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To the popular external means, used in cases of skin lesions on the face and body virus Herpes simplex, is the cream from herpes.

Indications for the use of such creams are inflammation of skin areas of different localization (in particular, on the lips and in nasolabial folds) caused by HSV-I, HSV-II and VZV (causing shingles) herpes simplex viruses.

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Pharmacodynamics of Herpes Creams

Creams for herpes Acyclovir (Zovirax, Virolex, Atsigerpin, Vivorax, Agerp, Lipster, Acic) are effective because acyclovir is very similar to the structure of the guanine nucleotide of the DNA of the virus with deoxyguanidine and can be embedded in its virion. When biochemical interaction with the enzyme of the virus thymidine kinase (providing the synthesis of viral DNA), acyclovir is converted into an active form - acyclovir triphosphate. It is this substance that causes the complete stopping of Herpes simplex DNA replication processes.

Cream from herpes Fenistil Penzivir has an active substance penciclovir (ATS J05AB13), close to acyclovir, so its pharmacodynamics is similar.

Cream from herpes on the lips Epigen labial contains glycyrrhizic acid (ATS A05BA08), which has a carboxyl group and blocks the oxidative phosphorylation of proteins in virus-infected cells, inhibits the formation of ATP and anti-inflammatory prostaglandins in macrophages, enhancing the activity of leukocytes and the capture of phagocytes by viral virions.


Since the creams from herpes Acyclovir (Zovirax, Virolex, Atsigerpin, Vivorax, Agerp, Lipster, Acic) act locally, then for external agents the pharmacokinetics characteristic of the systemic use of acyclovir are not suitable and are not covered by the manufacturers.

Although acyclovir is a poorly soluble substance, and even with oral administration of tablets containing it, has a low level of bioavailability (no more than 25%). And with intravenous infusions of acyclovir drugs, binding to plasma proteins does not exceed 33%.

Thus, there is practically no systemic absorption of acyclovir and penciclovir, which are part of these creams. In the instructions for the cream Epigen labial pharmacokinetics is not represented.

Names of creams from herpes

To date, it is believed that the best cream for herpes, that is, the most effective - containing in its composition acyclovir: 5% cream Acyclovir (based on propylene glycol). Identical ointments have a fatty basis, and it should be noted that ointments are better to use when crusts have already formed on the inflamed areas, and the cream is more easily absorbed, and it is more expedient to apply it at the initial stages of infection development. See also - Treatment of herpes simplex

Trade names of herpes creams with aciclovir active substance (ATS - J05AB01): Zovirax (GSK, United Kingdom), Virollex (KRKA, Slovenia), Agiro Pharmaceuticals, India, Vivorax (Cadila Pharmaceuticals, India), Agerp ), Lipster (Ukraine), Acic (Sandoz, Switzerland).

Each of these drugs can be used as a cream from genital herpes, that is, they are also a cream for the labia from herpes.

There are creams from herpes with another composition (1% cream Fenistil Penzivir), Epigen labial (Cheminova Internacional, Spain) - cream from herpes on the lips (herpes labialis). Some people use the Rescuer or Chinese cream 999 PiYanPing Cream (Sanju Medical & Pharmaceutical Co) to treat herpes rashes on skin, although neither is a herpes cream on the body (see - Treatment of shingles ).

Method of application of herpes creams

Creams for herpes Acyclovir (Zovirax, Virolex, Acigerpin, Vivorax, Agerp, Lipster, Acic) should be applied to the affected area at least five times a day for four consecutive days. Cream from herpes on the lips Fenistil Penzivir is applied every two hours (also four days). Acyclovir for external use can not be applied to the mucous membranes of the mouth or vagina.

Cream Epigen labial should be applied from three to five times a day; the minimum duration of treatment is three days, but the course of therapy may be longer (until all the symptoms disappear).

According to official instructions, an overdose of these funds was not observed. Also, their interaction with other drugs was not noted.

The storage conditions of these creams assume a temperature in the range of + 10-25 ° C, and the shelf life is three years (36 months).

About the cream Rescuer and Chinese cream

Cream Rescuer (Forte) Polish producer is a regenerating and bactericidal agent, which includes: oils (ghee, olive, sea-buckthorn), turpentine oil (ie turpentine), beeswax, purified naphthalene, essential oils (lavender, rose and tea tree ).

That is, it is, according to the instructions, a tool designed not to treat herpes, but to heal various injuries and acute inflammation of the skin of traumatic origin (abrasions, superficial wounds, burns, bruises), and sprains.

And although it is recommended for use in inflammation of the mucous membranes, the presence of turpentine raises this question into question: local products containing turpentine are irritating, and they should not be applied not only to mucous membranes, but also to any damaged tissue.

Cream Rescuer of Ukrainian production (Kievmedpreparat) contains a derivative of pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) dexpanthenol, which has anti-inflammatory, antipruritic and regenerative properties, as well as antiseptic chlorhexidine.

As you can see, this is not a herpes cream, but an agent for treating skin lesions, bedsores, infected eczema, as well as bullous dermatitis, trophic ulcers and boils.

Chinese cream 999 PiYanPing Cream (Sanju Medical & Pharmaceutical Co) is designed to relieve symptoms (in particular, itching) with neurodermatitis, contact and seborrheic dermatitis and chronic eczema. Its active components: a synthetic glucocorticosteroid dexamethasone acetate, camphor and menthol. So this tool is not anti-herpetic.

We told you how the cream from herpes works and how it is applied, and information about ointments with this virus infection can be found in the publication - Ointment for colds on the lips: what, when and what to smear?


Use during pregnancy

All manufacturers of these drugs note that in pregnancy, even the local application of creams or ointments with acyclovir and cream Fenistil Pencivir with penciclovir is only possible provided that the intended benefit to the mother and fetus will significantly exceed their possible negative effects, especially if the pregnant woman is sensitive to incoming components.

Concerning the use during the pregnancy and lactation of the cream Epigen labial, his instructions indicate that it is possible to use this medicine - according to absolute indications.

Also read - Herpes during pregnancy

Contraindications to the use of herpes creams

Creams from herpes with acyclovir, as well as with penciclovir, are contraindicated in hypersensitivity to these substances or other components. It is not recommended to use Acyclovir (and all drugs-synonyms) and Fenistil Penzivir for children under 12 years of age. It is also not recommended to use them to treat the genital form of herpes.

Cream for herpes on the lips Epigen labial also does not apply if there is an increased sensitivity to its components.

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Side effects

Taking into account the minimal absorption of active substances (acyclovir and penciclovir), included in the composition of herpes creams, side effects are most often manifested in the form of skin rashes at the site of application, itching and burning, as well as insignificant soreness of the treated area

If any of the acyclovir-containing drugs is used as a cream from genital herpes, then women can have inflammation of the vulva.


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