Sea-buckthorn suppository - safe and effective treatment of cervical erosion

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Last reviewed: 11.04.2020

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Sea-buckthorn is an amazingly pretty tree with small leaves and bright sunny fruits, which abundantly dot the strong twigs. These little berries attract attention with their unlimited healing properties, because their use has a beneficial effect on the entire body. It is the berries, or rather their bones, that are the raw material for obtaining sea buckthorn oil, which is used in gynecological practice to treat such a common, and, let's say directly, unsafe disease, like cervical erosion. Moreover, sea buckthorn suppositories from cervical erosion are one of the safest and most effective means in the fight against this disease.

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Indications of the sea buckthorn suppositories from cervical erosion

Indications for the use of vaginal suppositories with sea buckthorn oil are not limited to erosion of the cervix. Due to antibacterial and antifungal properties of these candles, they are also used to treat various infectious inflammatory processes in the vagina, including some fungal diseases, for example, for treatment of thrush (candidiasis). They are irreplaceable in the prevention of various diseases of the genital area in women.

Release form

The pharmacological industry produces sea-buckthorn suppository of two types: rectal (for introduction into the anus) and rectal-vaginal (can be used in both gynecology and proctology). We are interested in the second type of candles, because they are called to fight with erosion of the cervix.


The effect of using suppositories with sea buckthorn oil appears already from the 15th minute of their application and lasts from 2 to 6 hours.

Sea buckthorn oil has a unique ability to affect the wound even in conditions of high humidity, which made them indispensable in the treatment of erosion of the cervix, which, due to constant moistening and lack of oxygen, not only does not last long, but also tends to increase in volume.

This increases the likelihood of infection of the wound and the development of other pathological processes, including such dangerous diseases as dysplasia (a frequent cause of infertility) and cervical cancer. To cure a cancer of a suppository with sea-buckthorn oil, certainly, not in forces, but to warn its development are simply obliged.

And yet, despite all the medicinal properties of sea buckthorn oil, sea buckthorn suppositories from cervical erosion are advisable to use in the early stages of the disease without a pronounced inflammatory process, when the wound is still small, or already, after cauterization of erosion by electric current, laser, liquid nitrogen or special preparations. This will reduce the likelihood of developing inflammatory reactions and accelerate the healing process of the wound.

Sea buckthorn oil, in addition to the richest vitamin and mineral composition, also has a unique strong wound healing and antibacterial properties, which determines its effectiveness as a medicament for skin and mucous membrane damage. But erosion of the cervix is nothing more than a violation of the integrity of the mucosa (wound) at the entrance to the uterus, which occurs for a number of reasons. Such reasons include infections that are transmitted during sexual intercourse, various inflammatory processes in the vagina, including thrush, uterine trauma due to early or severe childbirth with a large fetus, etc. The cause of erosion on the cervix can be even a prolonged intake of hormonal drugs.

Sea-buckthorn suppositories are a kind of analogue of homemade gauze tampons with sea buckthorn oil. Pharmacodynamics of suppositories on the basis of medicinal sea buckthorn oil is the same as for oil itself. This activation of the processes of regeneration of the skin and mucous membranes, as well as stimulation of immune tissue protection. All components of sea buckthorn oil (vitamins A, E, C, K, as well as B vitamins, minerals, Omega fatty acids, flavonoids, carotenoids, tannins, etc.) have a restoring and anti-inflammatory effect on the skin.


Use of the sea buckthorn suppositories from cervical erosion during pregnancy

Good results are the use of suppositories with sea buckthorn oil from erosion during pregnancy, when the use of other means of fighting the disease becomes difficult, if not dangerous, in such a delicate situation. Pregnancy and breastfeeding are not contraindications to the use of sea-buckthorn candles if a woman or her child does not have an allergy to a drug with sea-buckthorn. And yet, before using suppositories during pregnancy, you should get the doctor's consent to this procedure in order to avoid possible complications.


The active substances of sea-buckthorn suppositories are non-toxic to the body, moreover, the method of administration causes a smaller number of contraindications to use. The popularity of sea-buckthorn candles as a curative and preventive remedy is due to the fact that they are safe for the woman's body, having only one contraindication to the use in the form of hypersensitivity to the drug.

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Side effects of the sea buckthorn suppositories from cervical erosion

Side effects in the form of allergic reactions and discomfort from the use of vaginal suppositories with sea buckthorn oil can be observed only in case of individual intolerance of funds based on sea-buckthorn. The only drawback of this product is the white trace on the laundry due to melting and leakage of the contents to the outside, but this can be corrected by using, for the protection of the usual liners for daily use.

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Dosing and administration

The way of using sea-buckthorn suppositories against erosion of the cervix is quite simple. Suppositories in the form of suppositories should be injected in the supine position, pushing the legs in the lap for comfort, and pushing the suppository liberally from the package inwards with a clean finger (preferably in a fingertip) or with a special applicator until it stops. Do this carefully and carefully, but quickly, as the suppository melts away from contact with heat.

Before you enter the suppository you need to remove the vagina from the discharge by washing (douching) and dry the surface of the mucous membranes with a sterile gauze (non-cotton) tampon. For the treatment of erosive lesions, adults use one suppository at night. Thus, the composition flows out less, which ensures a longer and more effective action of the preparation. The course of cervical erosion treatment is usually about 2 weeks with the possibility of its recurrence after 2 months.


Overdose on the basis of sea buckthorn oil is a very rare phenomenon, and it is associated with the use of sea-buckthorn candles, regardless of the presence of allergic manifestations. Symptoms pass virtually immediately after the completion of the use of suppositories with sea buckthorn and washing the vagina with an antiseptic, for example, a decoction of chamomile.

Interactions with other drugs

Drug interactions with other drugs that affect the health or well-being of the patient were not identified. However, simultaneous use of rectal and vaginal suppositories is undesirable.

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Storage conditions

Sea-buckthorn suppository - suppositories that react poorly to heat. That is why it is recommended to store them at a temperature not higher than 4 o C in their native packaging, in a place inaccessible to sunlight and heat (ideally - a refrigerator). This will avoid spoilage and deformation of the candles. Violation of storage conditions for suppositories with sea-buckthorn leads to a change in the form, color and odor of the preparation, indicating that it is not inadmissible to continue to use them.

Shelf life

Use sea-buckthorn suppository from cervical erosion before the expiration date of the drug, which ends 2 years after the release of the drug. Compliance with storage and use conditions along with the recommendations of a specialist doctor will make it possible to get rid of cervical erosion and associated discomfort painlessly and effectively, which is the cause of psychological and physiological problems in the sexual sphere.



To simplify the perception of information, this instruction for use of the drug "Sea-buckthorn suppository - safe and effective treatment of cervical erosion" translated and presented in a special form on the basis of the official instructions for medical use of the drug. Before use read the annotation that came directly to medicines.

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