Cough soda for adults and children with dry and wet cough

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A fine crystalline white powder is present in every home and its name is soda or sodium bicarbonate. It is unlikely that there is another product in our everyday life that has the same wide range of applications. We use it in baking, we clean dishes, we treat ourselves with it. In medicine, soda is positioned as a disinfectant, so they rinse the mouth with it for problems with teeth and gums, throat - for pharyngitis, tonsillitis. But is baking soda used for coughing and does it help with this symptom?

Indications Soda when coughing

Cough caused by infectious lesions of the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract is just an indication for the use of the drug, because it has the ability to fight bacteria and viruses. Soda treatment is carried out for dry barking and debilitating cough caused by tracheitis and bronchitis, and can also be used for pain and sore throat, hoarseness.

  • Soda for bronchitis

The antiseptic properties of baking soda allow it to reduce the focus of infection in the respiratory tract, dilute the inflammatory contents, making it easier to get out. Under its action, an unproductive cough, its painful attacks become less intense, painful sensations in the muscles of the chest and diaphragm decrease, it becomes easier to breathe, and phlegm begins to recede. In order for the effect of the use of soda to come, you need to know how and in what form to use it. [1]

Release form

The pharmaceutical industry makes Thermopsis cough tablets , which contain soda and no chemical components. This is an effective antitussive agent, the basis of which is the plant thermopsis lanceolate. It is known for its medicinal properties that help with various colds. Its pharmacodynamics consists in increasing the tone of the muscles of the respiratory tract, the activity of the ciliary epithelium, and increased secretion. At the same time, baking soda reduces the viscosity of phlegm, which contributes to their quickest discharge.


The pharmacokinetics of the drug is such that it is absorbed in the digestive tract, from where it enters the bloodstream. Together with blood, it appears in the trachea and bronchi, irritating their mucous membranes. Thermopsis is productive for both dry and wet coughs.

Treatment with tablets can be applied to children over 12 years old (half a tablet three times a day) and adults (whole). For pregnant and lactating women, the drug is contraindicated due to the presence of alkaloids that can excite the vomiting center. Other contraindications include peptic ulcer disease, hemoptysis, liver disease, and allergy to the drug.

Use Soda when coughing during pregnancy

The undesirability of drug treatment for cough during pregnancy makes women look for an alternative. For this, soda can be used, especially since it helps with heartburn - a frequent concomitant factor of this period. A small amount of it, dissolved in a warm liquid, will not hurt, but you should not get carried away with it.


Soda is not used internally for indigestion, wet cough with profuse phlegm, allergies.

Side effects Soda when coughing

Baking soda can make your stomach upset. But since other components are involved in the treatment of cough with soda mixtures, they can also become the culprits of side effects. For example, lactose intolerance when drinking milk-soda solution will manifest itself with flatulence, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and honey can cause allergic manifestations.

Dosing and administration

In alternative medicine, there are as many people as there are recipes. Here are the most commonly used ones:

  • the simplest and most common "grandmother's" cough recipe is boiled, warm milk with soda. The preparation of such a drink has its own characteristics: the milk does not need to be brought to a boil and removed from the heat in time, pour into a 250g cup, add half a teaspoon of soda, wait until the drink becomes warm and drink it in small sips. The action of such a drug is characterized by an enveloping, softening, expectorant effect;
  • the addition of honey enhances the therapeutic effect. The bee product itself is the first remedy for colds and coughs. This he owes to his composition, rich in numerous vitamins, microelements. Its antimicrobial properties are scientifically confirmed by no one doubts. Natural honey is not subjected to any processing technologies, but is formed in the crop of bees from the flower nectar they collect. Therefore, honey and soda are worthy "partners" in the fight against colds. Adding honey to a solution of milk and soda will improve its taste and enhance the healing effect;
  • another option for using baking soda is with milk and butter. The butter has a greasy consistency. Adding it to the drink (an incomplete teaspoon per glass), we get a well-enveloping, anti-irritation composition;
  • the cough is often caused by a sore throat. In this case, soda and salt, dissolved in warm water, will come to the rescue. For rinsing, you will need half a teaspoon of each for a glass of liquid. The procedure should be carried out at least 4 times a day. You can also drink a weakly concentrated solution of water and baking soda. Its action is similar to warmed alkaline mineral. Soda is also added to teas. The only caveat is not to drink it too hot, but to cool it down to a warm state, and you can sweeten it with honey;
  • milk, yolk and soda for cough - this kind of milkshake is in the storerooms of many people. Whipped raw egg yolk and a quarter of a small spoonful of soda are poured into a cup of warm milk, stirring. It will not be superfluous to add a little oil and honey.

Application for children

If we are not talking about very young children, then the soda treatment is quite acceptable, but with the proviso - to observe the proportions in the preparation of solutions. For children, a quarter of a teaspoon or on the tip of a knife of soda for a cup of warm milk is enough, and the addition of honey "disguises" the presence of the first and enhances the therapeutic effect of the mixture.

Other ways to use baking soda for coughing

If for some reason it is impossible to apply soda internally to get rid of a cough, then there are other medicinal recipes using it. For example, inhalation with soda. This can be a simple procedure over a pot of steam or using a nebulizer. For a liter of water heated to 50 ° C, a teaspoon of powder is enough, its duration is 3 minutes for children and 7-10 minutes for adults.

Well relieves sore throat, causing spasms of the respiratory muscles, the severity of inflammation of the larynx, rinsing with a soda solution.

All these methods can be used in the treatment of cough, adhering to the time interval. [2]

Interactions with other drugs

Soda is capable of interacting with other drugs, so its intake must be diluted in time with them for 2-3 hours.

Storage conditions

Baking soda is not perishable if stored correctly: in a dry place, away from direct sunlight. The packaging says: "The shelf life is not limited."


Sparkling mineral water "Borjomi" is capable of replacing soda in the treatment of cough. Medicinal herbs have a similar effect: coltsfoot, licorice, eucalyptus, linden, raspberry, chamomile, elderberry, marshmallow, yarrow.


Soda blends are reported to be the most commonly used in home cough treatment. Doctors also have nothing against using them in its complex treatment, if the diagnosis allows. Big adherents of soda recipes are older people who have benefited from this treatment for decades. Young people do not really bother with them and prefer ready-made pharmaceutical forms.


To simplify the perception of information, this instruction for use of the drug "Cough soda for adults and children with dry and wet cough" translated and presented in a special form on the basis of the official instructions for medical use of the drug. Before use read the annotation that came directly to medicines.

Description provided for informational purposes and is not a guide to self-healing. The need for this drug, the purpose of the treatment regimen, methods and dose of the drug is determined solely by the attending physician. Self-medication is dangerous for your health.

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