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Last reviewed: 25.02.2021

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A tool that allows you to periodically treat skin formations in the form of a pencil (pen, felt-tip pen) is at least more convenient than a solution. For its use, no additional devices such as cotton swabs are needed, it is easier for them to apply the composition on the growths, without damaging the nearby healthy areas of the skin with a random drop. A pencil for warts and papillomas is not inferior in effectiveness to other forms for topical application, and its degree is determined not by the shape, but by the composition of the product.

Does a lapis pencil work for warts?

The effect of using lapis should be, but not instant. You will have to treat the warts from a week to a month. Small and soft lesions on the hands respond well to treatment; tough old warts on the sole (spines) need other more powerful remedies. According to patient reviews and the observations of dermatologists, the treatment with a lapis pencil of growths on the skin gave an effective result in half of the known cases. Apparently, the effectiveness of the application depends on the size and age of the wart, as well as on the quality of the skin. [1]

A lapidary pencil has a softer effect than the Lekker-super-clean felt-tip pen, they mean it when they ask a celandine pencil for warts. This remedy has nothing to do with celandine herb, the active ingredient is a caustic substance - alkali, which effectively burns out growths. Be careful with this remedy. As with the Wartner Acid Applicator. Naturally, products that act fast enough to deal with tough, dead skin pose a risk to healthy areas. The skin at the site of application feels discomfort, although quite tolerable - itching and burning. The treated area first turns white, then a dark crust appears there, falling off and exposing a new pink skin.

Cryo-pencils of different brands, according to their instructions, should eliminate plantar warts, and in one application. However, further on about everything in order. [2]

Indications Wart pencil

A lapis pencil for warts is used to treat small wounds, cracks, ulcerative, erosive skin lesions, warts, papillomas, thorns and calluses (although in the latter case it is not very effective). Indicated for disinfection and cauterization of damaged epidermis.

Pencil Celandine for warts, or rather, as the manufacturers call it, the Superclean felt-tip pen, since it is really made according to this principle - it has a rod soaked in a liquid alkaline substance, designed to remove benign growths on the skin of the hands and feet. [3]

Wartner wart pencil, cryo pencils have similar indications for use.

Release form

The ingredients in the solution used to treat the growths ensure the effectiveness and safety of these products.

A lapis pencil contains nitric acid salts with two bases: silver (18mg) and potassium (37mg). These substances have long been used as antiseptic agents. The ability to have a destructive effect on a wide range of microorganisms allows the use of a pencil for disinfection and removal of inflammation. A mixture of these ingredients applied to the skin is capable of causing necrosis of surface cells, which is the reason for the action of the pencil against warts and papillomas. Dead skin peels off in layers, and due to this, the wart disappears over time. The antiseptic properties of silver and potassium nitrates also play a positive role in the destruction of the papilloma virus, which in most cases was the culprit for the appearance of growths. The reaction of the skin is individual for each person, some do not notice the effect of a lapis pencil at all, for others it causes burns, after which ugly scars remain.

More effective in terms of the speed of elimination of hyperplastic formations on the skin are products containing caustic alkalis and acids.

The felt-tip pen Supechistotel contains sodium compounds (hydroxide, bicarbonate and chloride) as an active ingredient. This combination causes rapid layer-by-layer dying off of the treated tissues, their exfoliation and cleansing. The effect of the remedy is noticeable already on the first or second day, and in three to five days the treated area already shines with a new pink skin. [4]

The Wartner pen-applicator for wart removal contains trichloroacetic acid, which causes layer-by-layer death of the wart skin along with the human papillomavirus that has settled in its cells. The manufacturer promises a visible effect in the first week. Of course, the speed of achieving the final result depends on the size and age of the education you want to get rid of.

Cryo-pencil for warts from Cryopharm freezes warts with a mixture of dimethyl ether and propane, while the human papillomavirus also dies. The mixture is contained in an aerosol can with nozzles. One package is designed for 12 treatment sessions. For small to medium growths, a one-time treatment is sufficient; large growths may need to be treated two to three times. [5]

Use Wart pencil during pregnancy

Manufacturers do not recommend using wart pencils for pregnant and lactating women, at least without medical advice. Such contraindications are caused not so much by the danger of the teratogenic action of these funds, but by the fact that manufacturers do not have the opportunity to refer to adequate studies of the effect of pencils on this category of the population.

If it becomes necessary to remove warts during the period of gestation and lactation, it is recommended to consult with your doctor. The funds are applied topically, and their entry into the systemic circulation in clinically significant quantities is questionable. However, the expectant or nursing mother may have an individual reaction to the drug, which is also undesirable during these periods, so the likelihood of risk must be weighed against the benefit.


The general and most important ban on the use of all pencils is malignant neoplasms and moles. You need to be sure of the origin of the skin growth, from which you are going to get rid of.

Individual intolerance to the components also applies to all funds, and also the period of pregnancy and lactation.

The products are not used on mucous membranes and on the skin of the face; care must be taken not to get into the eyes or on healthy skin.

Pencils are not recommended for use in pediatrics (at least - with caution), lapis - do not use simultaneously with iodides, chlorides, and other organic compounds. Other manufacturers did not notice interactions, however, after treating the wart with a pencil and starting to work with household chemicals, you need to put on tight household rubber gloves without holes in your hands to avoid unwanted chemical interactions.

