Creams for varicose veins

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Last reviewed: 17.04.2020

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Varicose is a disease characterized by structural and functional changes in the veins, which are manifested by the widening, thinning of the wall and the formation of local extensions in the form of varicose veins. As a rule, it affects people with low mobility.


Indications of the creams from varicose veins

A huge popularity among modern tools that help to fight varicose veins, have won exactly the creams. Although many experts believe that such drugs are not suitable for the treatment of this disease, but only are the means of preventing varicose veins. They are used if the patient exhibits the following symptoms due to weakening of the venous wall and the formation of thrombi:

  1. Appears swelling of the feet, especially at the end of the day.
  2. The legs begin to feel painfully.
  3. In the legs there is an unpleasant feeling of heaviness.


Release form

To date, pharmacies can find a huge number of a variety of creams that help to weaken the first signs of varicose veins and improve the condition of the legs.

Among the most popular are:

  1. Varicobuster.
  2. Clean Legs.
  3. Varicose Veins.
  4. The cream is healthy.
  5. Varicrem.
  6. Wax bees cream.
  7. Cream Shark fat.
  8. Sophia.
  9. The royal step with the shungite.
  10. Varifort.
  11. Venorex cream.
  12. Lifestream Nano.
  13. Favorite.

All of them differ in their pharmacological characteristics. To find an effective cream for varicose veins, it is necessary, nevertheless, to contact a professional phlebologist who will prescribe a suitable medicine. Here we consider only the basic characteristics of each drug.


Effective modern means for combating the expansion of venous vessels and the prevention of varicose veins. The main difference of this drug is its natural composition: honey, caffeine, collection of medicinal herbs, troxerutin, etheric and coconut oil, horse chestnut, extract of ginkgo biloba. All these components, in combination with each other, help to increase the tone of the vessels, strengthen the capillaries, relieve the feeling of heaviness, improve the venous outflow of blood from the lower limbs, refresh, remove cramps, saturate the skin with the necessary vitamins and minerals, eliminate the edema and make the vessels more elastic .

The main advantage of Varicobuster cream is its safety. Thanks to its natural composition, it has no contraindications to use.

For treatment, it is necessary to squeeze out a thin layer of cream from the tube onto the skin of the affected legs and rub it all over the surface. Use one to two times a day. The duration of therapy is determined by the doctor, it depends on the stage of the pathology. But it is not recommended to use the remedy for longer than thirty days. The first effect of treatment can be noticed after fourteen days from the beginning of application.

It is necessary to coordinate the use of cream with the doctor in case of trophic ulcers or acute thrombosis.

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Clean Legs

Cream Clean Legs is a modern drug that is used for the prevention of varicose veins, as well as treatment of the early stage of this pathology. This tool will help quickly remove fatigue in the legs after a working day, improve the condition of the lower extremities due to the acceleration of blood flow.

The medicine contains the following active ingredients:

  1. Salt from the dead sea. Due to the fact that it is saturated with iodine, sulfur, bromine, silicon and magnesium, it takes part in the regeneration processes, the removal of inflammation and the synthesis of collagen.
  2. Anticoagulant. It does not allow blood to coagulate, it has a dissolving effect and helps to improve blood flow.
  3. Extract from chestnut (horse). Helps to relieve gravity and fatigue.

If you use this tool with the appearance of the first symptoms of varicose veins, then the treatment will be fast enough and effective.

Before applying to the skin of the lower limbs, it must be thoroughly washed and dried. Distribute a thin strip of cream over the entire surface and grind well. Repeat application three to four times in 24 hours. Therapy can last a whole month or until the symptoms disappear. For the purpose of prevention, apply in the evening before bedtime.

Cream Clean Legs is a natural product, but it can not be used if at least one active ingredient is intolerant. To check for a possible allergic reaction, apply some preparation to the elbow bend before use. If irritation is not present, it can be used on large areas of the skin.

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Varicose Veins

At the heart of the cream for the treatment of varicose symptoms Varicose Veins are beekeeping products, so this tool is suitable for treating the pathology of everyone, since it does not cause side effects.

What substances are in the preparation?

  1. Cedar gum.
  2. Extract of propolis.
  3. Podmore, wax, fire and bee venom.
  4.  Olive oil.
  5. Additive in the form of vitamins.

Thanks to this tool helps to strengthen venous valves, vessels that have been damaged, and also to arrest the progression of pathology. Also, the cream cleanses the vessels, destroying the already formed thrombi, strengthens their walls, improves blood flow and relieves swelling.

