Chamomile for gastritis

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It is not easy to live sick with inflamed gastric mucosa, because one has to reckon with the possibility of getting aggravation with food, and with it pain, nausea, sometimes vomiting, belching, a feeling of overcrowding in the body, epigastric heaviness, general malaise and weakness. Over time, people adapt to their pathology, using various alternative methods, herbs for helping to eliminate inflammation, as well as in acute conditions. One of the most popular used for gastritis is chamomile.

Can I drink chamomile pharmacy during gastritis?

This will help to understand its chemical composition. Essential oil is present in the pharmaceutical chamomile, and one of its components, azulin, which is the main active ingredient, is valuable for its anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and anti-allergic properties. [1]In addition, it contains glycosides, coumarins, free organic acids, mucous, protein, tannins, bitterness, carotene and other components that weaken the inflammatory process, normalize the functions of the gastrointestinal tract, reduce the formation of gases, have an anesthetic effect. All these qualities make it a plant in demand for gastritis.[2]

Chamomile for gastritis with high acidity

Excessive secretion of gastric juice leads to irritation of the mucous membrane of the organ that causes symptoms of the disease. Herbalists say that in addition to the above useful characteristics, chamomile reduces acidity, thereby eliminating the factor that provokes inflammation.

Some doctors advise to drink it with low acidity. In the official instructions placed on the pack of chamomile pharmacy, in the section "Pharmacological action" is the phrase "increases the secretory activity of the digestive glands." And it is shown in any gastritis, gastric and duodenal ulcers, because relieves spasms of the walls of the body, heals damage, strengthens the walls of blood vessels.[3]

Chamomile for chronic gastritis

Few who manage to finally get rid of gastritis after its acute form. As a rule, a violation of the diet, drinking, smoking, stress, drug treatment respond with new periodically recurring seizures. With this one has to live, adapting and neutralizing the manifestations of the disease. Chamomile, as well as possible, is suitable for relieving pain, healing inflammatory foci, better assimilation and digestion of food, getting rid of flatulence.

The chronic form is inherent in various types of inflammation of the stomach, with different etiology, acidity and course. Therefore, the possibility of chamomile treatment depends on the specific diagnosis and must be determined by a doctor.

Chamomile with atrophic gastritis

For atrophic gastritis is characterized by thinning of the stomach walls, loss of ability of the digestive glands to produce the secret necessary for the digestion of food. Cell atrophy occurs, which cannot be stopped. This process is fraught with the development of a malignant neoplasm.

Along with drugs that reduce inflammation and stimulate digestive processes, gastroenterologists recommend using alternative methods, including herbs that increase or decrease acidity (depending on need), saturate with necessary nutrients, improve motility.

Chamomile is more suitable for hyperacid gastritis, but at the same time it will have a bactericidal, regenerating effect, will contribute to inhibiting the development of the disease and will be useful for any organ pathology.

How to drink chamomile during gastritis?

The therapeutic effect of chamomile treatment is not achieved immediately, but after several months of treatment. With increased acidity, such a period is quite acceptable, but due to the fact that the plant contains substances with antacid properties, long-term treatment of hypoacid gastritis is undesirable and may be limited to 1-2 weeks.

There are several methods of preparing the drug:

  • chamomile decoction for gastritis - 3 tablespoons of raw materials is poured with a glass of boiling water, placed in a water bath for 15 minutes. After cooling, cool, squeeze, bring the volume of boiled water to the initial, take in warm form 3 times a day before meals. A single dose for adults - a third of a glass, for children 12-14 years old - a quarter, 7-12 years old - 2 tablespoons, 3-7 years old - one, 1-3 - dessert;
  • chamomile infusion during gastritis - the same proportions of chamomile and hot water are placed in a thermos for 5-6 hours, it is possible at night;
  • chamomile tea for gastritis - you can not completely replace ordinary tea with chamomile, but you can drink it with a medical course before the main meal. At the same time, not only the digestive organs will receive a recovery, but the nervous system will also be favorably received, and sleep will improve. In this case, it is convenient to use a packaged plant (no need to filter);[4]
  • chamomile, St. John's wort and yarrow with gastritis - a combination of other healing herbs will enhance the healing effect of chamomile. So, St. John's wort not only relieves inflammation, but also has a tonic, astringent, antimicrobial, regenerating property. Yarrow improves appetite, promotes proper metabolism, heals wounds. A small spoon of each of the three plants is poured with a glass of hot water and infused for at least half an hour, then taken according to the rules described above.


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