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Almost every smoker is sure that, if necessary, he can quit smoking at any time. However, everything is not so simple: many medical specialists attribute smoking to the category of dangerous chronic diseases based on pathological craving for nicotine. After all, everyone knows that when inhaled cigarette smoke, the body experiences a serious load on the respiratory system, the heart and blood vessels. In order to help people get rid of the addiction, scientists and pharmacists have come up with a lot of ways: they are tablets, cigarette models, patches. Spray from smoking is an alternative means that helps avid smokers get rid of nicotine addiction.

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Indications of the smoking sprays

Sprays from smoking are indicated for use in the following situations:

  • To eliminate the symptoms of withdrawal syndrome with full or partial refusal of smoking.
  • To reduce the craving for smoking or reduce the number of smoked cigarettes in people who can not or do not have the desire to completely quit smoking.
  • To replace cigarettes in public places, where smoking is strictly prohibited.

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Release form

Currently, two variants of smoking sprays have been developed, which have a different mechanism of action:

  • Spray, which contributes to the development of aversion to nicotine gums in the body;
  • a spray containing nicotine gums (a kind of substitute for a cigarette).

The first variant of a spray from smoking in overwhelming majority of cases has a natural composition. Most often among the components are cones of hops, lemon balm, oats, rhizome rhizome, passionflower extract, skullcap, etc. The effect of the drug is as follows: after treatment with a spray of the oral cavity, irritation of receptors occurs with a change in taste perception. If after this a person lights up, he will feel very unpleasant sensations, even pain. As a result, a reflex of rejection of tobacco smoke is formed.

With the use of such a spray from smoking, side effects are not observed, and an overdose of such a drug is considered unlikely.

As for the spray containing nicotinic resins, its effect is almost the same as that of nicotine chewing gums, patches, etc. The nicotine spray from smoking can be sprayed into the mouth or nasal cavity. The active substance is immediately adsorbed by the mucosa, enters the bloodstream and reaches the brain and heart muscle. This process takes place very quickly, and even faster than when smoking a regular cigarette.

Spray injections are repeated up to 10 times a day, 1-2 injections. If undesirable reactions are not noticed, then the drug can be used up to 45 times a day.


Spray from smoking "Nikoin" consists of ingredients of vegetable origin: nicotinic acid, hawthorn, St. John's wort and essential oils of eucalyptus and mint. The main mechanism of the action of this spray is that nicotinic acid gradually reduces the person's craving for smoking, besides, it strengthens the walls of the vessels. Hawthorn improves the cardiovascular system. The extract of St. John's wort has a calming effect, it eliminates depression and insomnia, which often arise when a person attempts to quit smoking. Essential oils of mint and eucalyptus favorably influence the respiratory system (eliminate shortness of breath, improve the lungs in the body, accelerate their healing).

Due to the fact that this spray from smoking is made from natural plant ingredients, there are no contraindications to its use (except for individual intolerance of any component of the drug). Plus the drug is also an affordable price and no side effects.

Apply it during craving for cigarettes. In this case, the spray is simply sprayed into the oral cavity. It eliminates the unpleasant symptoms of nicotine dependence for the next three or four hours. Over time, the desire to smoke disappears altogether. But remember that you can not quit cigarettes and immediately start using a spray from smoking. Experts recommend doing this gradually. First, you need to combine smoking and applying a spray, and then completely abandon cigarettes.

Remember that this drug is contraindicated in pregnant and lactating women

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"Nicorette" is a dosed drug, which includes medical nicotine. He only removes cravings for smoking in just one minute. Spray "Nicorette" is good because with its help nicotine enters the body without any harmful impurities. Therefore, it can be used by smokers (for example, in public places where smoking is prohibited). It quickly eliminates excessive irritability and short temper, helps to calm down and relieve tension. Over time, if you reduce the dose of the drug, you can completely stop smoking.

Features of application: as soon as you have a craving for smoking - use a spray. As a rule, it is brought to the mouth and makes 1-2 pressures to spray nicotine, which is immediately absorbed into the systemic bloodstream. Take care that the spray does not get on the back of the throat and lips. After using the drug should refrain from eating food and water for 20 minutes. In one hour, do not take more than 4 doses of the drug. The maximum daily dose is 64 injections. Remember that during the spraying it is necessary to hold your breath in order to prevent the drug from getting into the respiratory tract.

The drug is contraindicated in pregnant and lactating women, people under the age of 18 and people with an individual intolerance to the drug.

Interaction with other medicinal products: The spray "Nicorette" is not recommended to be combined with other forms of "Nicorette" (for example, chewing gum or plaster).

Chinese Spray from Smoking

The capacity of the bottle is only 30 ml, which is very convenient and allows you to carry the spray with you everywhere. Pharmacological action: helps to cope with nicotine dependence, eliminates irritability and insomnia, relieves nervous tension, improves the psychological state of a non-smoker, etc. Also, the Chinese spray from smoking facilitates burning in the throat and coughing that occurs during smoking.

