Syrup Linkas for children

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It is a syrup that contains plant extracts. This preparation contains an extremely large amount of plant components. All the substances listed are difficult, because they are more than a dozen, but the main ones that have the most tangible impact on the body, it is worth mentioning. Active active substances are licorice roots, long pepper fruits, fragrant violet, medicinal hyssop, rhizome broad-leaved rhizomes, alpinia roots and other components. As auxiliary substances, glycerol, various chemicals, peppermint oil, clove oil and purified water are used.

Indications Syrup "Linkas" with cough for children

By properties, the linkus is a syrup that has a brown color and a specific odor. The drug is prescribed as a remedy having a symptomatic effect on the body, that is, it eliminates the symptoms of the disease. It is rather convenient to include this drug in the complex therapy. Used to treat purulent-septic, infectious-inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract. It is especially recommended to prescribe this remedy to people who do not have a dry cough for a long time, sputum is difficult to leave. Indications for use are such diseases as ARI, tracheitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, influenza.

Release form

Produce the drug in the form of a syrup in a dark glass bottle. 


It belongs to the group of expectorants of vegetable origin.

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According to its pharmacological properties, the preparation is characterized as a complex preparation of the Ayurvedic direction. The main action is aimed at providing expectorant and anti-inflammatory action. It also significantly increases the intensity and productivity of the cough, as a result of which the sputum is more actively moving away from the walls, and is more easily eliminated from the respiratory tract, which helps to relieve the inflammatory process and prevent the progression of the infectious process.


Contraindicated drug with increased sensitivity to various components of the drug, as well as with individual intolerance of the drug. Increased allergization of the body can also serve as a contraindication. It is not recommended for children under the age of 6 months.

Side effects Syrup "Linkas" with cough for children

Adverse reactions are rare. If they occur, it is mainly in the form of an allergic reaction. Dangerous is the immediate reaction, which manifests itself in the form of Quincke's edema, anaphylactic shock. Less risky hypersensitivity reaction in a delayed type, which manifests itself in the form of skin rash, hives, irritation, redness, dermatitis.

Dosing and administration

At the age of 6 months, the drug can already be given in small amounts starting at half a teaspoon at a time. Children aged 6 months to 3 years are still given half the teaspoon, starting from three years, the dosage can be increased to 1 teaspoon per day. A teaspoon is given up to the age of 8, and from the age of 8 until adulthood, the dosage increases to a teaspoon per reception. Multiplicity of admission is up to 3-4 times a day.

Interactions with other drugs

The drug is not recommended to combine with antitussive drugs, as well as with drugs that prevent the formation of sputum. If the child is disturbed by carbohydrate metabolism, and he is on a hypocaloric diet, the syrup should be taken with caution, since it contains 70% sucrose. 

Shelf life

Store it should be in such a factory packaging no more than three years.

It is important to know!

Many people mistakenly perceive a cough for the disease. In fact, it acts as a protective reflex of the body to a certain pathogen - the virus, harmful microorganisms, the entry of foreign objects into the lungs and the respiratory tract. Read more..

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