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Complex agent Magnelis B6 is a competently grounded combination of magnesium with vitamin B6. This combination has a very positive effect on the work of the central nervous system in different physiological periods of a woman's life.

The successful combination of useful substances in one medicine allows the active components of the drug to be easily absorbed and freely penetrate into the cellular structures.

In addition to the medication Magnelis B6, there is also a Magnelis B6 Forte preparation, with an increased content of active ingredients. 


Indications of the magnelis B6

The medicine can be used:

  • with a diagnosed deficiency of magnesium in the body;
  • with severe irritability and related sleep disorder;
  • with spasms of smooth muscles, myalgia;
  • with nocturnal cramps;
  • with an increased sense of fatigue;
  • to facilitate the signs of premenstrual syndrome;
  • for a more comfortable flow of pregnancy.

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Release form

Magnelis B6 can be purchased in tablet form and as a solution for internal use.

  • Tablets have an oval convex shape, a shiny light shell.
  • The solution is a brownish liquid with a caramel flavor.

Each form of the drug is accompanied by an instruction that must be read before proceeding with the medication.


Magnesium is an extremely important microelement that is widely present in the cellular and tissue structures of the human body. It is necessary for stable metabolism, qualitative work of the nervous system and conductivity.

Usually magnesium enters the blood from the digestive system. However, sometimes this amount of element is not enough - for example, with malnutrition, with stress, during the period of gestation of the baby.

Vitamin B6, in addition to actively participating in metabolic processes and the ability of the CNS, helps magnesium to penetrate more quickly into the cells.

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In the digestive system, magnesium from the drug is digested about half. Almost all of the assimilated component penetrates into the cellular structures.

 The distribution is as follows:

  • about 65% is bone tissue;
  • about 35% settles in the musculature.

Excretion of the active ingredient Magnelis B6 is carried out through the urinary system.

Use of the magnelis B6 during pregnancy

The negative action of the drug during pregnancy is not found, so the medication can be appointed as an observing doctor, if he considers such treatment necessary.

Moreover, during the gestation process Magnelis B6 has such useful properties:

  • stabilizes the uterine tone;
  • improves blood flow in the uterus and placenta;
  • prevents endothelial dysfunction.

Also, the drug gently supports the nervous system of a woman and prevents psycho-emotional breakdowns.


The medicine is not recommended for taking:

  • with a tendency to an allergic reaction;
  • with a significant lack of kidney function;
  • in phenylketonuria;
  • in violation of the assimilation of fructose, glucose;
  • with simultaneous treatment with levodopa.

 Magnelis B6 tablets should not be offered to children under 6 years of age, and Magnelis B6 solution for children up to 12 months of age.


Side effects of the magnelis B6

Occasionally, dermatitis associated with allergic sensitivity of the body can be observed.

Very rarely there were cases of diarrheal disorders, including diarrhea, increased gas production and nausea.


Dosing and administration

The medicinal form of the preparation Magnelis B6 is chosen by the doctor when prescribing the medicine.

For adult patients, the recommended number of tablets is from 3 to 8 pcs. Daily.

For children weighing more than 20 kg, it is recommended to consume from 3 to 6 tablets / day.

The solution is taken in such dosages:

  • for adults - up to 4 amp / day;
  • for children from 12 months. - 1-4 amp / day.

The daily amount of Magnelis B6 is divided by 2-3 times. Reception occurs with food. The solution can be previously diluted in 100-150 ml of a non-flammable liquid.

The duration of the therapeutic course is determined by the doctor.


Standard dosages can not provoke the development of intoxication. Signs of overdose can be observed only if there is a pronounced deficiency of renal function:

  • hypotension;
  • dyspepsia;
  • oppression of the central nervous system;
  • areflexion;
  • electrocardiographic changes;
  • difficulty breathing function;
  • coma;
  • anuria;
  • respiratory paralysis.

With the signs listed, an emergency administration of fluids to the body is carried out. Often resorted to peritoneal dialysis or hemodialysis.

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Interactions with other drugs

Magnelis B6 is not assigned together:

  • with antiparkinsonian medicinal drug Levodopa;
  • with drugs based on phosphates or calcium salts;
  • with antibiotics of tetracycline series (reception can be carried out with a time interval of not less than 3 h).

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Storage conditions

Medication Magnelis B6 should be kept in dark places, hard to reach for children.

Shelf life

For tablets the shelf life is: up to 2 years.

For oral solution: up to 3 years.

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To simplify the perception of information, this instruction for use of the drug "Magnelis B6" translated and presented in a special form on the basis of the official instructions for medical use of the drug. Before use read the annotation that came directly to medicines.

Description provided for informational purposes and is not a guide to self-healing. The need for this drug, the purpose of the treatment regimen, methods and dose of the drug is determined solely by the attending physician. Self-medication is dangerous for your health.

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