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Snoring or rhonchopathy is a symptom (coded by ICD-10 R06.5), which has a fairly extensive etiology. And it should be borne in mind that the drugs advertised as effective snoring tablets are not able to influence all the causes of this symptom, since the accompanied by sound vibrations of the soft tissues of the nasopharynx and larynx during exhalation during sleep can be associated with anatomical features.

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Indications of the snoring tablets

Indications for the use of such tablets are limited to snoring, the causes of which lie in the swelling of mucous tissues of the nasopharynx with chronic inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract or allergies (nasal congestion due to an allergic reaction of the body).

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Release form

To date, the names of snoring tablets sold on the Internet include the homeopathic SnoreStop (SnorStop), available from Green Pharmaceuticals Inc. (USA), Sweet Dreams (Dream Remedies, Great Britain) and NeverSnore (Higher Natur Ltd, Great Britain).

Tablets from snoring Sweet Dreams (Sweet Dreams) and NeverSnore are available to EU residents, but they are not sold in pharmacies.

Among the treatment options for snoring, neither the National Sleep Foundetion nor the specialists of the British Association of Otorhinolaryngologists consider medicinal treatment that is directly related to snoring, but drugs, such as decongestants and antihistamines, can be used to treat nasal congestion with allergies (but no longer than seven consecutive days).

And no pills from snoring will help the snoring person to correct the curved nasal septum, widen the narrowed nasal passages from the birth, remove the polyp from the nasal cavity, reduce the size of the enlarged nasopharyngeal tonsil (adenoids), glands or hypertrophied ubula (tongue on the edge of the soft palate). And, of course, one should not expect the effect of such tablets in the presence of functional factors in the reduction of the tonus of the pharyngeal muscles, which cause prolapse of the soft palate and constriction of the airways causing the obstructive sleep apnea syndrome. Not everyone who snores has this syndrome, but it is important to know that snoring is his symptom.



The mechanism of action of tablets from Snorstop snoring is provided by its components: ephedra two-colony (Ephedra distachya L.), true Dubrovnik (Teucrum marum verum), hydratis or yellow-root Canadian (Hydrastis canadensis), belladonna (Belladonna), extract of chibibuhi seeds (Strychnos Nux-vomica) , potassium dichromate and histamine hydrochloride.

Pharmacodynamics tablets SnorStop not investigated, but the producers claim that the drug reduces the amount of mucus in the airways, removes the allergic edema of the mucous membranes of the nasopharynx, excites the central nervous system and the cardiovascular system (although belladonna has slightly sedative properties), and also increases the tone of the respiratory muscles.

Producers promise that Sweet Dreams snoring tablets (more precisely, gelatin capsules) will provide effective snoring relief due to natural ingredients. At the same time, their main component is the althaea root powder, which contains mucous substances that have an enveloping and anti-inflammatory effect in diseases of the upper respiratory tract and facilitate spitting out of the cough.

And the tablets from snoring NeverSnore, which include enzymes (proteinases, cellulases, amylases, bromelain pineapple) and extracts of medicinal plants (leaves of sage, elderberry blossoms, fenugreek seeds), have a proteolytic effect, they contribute to the cleavage of mucus and cleansing the nasal passages.



The pharmacokinetics of none of the above drugs is not represented.

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Use of the snoring tablets during pregnancy

There is no information as to whether it is possible to use tablets from snoring during pregnancy, although it is known that homeopathic medicines and most of the herbal remedies to pregnant women are contraindicated. For example, a plant yellow-root can exert a stimulating effect on the muscles of the uterus, which threatens miscarriage or premature birth.


Producers of Snorstop snoring tablets also do not specify contraindications to the use of this over-the-counter drug. However, preparations containing belladonna should not be used for pathologies of the heart of an organic nature and glaucoma; and high blood pressure, nephritis, liver disease and diffuse toxic goiter are contraindications for taking medications, which contain alkaloids of chilibu.


Side effects of the snoring tablets

Side effects of tablets from Snorstop snoring may be related to the fact that alkaloids of ephedra promote blood pressure increase, and also raise the level of sugar in the blood. Belladonna causes dry mouth, increased heart rate and decreased production of gastric juice.

Problems with the intestines in the form of constipation and diarrhea are caused by yellow corn (hydrate), and the alkaloids of chilibuks, in particular strychnine, can provoke cramps and breathing (up to suffocation).


Dosing and administration

Snorstop snoring tablets are for oral use; it is recommended to take one tablet a day.



Overdose of this drug, as well as its interaction with other drugs are not presented.


Storage conditions

Snort Stoppets should be stored in a dark place at room temperature.

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Shelf life

Shelf life is indicated on the package of tablets.



To simplify the perception of information, this instruction for use of the drug "Snoring tablets" translated and presented in a special form on the basis of the official instructions for medical use of the drug. Before use read the annotation that came directly to medicines.

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