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SAB® Simplex

SAB® Simplex (trade names - Infafol, Espumizan, Disflatil, Simikol, Bobotik) contains the non-toxic inert surfactant simethicone as the main active ingredient. Simethicone refers to polymethyloxanes - light synthetic silicone (silicone) oils used in the production of industrial defoamers and lubricants. The main property of simethicone is the ability to destroy gas bubbles and thereby suppress the formation of foam.

The substance simethicone is also a part of such gastroenterological drugs as Hestid, Meteopazmil, Almagel neo, Pepfiz.

The SAB® Simplex contains auxiliary substances: sodium citrate (food supplement E331), citric acid, sodium cyclamate (food supplement E952), sodium benzoate (food additive E211), synthetic sweetener saccharin sodium, preservative sorbic acid (E200), high molecular weight polymer acrylic acid (Carbomer 934 P), flavors (raspberry and vanilla), purified water.

Indications SAB® Simplex

Indications for the use of this drug are disorders of the digestive system associated with increased gassing in the intestine. SAB® Simplex is used as a symptomatic agent for flatulence, swelling of the intestine, in pediatrics - with increased ingestion of air during eating ( aerophagia ), gastro-cardial syndrome (Remkheld syndrome), and also after operations on the organs of the abdominal cavity and intestines.

In addition, SAB® Simplex is used during the preparation for such diagnostic tests of the digestive system as radiography, gastroduodenoscopy, ultrasound of the abdominal cavity and pelvic organs. The drug can be used in acute forms of poisoning with synthetic detergents with surfactants (surfactants).

Release form

The form of this preparation is a suspension for oral administration. Produced SAB® Simplex in bottles with a capacity of 100 ml with a nozzle-dropper (1 ml of the drug corresponds to 25 drops).


The active substance simethicone, reducing the surface tension of liquid fractions of the contents of the intestine, contributes to the physical destruction of gas bubbles, and also reduces their formation with a tendency to excessive intestinal gas formation (flatulence). The released gases under the action of SAB® Simplex are absorbed by the walls of the intestine or are eliminated from the body. Therefore, this drug helps reduce discomfort and pain, which leads to stretching of the intestinal wall with flatulence.


Due to its chemical inertness, the active substance simethicone does not participate in any chemical reactions during passage through the gastrointestinal tract, is not absorbed and is unchanged from the body through the intestine. For pharmacokinetics of excipients included in SAB® Simplex, no information is available (no special studies have been performed on humans or animals).

Use SAB® Simplex during pregnancy

The use of SAB® Simplex during pregnancy, according to the manufacturers of the drug, does not affect the development of the fetus. And in the lactation period, its active ingredient does not enter the breast milk.

However, the sorbic acid (preservative, food additive E200) contained in this preparation can inhibit the production of certain enzymes, in particular catalase, a hemoprotein, which accelerates the biological oxidation reaction of toxic hydrogen peroxide (which is formed in the body during various oxidative reactions). And the hydrogen peroxide accumulated in the body damages the chromosomes, causing mutations.

In addition, the composition of this drug includes food supplement E952 (sweetener sodium cyclamate), which is banned in the US food industry (since 1969) and Russia (since 2010). It is believed that this supplement does not directly lead to oncological diseases, but it can enhance the action of other carcinogens. In some cases, the addition of E952 can be processed in the intestine with the formation of conditionally teratogenic metabolites. Therefore, the use of products with the addition of E952 during pregnancy is not recommended.


Among the contraindications to the use of SAB® Simplex are listed: present in the history of adverse reactions to the main substance (simethicone) or hypersensitivity to the auxiliary components of this drug; intestinal obstruction.

Side effects SAB® Simplex

With the general good tolerability of this symptomatic drug among its side effects (mainly among patients with hypersensitivity to the components), rare cases of systemic allergic reactions in the form of reddening and itching of the skin, hives or skin rashes are noted.

In such manifestations of the action of SAB® Simplex, it is recommended to stop taking it and consult with your doctor.

Dosing and administration

The dosage and duration of the SAB® Simplex preparation is prescribed by a doctor. As a rule, SAB® Simplex is prescribed in case of increased gas formation in adults: 30-45 drops (1.2-1.8 ml) during or immediately after meals (in acute forms of flatulence, the suspension can be taken every 4-6 hours) .

The dosage of taking the drug in pediatrics is as follows: infants and children from 1 year to 6 years - 15 drops (0.6 ml) during or after meals (the suspension can be mixed with other fluids, including breast milk); children 7-15 years - 20-30 drops (0.8-1.2 ml) at one time. The maximum daily number of receptions is no more than 4-5.

The minimum single dose of taking SAB® Simplex for poisoning with detergents is 1 teaspoon (5 ml).


Cases of overdose are not described.

Interactions with other drugs

This information is not available.

Storage conditions

Storage conditions: SAB® Simplex should be stored at a temperature of + 15-25 ° C, in a hermetically sealed vial.

Shelf life

Shelf life: 3 years from the date of manufacture of the preparation, which is indicated on the package.

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