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Thorboslym for weight loss

Last reviewed by: Aleksey Portnov , medical expert, on 01.06.2018

The popular line "Turboslim for weight loss" is produced by the firm "Evalar" - a manufacturer of pharmaceutical products and food supplements, which are used primarily to eliminate excessive weight. At the same time, dietary supplements help strengthen individual organs and the whole body.

Indications of the turboslim for weight loss

Indication for the use of turboslim for weight loss - the presence of excess body weight. The bioadditive applied for this purpose in parallel affects the organism in other directions:

  • strengthens the nerves,
  • improves immunity,
  • normalizes digestive functions.

Express weight loss is carried out in the shortest possible time: from three kilograms for three days. Emergency dropping of extra pounds is required, for example, after an abundant festive feast, or, conversely, before responsible events, when you need to urgently get the proper form.

Release form

The company offers "Turboslim for weight loss" in a variety of forms:

  • capsules,
  • pills,
  • sachets,
  • bars,
  • liquid,
  • cream,
  • protein powder,
  • concentrates.

According to the annotation, various means effectively combine with each other, therefore their combinations bring the maximum benefit.


Names of turboslim for weight loss:

  • capsule number 30 - a day, at night;
  • sachets № 20 - tea, coffee;
  • express weight loss;
  • bar;
  • alpha;
  • concentrate;
  • cream active weight loss;
  • protein cocktail;
  • calorie blocker;
  • control of appetite;
  • fitness.

Turboslim Express slimming for 3 days

Complex turboslim express slimming for 3 days:

  • It is intended for immediate burning of lipids, suppression of a feeling of hunger, removal of harmful substances and excess fluid, emptying of the intestine;
  • contains multi-colored tablets - for consumption during breakfast, lunch and dinner separately, as well as a sachet for a drink;
  • the composition of tablets - extracts of guarana, fucus, garcinia, corn stigmas, red algae, hay, etc.
  • in the recipe sachet - lemon juice, green tea, fennel, oligofructose, extracts of the flowers of the prickly pear, artichoke.

Such a composition of bioadditives promotes very rapid splitting and removal of lipids, eliminates edema, effectively cleans the digestive tract, speeds up metabolic processes, activates cellular metabolism, suppresses hunger.

The scheme of dropping excess weight with the help of turboslim express slimming for 3 days is as follows:

  • In the morning take two white capsules. Soon you will feel vivacity and a frequent desire to walk on a small need.
  • In the lunch break, swallow pink capsules, also two pieces. The result - a feeling of satiety will appear much faster than usual, from a small portion of food.
  • Blue "evening" capsules will continue to influence the activity of the digestive tract and the splitting of fats, and melissa will help to fall asleep more quickly, preventing possible attempts to spoil the day's result with a late plentiful supper.
  • Between the methods of the three kinds of capsules you should drink sachets. This is a herbal tea from a sachet, whose task is to influence the drainage principle on the lymphatic system and the kidneys. The packet is dissolved in a liter of water. A valuable ingredient of sache - oligofructose, containing soluble dietary fiber. They are indispensable for the activity of the intestine and the restoration of useful microflora.

The manufacturer assures that the program has undergone clinical trials that have yielded extremely positive results: at the end of three days a person gets rid of three and more kilograms of weight; The waistline during this time decreases a minimum of 3 - 3, 8 cm.

It should be known that the super fast slimming program is recommended for healthy men and women, but it is contraindicated for children, patients with chronic diseases of internal organs, as well as pregnant and lactating mothers and people prone to allergies to components of dietary supplements.

Turboslim day and night

In the formulas turboslim day and night contain a variety of plant extracts, trace elements and vitamins. Components of the daily means:

  • Guarana extract - activates the metabolism;
  • Extraction of red algae - enhances interstitial microcirculation, accelerates excretion of slags;
  • extract of papaya - protects from obesity of tissues;
  • bioflavonoids of citrus - accelerate the breakdown of fats;
  • vitamins C and B3 - contribute to the process of losing weight, improve immunity, the state of the skin and nervous system.

In the basis of a turboscene night laid the property of the human body to lose calories during sleep. It turns out that during the night rest it is easy to lose about 400 calories. The components of dietary supplements further stimulate this process.

Capsules at night also consist of plant components:

  • Melissa extract normalizes nerves and sleep;
  • extract Garcinia reduces lipid accumulations, has disinfectant qualities, improves skin;
  • hay extract stimulates the intestines;
  • microelements and vitamins increase immune forces, positively influence the state of the nervous system, regulate digestion and cholesterol.

Turboslim composition

The formula of the bioadditive uses natural substances of plant raw materials, obtained by extraction method. As part of the turboslim different types of release contains a variety of extracts from flowers, stems, leaves, which impresses even knowledgeable people.

The beneficial properties of both local and exotic plants are combined: grape leaves and stems of maize, prickly pear and artichoke, fennel and melissa, burdock and horsetail, garcinia and fucus, hay and cherry stems, turmeric and algae.

Tea is created on the basis of green tea, with the addition of useful components of cherry fruit stems, Alexandrian leaf and stalk of corn.

