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Live, without cracks and cracks, the skin on the feet is not only an unaesthetic appearance, but also a painful sensation. The heel and the entire foot always suffer from a heavy load. It's not just the lack of beauty, but also the discomfort: the legs itch, the skin is rapidly coarsening, the wound appears. Rid of this problem can qualitative softening cream for the feet.

Indications of the softening foot creams

All of the above and there are indications for the use of softening cream for the feet. Without it, you can hardly achieve a soft, without roughness, corns and calluses of the skin of the legs. Unfortunately, this is noticed when the problem is ignored. She shows and proves that regularly and, most importantly, she did not look after her feet properly, did not think that it was important. But it's not too late to fix the situation. Today there is no shortage of a choice of such cream: on sale there are both democratic in cost, and expensive, known world brands.

Names of softening foot creams

For those who decided to seriously help their feet and while only debuting in their acquisition, it is possible to recommend the most popular ones. Here are the names of softening creams for the feet, which are used by very many and not the first year:

  • foot cream "One hundred recipes of beauty";
  • foot cream "Avon";
  • foot cream "DiDerm";
  • foot cream "Oriflame";
  • Foot cream "Belita".

This is not a complete list - it can be continued. But also these several creams will help to put in order the problem skin of the feet.


Release form

On the examples of several softening foot creams you can see how they work.

Cream "One hundred recipes of beauty"

Under this brand a whole series of quality cosmetics. If you mean the softening foot cream "One Hundred Beauty Recipes", it is popular not only because of its democratic price. This cream has no age restrictions and is suitable for women with any type of skin.

Thanks to corn oil and pumpkin pulp, the cream successfully resists the dryness of the skin of the feet, restores it, relieves dryness and flaking. Visually the effect is just as impressive: the legs are well-groomed, the skin is smooth and soft. It should be noted the beneficial vitaminizing and regenerating effect of this domestic cream. But also it not all its pluses: the cream does not spoil clothes and footwear, quickly is absorbed, does not leave a fat film. In application it is simple: on a pure foot it is necessary to put a small amount of a cream and a little to massage.


Foot cream "Avon"

Most women are familiar with this company, which produces only high-quality cosmetics and personal care products. Creating a foot cream "Avon", the company has not changed its principle: efficiency and affordable price. The instructions for its use give clear and verified recommendations. They were supplemented by those who once tried Avon cream, elevated it to the rank of permanent.

So, what you need to know and do for maximum effect:

  • Before applying cream, wash your feet;
  • apply "Avon" on the whole foot with a normal layer, without "excesses", whenever possible, grasp it as much as possible;
  • Raise your legs vertically for at least 10 minutes.

The last point should be paid special attention: in this position, plus the rotation of the feet, the blood gets the opportunity to circulate more actively. This reduces the risk of varicose veins.

Foot cream "Belita"

Belarussian manufacturers that produce the foot cream "Belita" in the annotation emphasize its ability to disinfect feet. This is a significant addition to the anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties of the cream. The effect provides tea tree oil and vitamins PP and A. These basic components also soften the skin of the feet. "Belita" is recommended for women with any type of skin. The only restriction - the age should not be below 18 years.

The principle of use is practically the same as other foot care creams. The main thing is to apply "Belita" to clean and well-wiped feet, lightly massaging. Do this as necessary.

Foot cream "Oriflame"

Also a well-known brand whose cosmetics have long won the recognition of millions of women.

Foot cream "Oriflame" basically has two components: wheat germ and orange blossom. The first actively nourishes dry skin. The second also actively mitigates it. Practice has shown that this cream helps to keep the pedicure longer. In addition, it is very effective in relaxing legs massage.

Foot cream "DiDerm"

Women appreciated the domestic foot cream "DiDerm". In its composition a complex of water-retaining components: glycerin, allanton and urea. They help to soften the horny leather layer, prevent its formation and thickening. A few types of oils of vegetable origin - sunflower, coconut and avocados act as a protection of moisture, do not allow it to lose a normal amount. Has a cream and antibacterial effect: the presence of sage extract, camphor and farnesol resists infection.

The cream contains a vitamin complex of vitamins A, E and F. They are responsible for the metabolic process. To heal wounds on the skin of the foot in the cream, calendula, mint and already named sage are added.



Creators of softening foot creams, regardless of the country of origin, are guided by two mandatory parameters. The first one is pharmacodynamics or the presence of a mechanism for the effect of the cream on the skin, its effectiveness, i.e. Biological effect.


Pharmacokinetics is the principle by which the substance is absorbed, distributed, and then released from the body. In softening foot creams, these two parameters have an antibacterial component or properties.


Use of the softening foot creams during pregnancy

The position of a pregnant woman requires that you be as cautious as possible in everything. In this difficult period it is necessary to deny yourself in many respects. Even the use of thrice tested and proven foot cream should be approached from the point of view of maximum safety for the future child. Of all the creams known today, the use of one during pregnancy is recommended: "Green Mama". In addition to softening the skin on the feet, it helps to remove their puffiness, from which almost no pregnant woman is insured.

Effective is "Green Mama" and in the case of varicose veins. That feeling of "heavy legs" that haunts a pregnant woman, thanks to horse chestnut, sweet clover, buckwheat and propolis, is minimized. The condition of the walls of the vessels becomes more stable, elastic, the blood circulates intensively. On the face - anesthetic effect. And make the legs "light" menthol and mint oil.

It is enough to apply the cream "Green Mama" when feeling fatigued in the legs. And do this by gently and massaging your legs.


In addition to pregnant women, there are no contraindications to the use of certified softening foot creams. Exceptions can be only in case of individual intolerance of one or more components that make up the cream. And those who suffer from allergies should carefully study the annotation to each cream, so as not to harm yourself.


Dosing and administration

The scheme or method of application and dose of softening cream for legs is not fundamentally different from the name. Having dealt with the lack of allergy to a particular cream, you can begin to apply it. This procedure is done on clean feet, preferably after a herbal bath and easy processing of pumice spots. The next step is to thoroughly wipe your feet, leaving no moisture on them. Then apply a small amount of cream and leave it for 15-20 minutes. During this time, the cream will be absorbed, secured from sliding in the shoes and a possible fall. Therefore, it is better to carry out this procedure at night. Then it is enough to wear warm socks and go to sleep.

Storage conditions

Ignore the storage conditions and shelf life of the foot cream is not allowed. Overdue cream or repeatedly exposed to scorching sunlight not only does not provide the effect of softening the skin of the feet, it will deteriorate. And then you will not have to count on his help. Moreover, an overdue cream or stored in a different temperature regime than the one indicated by the manufacturer could be harmful.



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