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The main assistant of getting sleep is serotonin, which excites neurons of some part of the brain, and those in turn activate neurons that release inhibitory neurotransmitters. Therefore, "AT DREAM" helps a person to excite and extinguish the necessary neurons, so that the patient, who suffers constant insomnia, soon falls asleep.

Many will agree that the drug ON sleep is very effective sleeping pills. This sedative drug, components of which are created on a plant basis, is a very useful thing for those who can not fall asleep without sleeping pills. The composition of the drug Na Son includes valerian, which quite soothingly affects the central and autonomic nervous system, improves sleep. Hops, as a soft natural sleeping pills, which is also included in this drug, has a sedative effect on a person.

In the complex, valerian and hops, contribute to the restoration of mental balance, help to relax than can provide a calm healthy sleep.

Indications ON DREAM

In our case, namely, in the case of insomnia, the inhibitory mediators are not sufficient to extinguish the activity of the desired part of the brain. From this and not get to sleep. After all, we all remember that sleep does not occur when our nervous system is in an excited state. We constantly turn from side to side, obsessive thoughts do not give rest, annoying literally every rustle, any knock.

Here, for this purpose, the drug is prescribed ON DREAM. Indications for use ON DREAM can be considered safe for human health. Those difficulties that are, these pills will not aggravate, will not add new ones, but on the contrary, solve old ills. He, as a rule, is used for sleep disorders, the main symptoms of which are disturbance of the process of falling asleep, pereodic awakening at night, which have no serious grounds. Characteristic signs of sleep disturbance can also be a brief night's sleep, which is usually caused by anxiety, unjustified anxiety, stress or irritability.

Release form

To sleep was normal it is important, first of all, to carry out not complicated hygienic rules. In the mornings and in the afternoon it is necessary to do physical exercises. For dinner, it is worth only stopping on "light" food, so that the stomach can quickly digest the contents and not interfere with a full sleep. As for the time in which a person should go to sleep, it is important to fall asleep and wake up at the same time in the morning, so that the body gets used to the daily schedule. It is worthwhile to rise immediately as soon as the body has awakened, and not to lie still for several minutes.

At night you should not smoke and take any exciting drinks. They include tea, coffee, alcohol. It is also not recommended to sleep either in a very cold or very hot room. Doing active physical exercises just before sleep is also not advisable. If these tips do not help you, then you can proceed to taking medication. They can become a drug based on natural components, such as "AT DREAM." The form of release of the drug "AT DREAM" is as follows. The tablets themselves are coated with a coating that can look from blue to blue, with a biconvex surface. Two layers are noticeable on the cross-section.

If you drink them the way it is written on the packaging, then later you will not only sleep soundly, but your biological clock will return to normal. You will fall asleep at the time and also wake up at the right time for you. If you do not follow the advice of a doctor, drink sleeping pills, then you can be among those people with sleep disorders, which are increasing yearly throughout the world. Stress, sleep disorders, excessive drinking of tea and coffee, diseases of the cardiovascular system are the main reasons for this. A small percentage of sleep disorders occur in depression (a disease of the nervous system with painful depression of mood).


The drug "ON DREAM" has once again, it should be recalled, a sedative effect. It helps to ease the process of falling asleep, which soon leads to the onset and improvement of the quality of sleep. These effects can not be explained by the action of any one component "ON DREAM". Only together, valerian and hops, acting at the same time, can achieve a full beneficial effect on a person's sleep.

Pharmacodynamics AT DREAM is as follows. The sedative effect with the use of this drug is extremely slow, but it stably and completely develops only with systematic and long-term course treatment. The speed of the body's response to external stimuli is significantly reduced, which soon leads to a rapid onset of natural sleep. Valerian and hops have spasmolytic effect, a slight choleretic effect. A complex of biologically active substances regulates heart activity, namely: slows the rhythm of the heart, slightly dilates the coronary vessels.

After all, the quality of sleep is directly proportional to efficiency. He depends on him, how a person will behave during the whole day. A poorly rested man or a tired woman is unlikely to be able to show amazing results at work. At best, they will perform their work in a stereotyped, stereotyped, mechanical way. On the contrary, a bad dream will provoke a negative character trait. Increased irritability, emotional incontinence will soon be felt, causing an annoying feeling, impotence, anger or resentment. To all other things, the state of higher mental functions deteriorates. Memory, attention, thinking, decreases, coordination of movements is disrupted. Often even speech loses its habitual rhythm, smoothness, and the voice does not sound so sonorous, cheerful, naturally. Many, for sure, will try to argue. After all, once in their student years, they could not sleep all night, while learning almost the entire training course for the year. Yes, but for a very short time, since all the information entered into the brain passes into a short-term memory and does not stay there for a long time. But in a well-fallen person, the brain works much better, and memory never fails.

