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HPV 56 type

The papillomavirus (HPV) has more than 100 types (according to some information, about 600), and, despite its small size, is not as harmless as it may seem at first glance.

Alternative remedies for human papillomavirus

For the treatment of papillomas and condylomas, essential oils can be used. They have a pronounced antiviral and immunostimulating effect, increase the protection of skin against various pathogens.

HPV 52 type: what is it, how to treat?

The abbreviation for HPV is currently known, probably, by everyone. It stands for human papillomavirus. Many different strains of this virus have already been found, about two hundred.

HPV 39 type: what is it, what to do when detected?

Today, medicine has information about more than a hundred types of human papillomavirus (HPV). They are divided according to different characteristics, including the category of danger to human health.

Symptoms and diseases caused by human papillomavirus

From the provoking factors, the symptoms of HPV depend, that is, there is no single clinical picture of papillomatosis. In children and people with a weakened immune system, the appearance of signs of the disease is much higher than in the rest.

Human papillomavirus: typing and genotyping

HPV refers to the most common viruses. Most often, infection occurs sexual and contact-household way. For many years the virus can be at rest and not manifest itself.

Treatment of human papilloma virus with drugs: ointments, pills, injections, suppositories

When HPV is infected, the concept of "curing a virus" is not used. To date, there simply are no drugs that completely kill and remove infectious strains from the body.

Human papillomavirus: structure, life cycle, as transmitted, prevention

HPV is highly specific to the human body infection from the family Papovaviridea, that is, the papoviruses of subgroup A. Its carrier is every sixth person on the planet.

HPV type 18: structure, pathogenesis, prognosis

The appearance on the body of warts and papillomas is associated with the penetration of the papillomatous virus into the body. True, not everyone knows that relatively harmless neoplasms on the skin are not the only manifestation of this far from safe virus.

HPV 51 types: detection, treatment

Of the many known to date human papillomavirus strains, more than three dozen infect the genital and anus region, and among them there are potentially oncogenic, in particular, HPV 51 or HPV 51.


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