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Among the many antifungal agents for drug therapy of vaginal candidiasis or thrush, advertising of which is full of Internet, fashion magazines, signs and stands in pharmacy kiosks, the most acceptable, effective and safe means is clotrimazole from thrush.

Under the concept of vaginal candidiasis or thrush is understood as the inflammation in the mucous membrane of the vagina caused by yeast fungi of the genus Candida. This is a very common infection. Mushrooms can parasitize anywhere: on the surfaces of vegetables and fruits, on the skin, in the mouth, in the intestines, the airways, the genitourinary system.

Mushrooms and other microorganisms on the skin and mucous membranes of the newborn get from the mother's birth canal during childbirth, and remain with him for life. They become sick of disease only when immunity is weakened. To cause disease most of all they are provoked by antibiotics, in particular, their frequent and long reception. The microflora of the human body under the influence of antibiotics, loses its normal balance, its biological balance is violated. At the same time, candidate fungi, which are conditionally pathogenic flora, which previously existed quietly in our body, begin to multiply intensively. The development of thrush can contribute to factors such as hormonal disorders, obesity, avitaminosis, chronic diseases, diabetes, pregnancy. Candidiasis is characterized by curdled discharge from the vagina of white color with a sour unpleasant odor. Patients complain of itching, which increases prolonged walking, menstruation.

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Indications for use of clotrimazole from thrush

Clotrimazole from thrush is used in candida vulvitis, vulvovaginitis, balanitis, trichomoniasis, sanitization of the genitals of the parturient child before delivery.

Form of release of clotrimazole from thrush

Tablets Clotrimazole 0.1 gram №6

Clotrimazole 1% vaginal cream 20 grams tube with applicator

Clotrimazole one-percentage ointment 25 grams

A solution of 15 ml - bottles of orange glass.

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Characteristics of Clotrimazole

Clotrimazole, which has a molecular weight of 344.84, is a white odorless drug that is used in yeast and yeast-like lesions. Clotrimazole is poorly soluble in water and ether, readily soluble in polyethylene glycol 400, chloroform and ethanol. The drug is used both in the treatment of men, and women and children. The most commonly prescribed clotrimazole in gynecology, general therapy, dermatology, venereology and obstetrics. Clotrimazole from thrush is released as solutions, tablets, creams and ointments with special applicators.

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Pharmacological action of clotrimazole against thrush

Antiprotozoal, antifungal, antibacterial. Clotrimazole, a topical preparation with an antifungal effect, is derived from imidazole.

The result of the drug is a disruption in the metabolism of ergosterol, which is the main constituent of the fungal cell structure, the permeability of the fungal cell membrane, provokes the release of potassium from the cell membrane, the phosphorous compounds that make up the cell, and the destruction of intracellular nucleic acids. Retards the connection of phospholipids and triglycerides. It makes the peroxidase and oxidative enzymes less active, so that the amount of hydrogen peroxide inside the cells becomes toxic. This, in turn, leads to the fact that cellular organelles are destroyed and the cell is necrotic. Fungicidal and fungistatic effect depends on concentration. Delays the transformation of Candida Albico's blast spores into a mold penetrating inside.

Clotrimazole is slightly absorbed through the mucous membranes and skin.

Intravaginal injection - absorbed 3-10% of the drug.

In the liver, a number of transformations of clotrimazole occur before metabolites that are not active, after which it is isolated with feces. Absorbed clotrimazole is influenced by subcellular enzymatic reactions in the liver, which is why the oxidation reactions occurring in it are accelerated.

In large quantities in the vaginal secretion and in the small in the blood stream, two to three days are found.

No evidence has been obtained of the carcinogenic effects of clotrimazole on the living organism in studies on rats. Mutagenic effects, judging by studies on hamsters, are also not found.


Clotrimazole is characterized by a wide spectrum of action, especially with external application, which covers almost all fungi of pathogenic origin (which are the cause of human infection). Its activity extends to

  • filamentous fungi (dermatophytes);
  • mushrooms Candida and other yeast mushrooms;
  • dimorphic fungal lesions;
  • actinomycetes,
  • corynebacteria,
  • staphylococcus;
  • streptococci,
  • Trichomonases.


Clotrimazole has a high potential for penetration into tissues. In the epidermis it is much more than in the subcutaneous fat and in the dermis. The drug is not characterized by systemic action. In the human body, clotrimazole from thrush finds Candida mushrooms and affects their membranes, which is why they completely lose their vitality.

Clotrimazole from thrush usually gives good results in the treatment of vaginal candidiasis. In addition, the doctor can prescribe a comprehensive treatment, combined with other drugs (often tableted). The effect of clotrimazole treatment on thrush usually comes from the first days of treatment with the drug. But this does not mean that the treatment should be stopped, it is necessary to go through the entire course of treatment prescribed by a doctor, otherwise the disease can go on into a chronic form.

Interaction with other drugs

Weaken the action of amfittericin B, nitamycin, nystatin.

Dosing and Administration

Clotrimazole from thrush - cream or ointment - must be applied to those areas that are affected by the fungus, the layer should be thin, twice a day. In the vagina it is recommended to enter a pill, and the vestibule vestibule and perineum should be lubricated with 1 percent cream or ointment. The duration of antifungal treatment is three to four weeks. It is also recommended to instill clotrimazole from thrush into the urethra of a 1-percent solution lasting six days. To be treated it is necessary for both sexual partners. Different dosage forms in which clotrimazole is released from thrush have their own peculiarities in application and advantages.