The Cryopharma system is contraindicated in patients under four years of age and is not used on skin areas with dermatitis, dermatoses and other lesions, including those of diabetic origin. It is also better not to use alkaline and acidic products on inflamed skin areas.

Dosing and administration

These forms are very easy to use. With the tip of a pencil, pen, felt-tip pen, we touch the formation that needs to be eliminated. The skin to be treated must be clean and dry. It is recommended to steam the plantar warts before treatment. It is advisable not to touch healthy skin, therefore, when treating a large wart, it is recommended to lubricate the surrounding skin with a fat cream.

Before applying, the tip of a pencil is moistened with water and, without pressing with force, a dot is placed on the surface of the wart. The treatment is done once or twice a day until the complete disappearance of the skin growth.

In the course of processing, dark spots on the skin may remain from the pencil. Many people ask: How to wash a pencil? Experienced users claim that stains are washed off with a soapy sponge under running water. At least over time, they disappear on their own. If you use the product according to the instructions (not on the face), then these spots can be tolerated on the hands and feet for a while. Moreover, the warts are not too large, and with targeted application, the spots are not particularly noticeable.

The SuperCleaner felt-tip pen is turned upside down and shaken 2-3 times. The cap is removed and the growths to be removed are treated with a rod. It is necessary to process until the formation darkens. On the third or fifth day, skin cleansing begins, you can help this process with tweezers (without fanaticism). If the wart is large and has not completely disappeared, you can repeat the process. In case of contact with healthy skin, rinse it with a strong stream of water and apply citric acid to neutralize the alkali. Eye contact is fraught with blindness!

The first time, the Wartner cap of the wart removal pen will need to be twisted several times until the first bead of gel appears. It is gently applied to the surface of the wart in a thin layer. The gel should dry out, for this you need to sit quietly for about a quarter of an hour, doing nothing. Then you can go about your business. The wart is treated twice, for example, in the morning and in the evening, for four days. When the exfoliation process begins, you can help it by peeling off the raised layers of skin with tweezers or by removing them under running water. It takes another four days. If the wart was large, part of it may remain. The processing process can be repeated, but no more than four times. Small formations are processed sighting once a day. A burning sensation may be felt. Darkening of the formation during processing reflects the natural course of necrosis. If it comes into contact with healthy skin, wash it well with soap and water.

Cryo-pencil for warts from Cryopharm needs to be prepared for work. To do this, first connect the disposable sponge applicator with the holder, and then insert the holder into the spray can for three seconds, remove and put the white tip of the applicator on the neoplasm on:

  • 10 seconds if the diameter of the wart is less than 2.5mm;
  • 15 seconds, its size is from 2.5 to 5mm;
  • 20 seconds - more than 5mm;
  • 40 seconds - plantar warts of any size.

Freezing occurs immediately when the wart touches the spongy shaft of the applicator. Tingling or burning sensation may be felt during treatment. During the freezing process, the fabric turns white. Then its color is restored. The reddish tint of the treated wart and the small blister underneath are part of a natural process. The frostbite skin area should fall off after a decade or two. All this time you do not need to do anything. If the wart is not completely removed, the treatment can be repeated. The sponge applicator is discarded after one use. The package is designed for 12 processing procedures. In most cases, a one-time treatment is sufficient. To eliminate chronic and plantar formations, two or three treatments may be required. If there is no improvement after this cycle, see your doctor.

Application for children

It is not recommended to use all of the listed remedies to remove warts in children, especially young children. Children's skin is thinner and more delicate, its permeability is higher than that of adults. Yes, and adequate studies on the use of pencils for warts and papillomas in pediatrics probably have not been carried out.

The softest and safest remedy of all of these is a lapis pencil, but it can also cause a violent unwanted skin reaction in a child. In children, warts, in most cases, go away on their own, so if they do not cause discomfort to the child, they do not need to be treated. In other cases, it is necessary to consult a pediatric dermatologist.


There are other means to remove warts: keratolytic patches based on salicylic or lactic acid (require long-term use and are not very convenient), liquids - celandine extract, Verrucacid solution, alternative means - garlic, celandine, the same alkalis and acids.

Good reviews about the efficacy of Verrukacid solution (contains phenol and metacresol). It is used both to remove ordinary soft growths - for small ones, a one-time treatment is enough, and in advanced cases of plantar spines. They are processed four to ten times. The product is applied using the applicator up to four times in a row, the next treatment is carried out after the previous layer has dried. For greater efficiency in advanced cases, a preliminary compress with ointments with keratolytic properties is required. The process itself is more laborious than using pencils, however, it is possible that pencils will not be effective in advanced cases.

The choice of a suitable drug depends on many factors. For soft, small, fresh growths, a wart and papilloma pencil is the preferred and simplest method. In addition, the tolerance of the substances used in the preparations must be taken into account. A good advisor in this case will be a dermatologist, whom it is generally desirable to show education before you start working on it.


To simplify the perception of information, this instruction for use of the drug "Pencil for removing warts and papillomas" translated and presented in a special form on the basis of the official instructions for medical use of the drug. Before use read the annotation that came directly to medicines.

Description provided for informational purposes and is not a guide to self-healing. The need for this drug, the purpose of the treatment regimen, methods and dose of the drug is determined solely by the attending physician. Self-medication is dangerous for your health.

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