To achieve an effective result, it is recommended to apply the cream twice a day (preferably in the morning and in the evening). It is very important to rub the product well into the skin. In the prevention of varicose veins, use only in those areas of the legs where the first symptoms of pathology appear.

Cream Healthy

An effective drug that helps get rid of the main symptoms of varicose veins. It is recommended to use at the initial stage of pathology or for the prevention. The main component of the cream is beeswax, which helps to significantly improve the blood flow in the lower limbs, reduce the pressure in the veins, quickly repair the damaged walls of the vessels, increase the tone of the veins, reduce the fragility of the capillaries, and remove puffiness.

In addition to beeswax, the following natural active components are also present in the medicine: sage from cedar, olive oil, propolis, bee pollen, bee flax, bee venom.

The cream is a rather effective remedy, which, moreover, has no contraindications and side effects due to its natural composition. But before using the drug, it is better to consult a doctor and check if you are allergic to the components of the drug.


Doctors recommend using Varicrem on a regular basis with the appearance of the first symptoms of varicose veins. This remedy quickly removes puffiness, reduces inflammation, eliminates painful sensations. The medicine contains the following active substances:

  1. Extract of horse chestnut - relieves pain, swelling, dissolves blood clots.
  2. Ginkgo biloba extract helps to stimulate blood flow in the extremities.
  3. Heparin - formed blood clots are eliminated, blood circulation improves.
  4. Extract of nettle and calendula - is characterized by a hemostatic effect and improves the regenerative properties of the body.
  5. Extract of horsetail and hazelnut - the venous walls become more elastic and elastic.
  6. Extract from the bark of oak - removes inflammation.
  7. Troxerutin - helps strengthen the vessels.

Also in the composition of the drug you can find vitamin complexes. Apply once every 24 hours. Apply a thin strip of cream on the lower limbs and lightly rub. Absorption is rapid. The cream does not leave greasy marks on clothes.

Improvement of the condition with the initial stages of varicose occurs very quickly. There are no contraindications to use, but it is not recommended to use the cream for allergy to its components.

Chestnut cream

The main drug for the treatment of this pathology, based on the extract of chestnut (horse), is today considered to be the "Home Doctor". It is suitable for daily use, and helps for a short time again to feel lightness in the legs.

The extract of the active substance acts soothingly, it helps to increase the tone of the veins, strengthen the walls of the veins and capillaries. Also included in the composition is the horsetail extract of the field. It does not allow the liquid to stagnate in the tissues, thus preventing swelling of the lower extremities.

Apply only to clean and dry skin. Use two or three times in 24 hours before the disappearance of unpleasant symptoms.

Wax cream bee

A unique drug that effectively eliminates the main symptoms of varicose veins. In its composition there are only natural active substances: propolis, sap from a cedar tree, bee flax and poison, beeswax, beeswax.

The cream is anti-inflammatory, anti-edematous, and also helps relieve the pain that appears in patients with varicose veins at the end of the day. The walls of the veins are strengthened, blood circulation is improved, trophic ulcers are healed and varicose "nodules" are eliminated.

Rub into the skin of varicose-affected limbs once a day (best in the evening). The cream does not leave greasy marks on the skin and clothing. It is recommended to apply to everyone who has the first symptoms of varicose veins. Do not use in patients with intolerance to major components.

Cream Shark Fat

Antivaricidal agent, which is based on natural components. Helps to relieve tension, eliminate the feeling of heaviness and pain in the lower limbs. Due to improved blood circulation helps to eliminate the venous network, which is one of the main symptoms in varicose veins.

In the medicine there are natural active substances: shark fat, extract from the bark of willow and extract of horse chestnut. Shark fat, which is the main component of the cream, easily penetrates into the upper layers of the skin and strengthens the capillaries and vessels. Thanks to the extract of chestnut, blood flow and microcirculation improves. And the extract from the willow bark removes puffiness and pain.

Apply a thin strip of cream and massage movements rub the drug from the foot towards the hip. The drug is not considered a drug and has no contraindications.

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Effective drug, which is used for the prevention and treatment of the initial stages of varicose veins. In the cream there are only natural active ingredients: beeswax, water with silver ions, medical leech extract, wheat germ oil, sea buckthorn oil, chestnut extract, burdock, nettle, ficus, string, hazelnut, horsetail, aloe vera. Also in the composition of the remedy is a vitamin complex.

