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Nasal aerosol drug Tafen nasal is used for diseases of the nasal cavity. The drug belongs to the category of corticosteroid topical agents.

Indications of the tafena Nasal

It is proposed to use Tafen nasal for preventive and curative purposes:

  • with seasonal or persistent allergic rhinitis;
  • with a cold of non-allergic etiology;
  • with intranasal polyps.

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Release form

Tafen nasal is an aerosol preparation for topical application based on budesonide. The agent has the form of a homogeneous suspension of white color.

The original bottle contains 10 ml of the drug, which is 200 doses.

The bottle is sealed by the manufacturer in a box of cardboard, in which an additional instruction is attached to the medication.

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Tafen nasal is a glucocorticoid agent for intranasal administration, which is a first-line drug in the treatment of an allergic rhinitis. Tafen nasal inhibits the primary and late stage of the allergic process, eliminates the inflammatory response in the upper parts of the respiratory system, and also facilitates the manifestation of the common cold.

With an allergic rhinitis, Tafen nasal is not less effective than glucocorticoid drugs for oral administration. The positive side is that side reactions with local application of the medication are rare and do not have a systemic spread.

The active ingredient Tafen nasal refers to synthetic glucocorticoids with marked external anti-inflammatory, antiexudative, antiproliferative and immunosuppressive action. When applying the drug on the mucosa in the recommended amounts, practically does not enter the systemic circulation.

Anti-inflammatory ability Tafen nasal is associated with the action of arachidonic acid, which inhibits the formation of mediators of the inflammatory process. Tafen nasal acts as an inhibitor of the release of bioactive components, which give impetus to the development and course of the inflammatory reaction. In addition, the drug has a vasoconstrictor property.

Tafen nasal increases the number of smooth muscle β-adrenoreceptors, inhibits the production of histamine. Glucocorticoid action is supplemented by a slight mineralocorticoid effect. The drug has minimal systemic effect, which is of great importance in long-term treatment.



The active ingredient Tafen nasal - budesonide, - is an epimeric mixture (epimer 22R and epimer 22S - 1: 1).

When Tafen nasal spray is injected into the nasal cavity in an amount of 400 μg, the serum limit is found for 0.7 hours, and is 1 nmol / liter. As a rule, signs of an allergic rhinitis are much easier after 2-3 days after the first administration of the medication.

When injecting Tafen nasal, about 20% of the active ingredient appears in the systemic circulation. At the same time, the systemic bioavailability of budesonide is extremely low, since at least 90% of the substance that enters the blood is deactivated in the liver after the effect of "first passage".

Tafen nasal is qualitatively distributed in tissues and binds to plasma proteins. The activity of glucocorticoids in the form of the main metabolic products is less than 1% of the total activity of the basic ingredient Tafen nasal.

The metabolic products are excreted mainly through the urinary system. The half-life can be from 2 to 3 hours.

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Use of the tafena Nasal during pregnancy

Information on the use of Tafen nasal during pregnancy is currently insufficient. Studies were conducted on animals, during which it was found that an excess of glucocorticoids could negatively affect fetal fetal development. Given this, experts do not recommend using Tafen nasal to pregnant women, if this drug can be replaced with another, safer.

The drug has the property of getting into breast milk. Nevertheless, it is noted that when using the recommended amounts of Tafen nasal during breastfeeding, there is no negative effect on the baby. The possibility of appointing Tafen nasal in each case is decided by the doctor.


Do not use Tafen Nasal if the patient has had cases of hypersensitivity to the components of the spray. Additional contraindications may include:

  • fungal, microbial or viral respiratory organs;
  • active phase of pulmonary tuberculosis;
  • subatrophic form of rhinitis;
  • patients in children under 6 years.

Side effects of the tafena Nasal

The use of Tafen nasal can provoke the appearance of certain side effects, for example:

  • allergy;
  • subcutaneous hemorrhage;
  • increased intraocular pressure;
  • increased nasal secretions, dryness in the nose, sneezing, nasal bleeding, hoarseness, bronchospasm, fungal infections of the nasal cavity;
  • dizziness, tiredness;
  • anxiety, sleep disorders, irritability;
  • dry mouth mucosa, smell disorder;
  • oppression of the function of the adrenal cortex;
  • osteoporosis, demineralization of the bone system.