Coffee is produced according to a recipe, which combines ground arabica with extracts of garcinia, turmeric, burdock root, horsetail.


Pharmacodynamics is not described in detail. Supplements suppresses the feeling of hunger, destroys lipids, stimulates the activity of the intestine.


Pharmacokinetics due to the effects of individual ingredients. Only general processes that occur in this way are described: the substances in the body decompose, are absorbed into the blood, spread, affect the cellular level; the organs react accordingly to the active substances.

Use of the turboslim for weight loss during pregnancy

Use during pregnancy and lactation turboslim for weight loss is contraindicated.


Pregnancy, breast-feeding and hypersensitivity to the drug are the main contraindications to the use of a turboslim for weight loss. Supplements are also not recommended for children, people with cardiovascular problems, atherosclerosis, insomnia.

Any kind of drug is not recommended for people taking alcoholic beverages.

Side effects of the turboslim for weight loss

Side effects manifest a typical picture of allergy: itching, rash; in not excluding excessive excitability, insomnia, accelerated heartbeat, gastric disorders.

Dosing and administration

General rules for using a turboslim for weight loss:

  • the course of admission is no more than a month;
  • further, a break is absolutely necessary - for rest and recovery;
  • BAD swallow one capsule, a pill or a packet: intended for the day - at breakfast, lunch; for the night - with dinner.
  • Turboslim coffee is useful to use in the morning, tea - in the morning and in the evening.

The methods of application and dose depend on the form of release.

A bar of hunger between meals. Egg and milk proteins, cocoa, molasses, vegetable extracts - such a composition of sweet turboslim is incomparably more useful for snacking than a flour product or fast food.

"Turboslim alfa" does not just accelerate the metabolism, turning fats into energy, but also slows down aging (in particular, brightens skin pigmentation and smooths wrinkles).

"Drainage" is a concentrate of extracts and bioflavonoids extracted from citrus fruits. The liquid is dissolved in water and drunk at every meal. The lymph drainage effect removes an important cause of excess kilograms - excess fluid in the body.

"The blocker of calories" - tablets for weak-willed, who want to lose weight, not denying himself anything, especially in fatty, high-calorie foods. They block the absorption of nutrients, reduce the feeling of hunger and craving for sweets.

Protein cocktail in powder is bred in water or milk and used for snack. Thanks to the packaging, it is convenient to use the drink at work or on a journey.

Chewable tablets "control of appetite" suppress appetite three times stronger than capsules. It is useful to take before a late dinner, if you can not refuse from it at all.

Concentrate "fitness" is used before training (50 ml is dissolved in half a liter of water).


With multiple overdoses, there may be digestive disorders (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea), as well as drowsiness or excitability, insomnia, anxiety. Such symptoms require intervention: the patient is advised to perform gastric lavage and symptomatic treatment in the hospital.

Interactions with other drugs

The facts of interaction with other drugs turboslim for weight loss is not established. Despite this, the patient should inform the doctor about the parallel taking of any medication.

Storage conditions

Conditions for storing turboslim for weight loss are dry place, temperature is up to 30 degrees, inaccessibility for children.

Shelf life

The shelf life of the turboslim for weight loss is two years.

Doctor's comments

The doctors' comments on the turboslim for weight loss emphasize the need for an integrated approach to the problem. A person who wants to lose excess weight must accept general conditions concerning dietary rules, moderate physical exertion and a healthy lifestyle. The conditions should be discussed with the doctor and only after his approval to start taking the supplements.

In addition, doctors remind that after stopping the intake of the supplement and returning to the old way of life, the problem of obesity usually comes back.

Reviews thin

Reviews thin with a turboslim for weight loss vary. Some people are happy with the drug, and they consider it to be the safest and inexpensive way to cleanse the body of excess fat and liquid.

Others apply the drug repeatedly, because over time overweight returns weight. Those who have grown thin, in general, also are satisfied with the effectiveness of the biopreparation and they are ready to periodically repeat the course of admission.

Another part of the reviews is negative. Patients emphasize only the unpleasant consequences of the drug: severe diarrhea, complications with the gallbladder, poor self-control. This category of people resolutely refuses a turboslim and others do not advise to use this drug.

Turboslim for weight loss, like other food additives, is not a medicine. However, this does not mean that it can be used uncontrollably. Only the specialist has the right to decide on the usefulness, dosage and methods of applying BAA in your case. And you decide whether you really need this method of losing weight.

It is important to know!

I want to lose weight by 20 kg - this is a serious application for changing not only the appearance, but also to replace many of the internal processes that take place in the body. If the weight exceeds the norm by as much as twenty kilograms, the cardiovascular system, and the digestive and endocrine system, also suffer. Read more..

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To simplify the perception of information, this instruction for use of the drug "Thorboslym for weight loss" translated and presented in a special form on the basis of the official instructions for medical use of the drug. Before use read the annotation that came directly to medicines.

Description provided for informational purposes and is not a guide to self-healing. The need for this drug, the purpose of the treatment regimen, methods and dose of the drug is determined solely by the attending physician. Self-medication is dangerous for your health.

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