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Iodine Flomed

Iodine Flomed is an ordinary iodine, familiar to us, in a nonstandard but rather convenient package in the form of a medical marker.

Indications Iodine Flomed

It is used exclusively for external use. Indications for the use of iodine Flomed are most often small domestic cuts, bruises, abrasions, small ruptures of soft tissues, in order to protect the wound from infection with pathogenic microbes and accelerate the healing process.

The shape of the marker is extremely convenient when treating the smallest wounds and applying iodine nets for problems with joints. Mesh application of iodine Flomed is used to improve trophism of tissues and local metabolism in acute respiratory diseases, lumbar radiculitis, spinal osteochondrosis, ligament injuries and muscle strain.

The drug can be used by surgeons to handle small areas of the operating field, for example, when removing boils, carbuncles, small inflammatory elements. It is used to reduce the edema of tissues and smooth the phenomena of acute inflammatory process in myositis, neuralgia, arthritis, arthrosis due to its absorbing and distracting properties.

Release form

Iodine Flomed in the form of a sealed pen or pencil with an absorbent core, in an amount of 12 pieces per package. The capacity of the body of the marker is 3 ml of a 5% solution. In 1 ml of the solution contains 50 mg of iodine, 20 mg of potassium iodide, 95% ethyl alcohol and distilled water, it is a brown liquid with an inherent specific flavor.


Iodine Flomed contains an alcoholic aqueous solution that has a remarkable antimicrobial, local irritant, distracting and absorbable effect.


By the nature of antiseptic activity, iodine Flomed is equivalent to other halogen representatives, but due to less pronounced volatility, the period of its local effect is longer.

The distracting, irritating and cauterizing effect of iodine Flomed is due to the property of the drug to coagulate the protein structure of the tissues.

Iodine Flomed immediately after application is absorbed into the skin, thanks to which rapid stimulation of local metabolism occurs.

Use Iodine Flomed during pregnancy

External application of iodine Flomed during pregnancy is allowed in small reasonable amounts. Applying iodine to large areas of the skin can lead to absorption of significant doses of the substance into the blood. Penetrating through the placental barrier, an increased concentration of iodine can trigger the development of hyperthyroidism in the fetus. But in general, in the absence of reliable information on the possibility of external use of iodine Flomed during the gestation and feeding of the child by the breast, the appropriateness of the drug should be approved by the attending physician.


A direct contraindication to the use of iodine Flomed is unconditional allergy and hypersensitivity to any iodine preparations in the anamnesis.

You can not use Flomed iodine on the mucous membranes - they are more sensitive, and a chemical burn of the tissue may occur. For the same reason, do not allow the drug to enter the eyes.

Not recommended for non-healing trophic ulcers and tuberculosis, hives and hemorrhagic diathesis, pustular skin diseases.

Side effects Iodine Flomed

Side effects with the use of iodine Flomed appear mainly with increased sensitivity of the body to iodine preparations, or with improper or careless application.

Special sensitivity manifests itself in the form of allergic rhinitis, conjunctivitis, rashes on the skin like urticaria, local severe hyperemia, in severe cases and a strong allergic reaction - neurodermatitis, erythema, edema, Quincke.

When the undiluted alcoholic iodine solution hits the mucous membrane, a different degree of burn is possible depending on the depth and area of the lesion.

Dosing and administration

The method of application of iodine Flomed is exclusively external. With the help of a medical marker rod, iodine is applied by a continuous pattern on the damaged surface of the skin, outlines the outer edges of the wound to prevent the entry of pathogenic microflora.

With the help of iodine Flomed it is convenient to draw the so-called "iodine grid". It is applied in inflammatory processes in the joints, spine, with diseases of internal organs at the sites of their projection. The grid is done in the following way: on the necessary area of the skin with the Flomed iodine marker horizontal and vertical lines are made at a distance of 1.5-2 cm from each other. The area of the applied mesh should be slightly larger than the area of the affected organ.


Overdose of iodine Flomed is unlikely, can manifest itself exclusively in the form of allergic reactions of general and local nature: rhinitis, dermatitis, conjunctivitis, laryngitis, urticaria, local redness and skin irritation, Quincke edema. In cases of overdose, it is necessary to immediately stop contact with the body with iodine, then proceed depending on the symptomatology of the manifestations.

Interactions with other drugs

When using Flomed iodine, it is necessary to avoid simultaneous contact with the skin of this preparation and other bactericidal agents (hydrogen peroxide, chlorhexidine, medicinal substances containing silver). It is also recommended to exclude contact with proteolytic enzymatic agents of external use (karipazim), preparations of mercury, ammonia in order to avoid possible chemical reactions on the skin.

Storage conditions

Iodine Flomed is stored in a dry place at room temperature, avoiding heating and direct sunlight on the body of the marker. When closing the marker, pay attention to the tightness of the cap: a characteristic double click when pressed ensures a tight fixation of the cap to the body and prevents possible evaporation of the iodine substance and premature drying of the Flomed iodine marker.

Keep out of reach of children.

Shelf life

The shelf life of the drug Flomed iodine is 2 years from the date of release.

Last update: 01.06.2018
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