Features of the application: the action of the drug develops rapidly. It is only necessary to spray the contents of the vial onto the tongue, avoiding liquid entering the lips and the back of the throat. The big plus of this spray is the minimal amount of side effects. This drug is contraindicated in pregnant and lactating women.


Use of the smoking sprays during pregnancy

Preparations, which include nicotine, are strictly contraindicated for use by pregnant or nursing patients. Nicotine freely enters the systemic circulation and overcomes the placental barrier. For this reason, women are recommended to get rid of addiction before pregnancy, or to quit independently, without the use of medicines.

It was also proved that nicotine gums get into the composition of breast milk.


Sprays are not allowed if you have had myocardial infarction in the last month, if you have problems with the cardiovascular system (eg, angina pectoris, diseases or vasospasm, etc.). Also, sprays are not recommended for use in people suffering from lung disease; in people who have pheochromocytoma. Drugs against smoking are contraindicated in pregnant and lactating mothers.

Relative contraindications, in which the spray from smoking can be used only after consulting a doctor, are:

  • violation of the rhythm of cardiac activity;
  • severe liver and kidney pathologies;
  • vascular spasms;
  • hypertension;
  • acute phase of peptic ulcer of stomach and duodenum;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • increased thyroid function;
  • diabetes.

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Side effects of the smoking sprays

Sometimes sprays from smoking can cause side effects. For example, irritation of the oral mucosa, dry mouth and dry cough, sore throat, hiccough, increased salivation. On the part of the gastrointestinal tract, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, heartburn, changes in taste and pain in the epigastric part of the abdomen may appear. Remember that the severity of unwanted effects depends on the individual characteristics of the human body. As a rule, they disappear after a few days. But, if this does not happen and your condition only worsens, you should immediately stop taking the drug and seek medical help.

In addition, if you quit smoking, can develop withdrawal syndrome, which is characterized by:

  • mood swings, irritability;
  • sleep disorders;
  • a sense of anxiety and depression;
  • deterioration of working capacity and learning processes;
  • bradycardia;
  • constant hunger;
  • tendency to fainting;
  • constipations;
  • hemorrhage of the oral mucosa.

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As for the overdose, it can be manifested by nausea and vomiting, profuse perspiration, headache and dizziness, tremor of hands. In some cases, convulsions and hallucinations are possible, sharp changes in blood pressure, problems with hearing and vision, shortness of breath, etc.

To eliminate the symptoms of overdose it is recommended to take a sorbent preparation (Enterosgel, Polysorb) to reduce the flow of nicotine gums into the bloodstream.

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Storage conditions

Sprays from smoking should be stored in a dry, dark, cool and (necessarily) inaccessible place for children.

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Shelf life

The shelf life varies from one to three years.

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Popular names for smoking sprays

  • Nicorette - a spray from smoking production Sweden-Germany, the cost of 200 to 300 UAH.
  • Nicotinorm - a spray from smoking, developed by the Russian national NPC Technology of Rejuvenation. The average price is from 250 to 350 UAH.
  • Nikoin - a spray from Russian smoking (ZAO Zelenaya Dubrava). The cost is about 400 UAH.
  • "End of smoking" - a spray from smoking of Belarusian production (Minsk). The average price is 150 UAH.
  • Anti Nicotine Nano - a spray from Russian smoking. The average price is 250 UAH.

A spray from smoking is used to abstain from a bad habit, or to reduce the frequency of smoking. If the goal is a complete refusal of cigarettes, then on a certain day the patient begins to use the spray on the background of a complete cessation of smoking. In this case, a person is weaned from nicotine addiction, replacing cigarettes with a drug. The maximum duration of spray treatment is 1 year, with a slow decrease in the dose and the number of injections.

If the patient only wants to reduce the amount of tobacco smoked, then use a smoking spray instead of every second trip to the smoking room.

In order to facilitate the rejection of the harmful habit of smoking, we suggest that you pay attention to a number of recommendations made by patients who managed to cope with the problem:

  • Identify a hobby or other activity that can distract you;
  • find motivation, make yourself small incentives for every day that went without smoking;
  • pay attention to any positive changes in your health;
  • calculate how much you cost cigarettes financially.

With a positive emotional mood, you will soon get rid of a bad habit, and a spray from smoking can help you in this. But remember: if there is no desire to quit smoking, then no miraculous drugs can not help.


To simplify the perception of information, this instruction for use of the drug "Sprays from smoking" translated and presented in a special form on the basis of the official instructions for medical use of the drug. Before use read the annotation that came directly to medicines.

Description provided for informational purposes and is not a guide to self-healing. The need for this drug, the purpose of the treatment regimen, methods and dose of the drug is determined solely by the attending physician. Self-medication is dangerous for your health.

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