A good dream allows you to use the memory device, navigate in one or another situation, take the quick and correct most correct decision. However, people who like "night wakefulness" should not complain about a sudden insomnia. They themselves, unwillingly, they called her. Fascinated by reading books, not wanting to break away from this occupation even at very late hours, they can turn out to be quite serious consequences for them.


The pharmacokinetics of NOR have not been studied well enough, which is due, first of all, to the inability to accurately identify the active principle of the drug. After ingestion of 2-3 tablets of the drug ON DREAM, as it should be only after 1 hour is achieved through the desired effect of falling asleep. With repeated use of the drug, its pharmacokinetics does not change.

As noted earlier, an arbitrary reduction in the duration of sleep leads to insomnia. Sleep in this case ceases to be profound, effective. On the contrary, it becomes worse, full of disturbing dreams. This should be taken into account and those who accept smoking at night. It is worth knowing to everyone and everyone that nicotine also reduces the quality of sleep, makes it restless, short-lived. It's not for nothing that inveterate smokers can wake up in the middle of the night. The same phenomenon can also be found among drinkers drinking coffee for the night. To begin to fight for a sound sleep is necessary, first of all, with the upbringing of the habit of falling asleep and waking up in time. This is an equally important requirement, as is compulsory psychological unloading. The fact is that in the brain the brain continues to continue working, the information received during the day is processed, he orders it, so to speak. All this begins beforehand, even at the moment of wakefulness. Therefore, 2-3 hours before sleep, it is necessary to unload the brain as soon as possible and to create comfortable conditions for it, as doctors say. It is also necessary to create a favorable emotional background. Obviously, any increase in nervous activity prevents resting, which means sleep. Therefore, it is necessary, in the evening, to avoid everything that can, figuratively speaking, "unbalance", disappoint or agitate. Accustom yourself that no serious decisions at night do not even try to undertake, do not solve difficult tasks, do not overload yourself with unnecessary mental work, do not receive and do not show absolutely no negative emotions. It should be noted that by the end of the working day irritability usually increases. Many things that did not hurt you in the evening can cause you negative reactions. Innocent jokes most often offend, music seems very loud, any troubles in the family and at home may seem significant, lead to strife.

Use ON DREAM during pregnancy

To date, there is not a single hypnotic drug that would be called the safest for the fetus. There is no research that would prove this. Therefore, it is best to refuse from taking sleeping pills for the period of pregnancy. Use ON DREAM during pregnancy or lactation is also contraindicated.

These drugs can be prescribed to a pregnant woman only by a doctor, and then only in extreme cases. But do not despair ahead of time. Do not forget that they can be replaced by some rules of behavior of a pregnant woman. Observing them, the future mother can safely sleep and see the most delicate dreams.

  • Firstly, she must be calm about everything that happens.
  • Secondly, do not go to bed during lunch.
  • Thirdly, at night she can only take light food. And lastly, before going to sleep, she must learn to relax. You can take a bath, watch a relaxing transfer, etc. Etc.

In addition, a woman in the position can take herbal medicines, which can become an alternative to certain medications. But, nevertheless, not all of them are safe for her and the baby's health. For example, a cup of chamomile tea is absolutely not harmful to expectant mothers. However, some plants may contain chemical components that can later penetrate the baby through the placenta. The most dangerous thing is that they can cause premature birth. 

Although the drug "AT DREAM" and is safe in itself, but the use of DREAM during pregnancy is prohibited.

There is no need to take herbal preparations and other medicines during the first trimester. Later you can drink them in small doses for a short period of time and only as directed by your doctor. If you want to use herbs in the treatment of some serious disease or to relieve the symptoms of malaises, such as heartburn, seek advice from a herbalist. Before taking any plant or medicine during pregnancy, be sure to discuss this with your doctor. 

And anyway, please, remember: 

  • Before taking any preparation of vegetable origin, do not forget to see what is included in its composition. Read about its effects on the body and always consult a doctor. Perhaps this plant or medicine should not be used during pregnancy.
  • Also pay attention to all individual contraindications and side effects, which will be given below. You can print a copy and use it for the first time.


Despite some dangerous side effects, sleeping pills are still considered the most sought-after remedy for sleep disorders. However, before taking any hypnotic, you should as much as possible and better know about the drug that you are going to take in. It is necessary to learn about its merits and demerits. Ask the Internet: Do they provide a natural sleep? And only after this, resort to pharmacological assistance.

Contraindications to the use of DREAM are not as great as they usually are in sleeping pills. But still they are also present. These include increased sensitivity, and arterial hypotension, if a person suffers from it. In childhood it is also not recommended to drink. It is worth recalling that both pregnancy and lactation can also be attributed to contraindications to the use of DREAM.