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Clotrimazole from thrush during pregnancy

The hormonal background of a pregnant woman is such that the appearance of many unpleasant sensations is considered the norm. A woman does not always pay attention to some discomfort, typical for the initial manifestations of thrush. But when the inflammatory process grows, the unpleasant sensations in the genitals and the smell cause the future mother to go to the medical institution. Clotrimazole from thrush is contraindicated in the first three months of pregnancy. With intravaginal application in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, adverse effects on the fetus are not confirmed, but the use of an intravaginal applicator should be avoided.

With caution apply during breastfeeding, since there is no evidence as to whether clotrimazole penetrates breast milk.

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Clotrimazole from thrush for men

Male genitalia are arranged so that the Candida fungus can not stay on them for long, so men suffer from thrush much less often than the weaker half of humanity, since urine flushes the fungus from the urethra. Thrush in men can begin on the head of the penis, on the dermis, in the mouth. Symptomatically it can be expressed in the form of itching, swelling, burning or unpleasant odor. The most appropriate for the treatment of candidiasis in men, experts consider clotrimazole from thrush. The ointment is absorbed for a long time, but its application is very effective. Apply twice a day to the foreskin area.

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Contraindications of clotrimazole against thrush

Hypersensitivity to clotrimazole from thrush, the first trimester of pregnancy.


Side effects of clotrimazole from thrush

Perhaps the development of reactions of an allergic nature, such as pruritus and urticaria.

Local application can cause swelling, redness, blisters, unpleasant sensations (itching, burning), the skin can peel off, irritation appears on it.

In the genital area: itching, hyperemia, local edema, burning, vaginal discharge, pollakiuria, inflammation of the bladder, discomfort in the head of the penis, soreness appears during coitusa.

Oral cavity: redness, swelling, burning in the mouth.


If there was an accidental ingress of clotrimazole from the yeast inside, there may be an aversion to food, nausea, epigastric pain, vomiting, a violation of the liver, sometimes drowsiness, frequent urination, rashes on the skin.

Assistance with overdose of clotrimazole from thrush: take activated charcoal, symptomatic treatment.

Precautions when using clotrimazole from thrush

It is necessary to avoid getting clotrimazole from the yeast infection in the eyes. Do not apply if the integrity of the skin.

Do not use hermetic bandages after applying clotrimazole from thrush.

To avoid re-infection, both sex partners need to be treated. Do not use clotrimazole from thrush during menstruation.

With impaired liver function, you need to monitor its functional state.

When symptoms of irritation or hypersensitivity appear, the drug should be discarded.

If after the application of clotrimazole from thrush for one month the therapeutic effect does not occur, it is necessary to conduct a repeated microbiological examination in order to confirm the diagnosis and exclude the possibility of another pathology.

Conditions and shelf life

Clotrimazole from thrush is stored at a temperature of 8-25 ° C in a dark place inaccessible to children.

Shelf life is three years.

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The price of clotrimazole from thrush, unlike other drugs, is quite acceptable. The cost of the drug is affected by the name of the manufacturer, the dosage in one package, the mark-up in the pharmacy.

Today, prices for medicines change daily, if not hourly. As of 30.04.2014, the price for Clotrimazole Ointment in pharmacy chains averaged 7.70 UAH, Clotrimazole cream - 8 - 12 UAH, Klotrimazol tablets - about 10 UAH.

Reviews of clotrimazole from thrush

Clotrimazole from thrush is one of the most common and, by no means new drugs for the treatment of candidiasis, therefore there are many opinions and opinions about it, both good and not so.

So, for example, Irina 35 years from Donetsk wrote the following: "The thrush bothered me for many years. That only I did not try: various well-known drugs at the highest prices. Recently was on inpatient treatment in the gynecological department about the exacerbation of Chronic adnexitis. After using antibiotics, vaginal candidiasis worsened. The doctor prescribed me Klotrimazole tablets. I reacted with irony, but what was my surprise when a few days later I felt a significant improvement in the state ... ". Or here it is: "Hello! I am 25 years old. I went to the regional hospital with complaints about itching in the genital area and abundant whitish stretching discharge from the vagina. The doctor said that I have a thrush and I prescribed several drugs, among them Clotrimazole from thrush. Thanks, helped. I was especially pleased with the price, I never thought that an inexpensive medicine could have such an effect. Alina, Kupyansk. "

Patients who remained unhappy with the drug, basically, had allergic reactions or other unpleasant sensations associated with the individual characteristics of their body. Here's what the gynecologist Ilona Vasilieva from Kiev writes: "When a patient comes to the clinic, there is always a lot of time left to explain the specifics of the use of this or that drug. Unfortunately, many recommendations, patients, except for the use of the drug, miss the ears. Not everyone adheres to the necessary treatment regimen: you need to give up alcohol, acute, wear underwear only from natural materials. If you follow these simple tips, clotrimazole from thrush, with rare exceptions, is well tolerated and gives an excellent therapeutic effect. "

Clotrimazole from thrush, despite all its apparent simplicity, is a drug that, like all other drugs, a doctor should prescribe. Only a specialist has all the necessary knowledge to ensure that the treatment was properly administered and brought the desired result.


To simplify the perception of information, this instruction for use of the drug "Clotrimazole from thrush" translated and presented in a special form on the basis of the official instructions for medical use of the drug. Before use read the annotation that came directly to medicines.

Description provided for informational purposes and is not a guide to self-healing. The need for this drug, the purpose of the treatment regimen, methods and dose of the drug is determined solely by the attending physician. Self-medication is dangerous for your health.

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