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Ceruloplasmin is a stimulant of the erythropoiesis process, a detoxification drug. It is the glycoprotein of the α-globulin serum fraction of human blood.

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Indications of the ceruloplasmin

It is used in the following situations:

  • for the stimulation of the hematopoiesis process - hemopoiesis;
  • to reduce the degree of poisoning, and in addition to correcting the immune function (restoration and enhancement of immunity) during combined treatment of oncological pathologies;
  • during preparation before surgery for weakened patients suffering from anemia, poisoning, or exhaustion;
  • at an early stage in the postoperative period (with excessive blood loss during the procedure);
  • for the elimination of complications of purulent-septic nature (resulting from infection, with infection of the blood with microbes, resulting in the formation of ulcers in the tissues), during the early stage of the postoperative period;
  • during complex chemotherapy in the fight against cancer (also in people with hemoblastoses - these are tumors formed from cells inside the hematopoiesis system) in case of mild poisoning.

Ceruloplasmin can be used as an additional remedy during the treatment of chronic and acute osteomyelitis (inflammatory process in the area of bone marrow, as well as adjacent to it bone tissue).

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Release form

Produced in the form of lyophilizate for the manufacture of solutions administered by / in the method, in ampoules or vials with a volume of 0.1 g. Inside the pack contains 5 such bottles or 10 ampoules.

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Ceruloplasmin is a plasma protein, endowed with a large number of important biological functions for the body:

  • strengthens the stability of cell membranes;
  • is a participant in immunological processes and reactions (in the formation of protective functions of the body), as well as the metabolism of ions;
  • has antioxidant properties (prevents peroxidative oxidation processes in membranes of lipid cells);
  • slows the process of lipid peroxidation;
  • activates hematopoietic processes - hemopoiesis.

The content of ceruloplasmin substance inside the serum is significantly reduced in the presence of hepatolenticular degeneration (hereditary pathology developing in the brain and liver due to the disorder of the metabolism of copper and proteins). This indicator is very important for the diagnosis.

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Use of the ceruloplasmin during pregnancy

The drug is prescribed for the combined treatment of anemia in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters. Together with used iron drugs (taking into account the level of ferritin and iron inside the serum) additionally apply Ceruloplasmin in the amount of 100 mg (every day to inject the solution by dropping IV in the method for 5 days).

It is forbidden to use the solution on the 1 st trimester, and also during lactation (since there is no information on safety, as well as the effectiveness of the use of drugs in this group of patients).


It is contraindicated to use in case of human intolerance of drugs that are protein-like. In addition, they are not used in infants for up to 6 months (as there is no information on the use of medication in this group of patients).

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Side effects of the ceruloplasmin

At an early stage of the use of the solution, it is possible to develop side effects such as nausea, flush of skin to the skin on the face, a rash on the skin (urticaria), and chills and a transient increase in temperature. In case of such disorders, it is required to lower the dosage and the rate of administration of the solution, or to cancel the medicine.

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Dosing and administration

Injection is carried out in / in the method (per minute 30 drops). Before the procedure, it is required to dissolve the contents of the ampule or vial in a solution (200 ml volume) of sodium chloride or glucose (5%).

At oncological pathologies during preparation of the patient for operation it is necessary to enter a solution at a rate of 1,5-2,0 mg / kg. The therapeutic course at the same time is 7-10 injections (every day or every other day - depends on the patient's state of health).

During the postoperative period, a single dose is prescribed in accordance with the size of the blood loss - from 1.5 mg / kg (if the patient has lost a little blood), and up to 6 mg / kg (in case of severe blood loss). The course is 7-10 days with daily (once a day) procedure.

During the period of chemotherapy, a single dose is 4-6 mg / kg, and the treatment course includes 10-14 procedures (3 injections for 7 days). Patients with hemoblastoses have a single dose of 1.5-3 mg / kg, and the number of injections is 7-10 procedures that are performed once a day every day.

To eliminate the acute form of osteomyelitis, the size of a single dose is 2.5 mg / kg, for the course period, 5 procedures are required (every day or every other day). For the treatment of chronic pathology, the solution is required to be administered at a rate of 5 mg / kg twice / thrice a day, making intervals of 1-2 days, after which 3-7 procedures with a dose of 2.5 mg / kg (every other day) .

In the treatment of children, such doses of Ceruloplasmin are prescribed:

  • for children at the age of 6 months / 1 year - 50 mg (or 100 ml of injection solution);
  • children aged 1-12 years - in the amount of 100 mg;
  • adolescents 13-18 years old - at a rate of 200 mg.

When treating or preventing the posthemorrhagic form of anemia (during surgery), children should be given medication in the period of 2 days before surgery, intraoperatively, and also within 2-10 days after performing the surgical procedure.

During therapy or prevention of anemia in children with pathologies of purulent-surgical type, the solution should be administered in the period of 7-10 days every day when performing antibacterial treatment.

Children with cancer pathologies to treat or prevent the development of radiation form of anemia due to radiation therapy should be administered Ceruloplasmin once per week during the entire radiotherapy course.

When treating or preventing the appearance of a toxic form of anemia, the solution is administered throughout the chemotherapy course on the days of the procedures.

Treatment or prophylaxis of anemia resulting from chemoradiation procedures (radiation or toxic form) is administered once a week on the day of the procedure during the entire period of therapy.

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Storage conditions

The solution is stored in a place inaccessible to small children. Temperature indices are within 2-8 ° С.

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Shelf life

Ceruloplasmin can be used in the period of 2 years after the release of the drug solution.

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