Special warnings to this drug also exist. Do not take the drug with other soothing and hypnotic drugs. Those drinks that contain alcohol are highly contraindicated. Hop preparations change the harmonic balance towards the predominance of estrogens.
Patients who have diabetes before using this hypnotic should talk to the doctor, because this drug contains lactose monohydrate and sucrose, which may not be the best way to affect the body.

Side effects ON DREAM

The side effects of NA sleep can be different. On some, the sleeping pill affects well, others may have side effects.
Allergic reactions, increased fatigue, with prolonged use - constipation.

If any adverse reactions occur, consult a doctor. Especially cautious for sleeping pills is to resort to those patients who have respiratory disorders, chronic upper respiratory tract diseases and nighttime apnea syndrome. Moreover, many doctors believe that most hypnotic medicines cause depression of the respiratory center.

If the use of sleeping pills is reproduced for a long time and regularly, it can lead not only to side effects of DREAM, but also to cause over time addiction and dependence of a person on the drug. In any case, about taking a sleeping pill, it is mandatory to consult a specialist. Especially if there are health problems or any disease in which drug therapy is not recommended. Only an experienced doctor can pick up those drugs that in his opinion are compatible with other medicines. He can also develop an individual treatment regimen that will take into account the age and physiological parameters of the patient. The uncontrolled use of sleeping pills can cause a recurrence of insomnia and even more sleep disorders, that is, an effect that will reverse the expected. The drug may reduce the reaction rate when driving vehicles or working with other mechanisms. When using sleeping pills, it is necessary to abstain from driving a car or work, which requires increased attention and speed of psychomotor reactions.

Dosing and administration

The way of use and the dose of hypnotics and other medications differ. Therefore, knowing the name of this or that soporific it is necessary to carefully study the method of application and dose. Otherwise, you can get absolutely the opposite result. The way of application and the dose of sleeping pills is:

It must be drunk as a regular tablet. Inside adults are recommended 2 to 3 tablets 1 hour before bedtime. If treatment should be stopped, withdrawal syndrome does not occur. The duration of treatment of this sleeping pill doctor determines individually. However, do not use the drug all the time. It will be better if the duration of admission is more than 1.5-2 months.


Overdose AT DREAM does not hide, it can happen. Therefore, we offer information, which will contain data on what will happen if an overdose of the drug ON sleep.
Overdosing with valerian preparations can cause a feeling of fatigue. There may be spasms in the stomach, a feeling of contraction in the chest. The head can spin with an overdose, hands tremble, the pupils will expand immediately, and disappear only when the day passes.

In addition, with an overdose of galenic preparations, cones of hop hives can vomit, vomiting, small pains in the stomach area. Feeling of sluggishness, weakness. If an overdose occurs and you feel unimportant, be sure to see a doctor. He immediately examines you, prescribes medications that will reduce the perceived ailments in an overdose. In addition, the doctor can do a lavage of the stomach, if the pain does not subside, and the patient feels every minute worse and worse.

Interactions with other drugs

Any sleeping pills before taking in, you need to warn the doctor treating you that he establishes interaction ON DREAM with other medicines. If this is not done, then we can expect a lamentable result from it. After all, anything can happen.

It should be borne in mind that the drug on sleep enhances the effect of drugs that depress the central nervous system, hypotensive drugs (including central actions). Interaction with anesthetics should also be considered and included in the treatment. This concerns the correction of doses of a syringe called "AT SLEEP". If you take along with HA salt tablets valerian, the latter will further enhance the effect of sleeping pills. 

Storage conditions

Any drugs, regardless of whether they are hypnotic or not, should be stored correctly. It is enough to look at the medicine package, and everything will become clear to you at once. For example, sleeping pills should be kept in a dry place, protected from light. The temperature should not exceed 25 o C. And one more condition for keeping AT sleep is that from children you must hide it in an inaccessible place to avoid the sad last. As a rule, it is prescribed without a prescription. One package contains 10 tablets. In general, there are two of them in the pack. Each of them is stored in a blister, which protects them from the rapid loss of useful properties for insomnia.

Shelf life

Each sleeping pill, like other medicines, has its expiry date. It is important to see it at the beginning of the reception, so that later, after a while, a month, or even a year, it is correct to continue drinking. So the shelf life of a sleeping pill is 2 years. If a person uses it at the end of the expiration date, it is fraught with worsening not only of sleep, but of well-being in general. There may be side effects. All this will cause a disease of the stomach and other internal organs of man. Therefore, to avoid this, be careful when reading the instructions. If you can forget, then please save the liner with the instruction. Sooner or later you will need it. Although it is better to sleep sound and healthy dreams, to see bright and bright dreams without any auxiliary means. What we sincerely wish you!

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