Apply a thin layer of cream two or three times in 24 hours along the veins affected by varicose veins. Massage and rub for three minutes. The therapy lasts from three to five weeks, but the first relief comes after several days of use.

Patients with intolerance to the components that make up the drug, use it for treatment and prevention is prohibited. No side effects were found.

The royal step with the shungite

Vascular anti-viral agent that helps to remove pain and heaviness in the legs after a working day, prevent the development of thrombi, increase the tone of the vessels and give the legs a healthy appearance.

In the medicine there are natural active ingredients: shungit water, grape seed oil, emulsion wax, water chlorophyll, hawthorn, burdock, kelp, horse chestnut, beeswax, essential grapefruit oil, phenoxyethanol.

Shungite is a black stone that looks like coal. Helps to restore youth and beauty to the skin. It differs in antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and disinfecting actions. Also with his help pain passes faster, blood flow in the tissues of damaged joints improves. Water, saturated with shungite, has antioxidant properties.

Thanks to the grape seed oil, the cream perfectly copes with venous insufficiency, even if it has already developed into a chronic one. Oil helps to stimulate metabolic processes in the upper layer of the skin, thus strengthening the capillaries that are there.

Chlorophyll helps to improve blood microcirculation in vessels, stimulate protein synthesis, suppress the growth of pathogenic organisms in the affected tissues. Hawthorn has an antispasmodic effect, and also helps to increase blood flow.

It is recommended to use the cream every day for the prevention and treatment of varicose veins. Apply a thin strip on the skin of the feet once or twice in 24 hours and gently rub. It is forbidden to use patients with intolerance to the components of the drug.


Varifort is a novelty in the treatment of varicose veins. His appearance is like a "leggings", which are dressed on their feet and worn according to the instructions. The healing effect of varifort comes from the filler - microscopic balls, on the surface of which a special silicon-organic substance is applied. Silicon has many healing properties that do not disappear even after prolonged use of the drug.

Why does Varifort help get rid of the venous network? Silicon is characterized by a negative charge, so it is able to dissolve thrombi that form on the legs, the size of especially large blood clots decreases, the walls of the vessels become more elastic. It also helps to remove toxins from the body.

To put on your feet is recommended every day. The effectiveness of Varifort you will notice already a week after the start of use. There are no side effects and contraindications for this remedy. It can be used safely even during pregnancy.

Cream with leeches from varicose veins

Creams with leeches are often used to treat and prevent varicose veins. Today, "New life for veins" is an effective remedy. The drug contains the following active ingredients: mustard oil, glycerin, flax oil, liposentol F, leeches, bioflavonoid, cyclomethicone, ivan tea, witch hazel, white willow, arnica, ginkgo biloba, parsley, ivy, chestnut, sage, nettle, plantain , chamomile, celandine, burdock, yarrow, cloves, sesame, ginger oil, turmeric oil, essential oils, menthol.

As you can see, most of the ingredients that make up the product are natural, so the cream does not cause side effects and does not have any specific recommendations. The main substance is the leech extract, which improves blood microcirculation, eliminates blood clots, stimulates the exchange of proteins.

Apply from below upward along the vein with a thin layer, gently rub into the skin. Use two to three times in 24 hours. Patients with intolerance to the components of the drug are prohibited from using it for treatment.

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Venorex Cream

Hypoallergenic and natural remedy for the prevention and treatment of varicose veins. The cream helps to restore blood flow, heal trophic ulcers, strengthen blood vessels and their walls, reduce pain, reduce blood clots and reduce the likelihood of their appearance, to remove puffiness.

The medicine contains the following components: horse chestnut, hyaluronic acid, microcarci and menthol. Thanks to this composition, you strengthen your blood vessels, make them supple and rejuvenate the skin.

Reinforced formula Venorex cream absorbs into the skin very quickly and immediately begins to act, relieving inflammation. Contraindications are not present, but it is not necessary to use a preparation at intolerance of its components. In some cases, it can cause allergic reactions that occur after giving up the cream.

Lifestream Nano

The new cream-gel Lifestream Nano consists of natural ingredients: menthol, hyaluronic acid, chestnut (horse) extract, microcarrier. It is a popular tool for the therapy and prevention of varicose veins of the lower extremities.

Thanks to hyaluronic acid, the drug reduces the fragility and permeability of capillaries, eliminates inflammation in tissues and vessels. Chestnut extract makes the walls of the vessels strong and elastic, helps to reduce pain. Menthol makes the legs healthy and young, and the microcarrier accelerates metabolic processes in the cells.

