Types and Symptoms of Allergies

Bronchitis in bronchial asthma

When combined with two diseases of the respiratory system - inflammation of the bronchial mucosa of infectious etiology (bronchitis) and narrowing of their lumens with sensitization (bronchial asthma) - bronchitis can be diagnosed in bronchial asthma.

Temperature for allergies

Can there be a temperature for allergies? And if it can, then what is the reason for the increase in temperature indicators, because allergy is not an infectious inflammation, but an immune reaction of the body.

Allergy to tomatoes

Nowadays, food allergy is seen as the most common disease in the world. There is a thought that an allergy to tomatoes is due to the fact that they contain a red pigment, which is the reason for the development of such a reaction in humans.

Allergic diathesis

This is a constitutional feature of the body, which, when exposed to adverse factors, can cause the development of the disease.

Diathesis in adults

The famous American medical dictionary Stedmana (Stedman's Medical Dictionary) defines diathesis (diathesis) as a hereditary predisposition of the body to the disease, a group of diseases, allergies and other disorders.

Anaphylactic shock

Anaphylactic shock is an acutely developing process. It carries a great threat to human life and can lead to death.

Cranberry Allergy

Is it possible to eat cranberries in any quantity, or should you limit its use so as not to provoke the body's reaction?

Allergic spots

Allergic spots indicate the reaction of the body to the effect of a certain stimulus. Consider the causes of skin rashes, types of allergic spots, methods for their diagnosis, as well as treatment and prognosis.

Allergy to hyaluronic acid

Before proceeding to the consideration of this question, it is worthwhile to figure out what the "substance" is. Thus, hyaluronic acid belongs to the number of polysaccharides, it is part of the connective, nervous, and epithelial tissues.

Allergy after chemotherapy

Allergic reactions are expressed in a variety of symptoms, which can be by the degree of manifestation very light and even unnoticed by the patient himself, to very severe ones, which result in a fatal outcome for the patient.  


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