As a rule, the main number of adverse symptoms develops with prolonged use of Tafen nasal.

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Dosing and administration

Medication Tafen nasal is allowed to use only for injection into the nasal cavity.

For adult patients and children from 6 years of age, Tafen nasal is prescribed, starting with a minimum therapeutic volume: 400 mcg / day. Usually, the daily amount is given as follows: 2 doses (50 μg of the drug in a single dose, or in one push on the spray dispenser) into each nasal pass twice a day.

The retention amount of the drug is Tafen nasal - 200 mcg / day.

The maximum single amount of Tafen nasal is 200 μg (two clicks per each nasal passage).

The maximum daily amount of Tafen nasal is 400 mcg.

The duration of the spray application is no more than 12 weeks. As a rule, the effectiveness of Tafen nasal manifests itself in a few days from the start of treatment.

If the next injection of the spray has been missed, then the medicine should be used in the very near future, but not later than an hour before the next dose is injected.

Treatment of Tafen nasal is stopped slowly, gradually reducing the amount of nasal agent administered.

With adequate use of Tafen nasal, the occurrence of adverse events is minimized, with maximum effectiveness of the drug.

  1. Immediately before the injection of Tafen nasal, the nasal passages should be cleaned using saline solution.
  2. From the bottle it is necessary to remove the cap, and also mix the suspension carefully, shaking the container several times.
  3. The first injection must be done "in the air", in order to clean the sprayer.
  4. Next, lean forward, inject the nebulizer into one nasal passage and direct it to the outer wall of the nasal cavity, then press the adapter and inhale the nebulized drug. The same actions should be done with respect to the second nasal passage.
  5. After injecting the required amount of Tafen nasal spray nozzle should be wiped with a napkin and return the cap removed.
  6. A bottle with medicine is stored vertically, upwardly with a cap.

If the spray is infrequently used, the spray can become clogged. To unlock the clogged sprayer, you need to rinse it in warm water and dry it for a few minutes. After this, a control injection "into the air" should be carried out. If the spraying has worked, then the drug can be used further for the intended purpose. If the nebulizer is not cleaned, then it is necessary to carry out the cleaning procedure again.

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In case of an accidental overdose of Tafen nasal, there is rarely any definite acute symptomatology. Only with prolonged use of large amounts of medication can side effects, including systemic ones, worsen, in the form of deterioration of adrenal function and hypercorticoid phenomena.

In very large volumes, Tafen nasal can cause constriction of the bronchial lumen.

Specific treatment of such conditions does not exist. Usually, supportive symptomatic medications are used.

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Interactions with other drugs

The specialists did not conduct research on drug interactions of the Tafen Nasal spray. Since CYP3A4 participates in metabolic processes, inhibitor preparations can provoke an increase in the content of budesonide in serum. To such preparations it is possible to carry ketoconazole, Intraconazole, Ciclosporin. Even given the lack of information, it is not recommended to combine the listed medicines with Tafen nasal.

An increase in serum content of budesonide was found in female patients, while taking estrogen-containing drugs and steroid oral contraceptives.

During the treatment of Tafen nasal, ACTH testing of pituitary insufficiency may be uninformative, because an erroneous result can be detected due to a change in the adrenal function.

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Storage conditions

Bottles with Tafen nasal spray are stored in warm, dry rooms, with temperature values not exceeding + 25 ° C. Children should not be allowed to play near the storage of medicinal products.

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Shelf life

 Keep packages with Tafen nasal until 2 years old.

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To simplify the perception of information, this instruction for use of the drug "Tafen Nasal" translated and presented in a special form on the basis of the official instructions for medical use of the drug. Before use read the annotation that came directly to medicines.

Description provided for informational purposes and is not a guide to self-healing. The need for this drug, the purpose of the treatment regimen, methods and dose of the drug is determined solely by the attending physician. Self-medication is dangerous for your health.

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