Apply on the affected varicose leg from two to three times in 24 hours. For complete recovery, you need to continue the course for one month, although the first effective results will be visible after two weeks. There are no contraindications to the use of the drug.


An effective drug that helps to cure initial stage varicosity. Thanks to its natural composition (arnica, horse chestnut, blackcurrant seed oil, walnut kernels, pine nuts, spirulina, robinia, calendula, St. John's wort, nettle, clover, essential oils), the product helps to strengthen the venous walls, improve the valvular veins, normalize viscosity of blood, reduce puffiness, anesthetize.

Lightly apply a thin strip of cream on the surface of the skin of the lower limbs and rub. Use no more than twice in 24 hours. Massage the foot from the foot to the hip. For treatment of the initial stage of varicose therapy lasts one month, in other cases - three months.

Patients with intolerance to the components of the drug to use it is prohibited.


Creams for varicose at home

Many patients today are trying to cure varicose veins with the help of alternative medicine. It is worthwhile to understand that home creams can be used only after examining the attending physician, who will not prohibit you from such drugs. Here are some popular creams from varicose veins that you can create without problems at home:

  1. Take stems and leaves of white wormwood, carefully grind them. Mix with homemade kefir. Leave in a dark place for five days. Apply the cream on the bandage and wind their legs.
  2. Take the juice of aloe vera, liquid honey, juice from onions, Vishnevsky ointment and ghee. All the ingredients are taken in the amount of one tablespoon. Mix and heat on medium heat (but do not boil). Put in the fridge to cool the cream. Apply to the feet and bandage on top once every 24 hours.
  3. Take crushed garlic and butter (ratio 1: 2) and mix. Before going to bed apply the cream on the lower limbs, wrapped in parchment paper and bandage. Leave it overnight. In the morning, you must wash it off.

Use of the creams from varicose veins during pregnancy

During pregnancy, especially with the onset of the fourth month, the venous pressure of the lower limbs in a woman begins to increase. In the evening, the legs swell, the woman feels fatigue and heaviness. Of course, this worries future mothers, especially if before pregnancy they have already manifested the first symptoms of varicose veins.

The use of various creams from varicose is not prohibited during pregnancy, since such drugs, in most cases, have a natural composition. First of all, they are used to relieve the feeling of fatigue that arises in the evening. It is worth noting that some creams can only be used from the second trimester, so before applying, consult your doctor.


Since varicose creams are made from natural ingredients, they can be used by almost everyone, without exception. But it is important before the beginning of therapy to check up, whether you transfer all substances which are a part of the chosen preparation. For this, a small amount of cream is applied to the elbow bend.

In some cases, patients may experience allergic reactions (itching, rashes, redness, burning, urticaria) that go away after discontinuation of treatment.

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Storage conditions

It is very important to store the cream correctly from varicose veins. Some drugs should be left in the refrigerator after opening the bottle. Do not allow the medication to lie in a place accessible to young children. Read the instructions carefully before use.

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Shelf life

Shelf life of the cream from varicose, about three to five years.

Best and effective cream for varicose veins

Pharmacy counters are now filled with a wide variety of local remedies for the prevention and treatment of varicose veins, which are characterized by anti-varicose and anti-inflammatory effects. Immediately it is worthwhile to draw your attention to the fact that the cream is not a panacea for this pathology, but its use will help improve the condition of the vessels and prevent the manifestation of complications.

To choose the right drug that will help you achieve positive results in a short time, you need to pay attention to active substances before buying, which can be a part of such products:

  1. Horse chestnut - can be found in almost any anti-varicose drug. It has an effective venotonic effect.
  2. Heparin is a substance that helps improve blood circulation and blood flow in general, removes puffiness and destroys blood clots.
  3. Hazelnut - an anti-varicose effect.
  4. Horsetail - helps strengthen the vessels, make them more elastic.
  5. Oak bark - anti-inflammatory effect, improving blood circulation.
  6. Calendula and nettle are a regenerating effect.
  7. Troxerutin is an analgesic action.



To simplify the perception of information, this instruction for use of the drug "Creams for varicose veins" translated and presented in a special form on the basis of the official instructions for medical use of the drug. Before use read the annotation that came directly to medicines.

Description provided for informational purposes and is not a guide to self-healing. The need for this drug, the purpose of the treatment regimen, methods and dose of the drug is determined solely by the attending physician. Self-medication is dangerous for your health.

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