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Ladasept can be attributed to a group of antiseptics. Lardasept alcoholic solution has antiseptic and disinfecting properties.

Antiseptics are the drugs that are used to stop decomposition processes with open wounds, as well as to kill harmful microbes. An example is the wounds after surgery or the consequences of bruises. Also, antiseptics are used to disinfect hands, skin areas and surfaces.

Antiseptics are divided into germicidal and bacteriostatic. The action of germicidal drugs is aimed at the destruction of microbes, and bacteriostatic agents prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.

Antibacterial drugs are antiseptics, whose action in the fight against bacteria is proved by numerous experiments and experiments.

Indications Ladasept

Indications for the use of Ladasept are quite simple. It is used externally for the purpose of disinfection of hands, skin, disinfection of tools, compresses and wipes.

In cases of topical application of Ladasept, the agent has a warming and astringent effect, it fights microbes and spreads them.

A simple method of application and disinfection made this tool popular and in demand not only in hospital conditions, but also in home use. Ladacept works well as a disinfectant and becomes an indispensable antiseptic, which has an antibacterial effect.

Release form

The release form of Ladasept is a solution, which is a clear, colorless, mobile volatile liquid. The product has a characteristic smell of alcohol. The composition of the solution includes ethyl alcohol, so it is easily ignited, burns with a characteristic slightly noticeable flame of blue color. There is no smoke in the process of combustion.

The composition of the Ladacept solution: 96 - 96.6% ethyl alcohol per volume.

The product is produced in bottles of dark glass, which protects against direct sunlight on the preparation.


The section of pharmacology that studies the physiological effect of the drug on the human body, as well as biochemical effects, effects on parasites and microorganisms inside or outside the human body and body is called pharmacodynamics.

Pharmacodynamics means Ladacept. Provided external application of the drug, it has antiseptic, disinfectant and locally irritating effect. Ethyl alcohol actively fights against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and viruses, besides it has a coagulating effect. Creates a "tanning" (hardening) effect on mucous membranes and skin.


The section of medicine that studies the kinetic patterns of the processes that occur with the drug in the mammals is called pharmacokinetics. In fact, she deals with the chemical transformation of drugs in the body.

The main processes in the pharmacokinetics are metabolism, distribution, excretion and absorption. All these processes are inherent in more complex drugs with a large number of active substances. 

The pharmacokinetics of Ladosept lies in the fact that when applied topically the product is not absorbed into the body through the skin, but only affects its surface.

Use Ladasept during pregnancy

It is not a secret for anyone that during pregnancy it is desirable to take as little as possible of medications. Undoubtedly, these recommendations do not apply to pregnant women who have chronic types of diseases and must regularly fight them. In order to maintain their condition medically, a woman during pregnancy is better to consult a doctor. Most likely, for the period of pregnancy the doctor will pick up another drug that will have less impact on the child.

Using Ladasept during pregnancy is possible only if the expected result and benefit to the mother exceed the potential risk for the child.


Contraindications and precautions exist in order to exclude situations that can lead to complications. Contraindications reduce the risk of any side effect. In case of detection of one or more contraindications, the use of the drug should be discarded.

Observance of all precautions will significantly reduce the risk of aggravation of the situation and illness.

There is one contraindication to the use of Ladasept. When acute form of the inflammatory process on the skin from the use of this drug is better to abandon.

Side effects Ladasept

Side effects or side effects of drugs - a manifestation of unintentional treatment program actions. Such cases in medical practice often use the name drug intolerance.

Side effects of drugs are often undesirable, harmful, and sometimes even dangerous to the human body. But, as in everything, there are exceptions - cases that bear the opposite character.

It should be noted all the side effects of the Ladacept device.

In case of redness and irritation on the skin, which can be a sign of an overdose, it is necessary to wash the product with water and refuse to use it.

Dosing and administration

There are several ways and ways of using medicines. Drug therapy is an important part of the healing process. Medicines have an overall and local effect on the body. The positive result of treatment directly depends on observing the correct dosage and the regimen of taking medications.

The method of application of the Ladacept agent is quite simple. It is applied to the skin with the help of napkins or cotton swabs. Use of the drug for disinfection and disinfection of wounds in children under 14 years of age is not recommended.


In cases of external use of Lasecept antiseptic, cases of overdose have not been detected. They can be used an unlimited number of times and this will not lead to undesirable consequences.

Examples of drug overdoses are often associated with taking one or more drugs without prescribing a doctor. At some group of people there was an erroneous opinion that the more medicine you take, you will quickly feel better. This manifestation of irresponsibility is the first step towards obtaining a drug overdose. In case of an overdose, a person should provide first aid and call an emergency doctor.

Interactions with other drugs

Interaction of drugs with each other implies the presence of qualitative or quantitative changes, the reason for which was the simultaneous use of several drugs.

Another case of drug interactions is external. Under improper storage conditions or mixing them, changes may occur that exclude its use because of unfitness.

To prevent the interaction of Ladasept's medication with other drugs, it is necessary to observe the basic rules for storing medicines. They will help to maintain the necessary useful qualities of each of the medicines.

Storage conditions

The correct storage conditions for Ladacept antiseptic will prevent the process of disrupting the properties of the product. The bottle must always be closed so that the alcohol does not evaporate and does not come in contact with the air. The storage location should be dark, and the storage temperature should not exceed 25 ° C. Do not allow the product to come into contact with an open flame.

The rules for storing any drug are always indicated in the instructions, so before you use the tool you need, read it. The effectiveness of any medicine is always closely related to the conditions of its storage. Failure to comply with the rules will lead to undesirable consequences.

Shelf life

Packaging the medicine not only fulfills its direct purpose, but also has an informative function. It is on the packaging that the shelf life of the medicine is always written. In pharmacies, medicines are sold as long as it is possible to use them before the expiration date. Modern medicines have a long shelf life, mostly from 3 to 5 years.

The product of Ladasept can be stored for 3 years, the manufacturer informs us about it, indicating the expiry date on the package. But it is worth remembering that all 3 years antiseptic will have its own properties only if the rules for storing medicines are fulfilled.

Last update: 01.06.2018
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