessary therapeutic effect, but also harm your body and health in general.

Interactions with other drugs

Before you start taking Ladostim, you should always consult your doctor. Only he can make a decision about the advisability of taking, the doses and the duration of treatment. At the reception, you must say about other medications that you take. The interaction of the constituent components of Ladostim may be incompatible with the components of a given preparation. As a result, it can give not favorable or even harmful reactions, which have a detrimental effect on the whole organism.

Ladostim interactions with other drugs are defined:

  • The simultaneous administration of Ladostim with imunnodepressantnymi drugs leads to the fact that others can reduce their effectiveness;
  • simultaneous reception with nootropics, analeptics, psychotropic stimulants increases their stimulating effect on the human nervous system;
  • Ladostim can enhance the effectiveness of hepatoprotectors.

Storage conditions

For each drug, certain storage conditions are provided. Everything depends on the active substances, on the packaging. Storage conditions affect the quality of the drug, its effectiveness in admission. We can briefly outline the storage conditions of Ladostim as follows: store it at medium, room temperature. The average temperature is from 18 to 22 degrees Celsius. The premises must be dry. Keep container tightly closed. Keep preferably in an upright position in a dark place. Keep away from direct sunlight. Before use, the drug Ladostim should be slightly blotted out.

It is highly recommended not to store the drug in the refrigerator or vice versa in a hot, not ventilated place. Before each intake after prolonged storage of the drug, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the date of manufacture on the package and check whether the shelf life has passed.

In the event of termination of this period, taking the drug is highly discouraged, as this can lead to side effects.

Shelf life

Like any medicinal product, Ladostim has a certain shelf life. For Ladolsim, he is two years old. The validity of the drug is determined not only by the term, but also by storage conditions. In no case should you take the medication after the expiration date, or when it is difficult to read it on the label. Admission of an overdue medication can lead to irreversible consequences - some complications, worsening of the condition and others. In the event that Ladostim receives a dubious expiration date and if there are any ailments, you should urgently seek medical help, indicating which medicine and when you took it.

Last update: 01.06.2018
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