Back pain treatment

Kyphosis Treatment Methods

Kyphosis can be found in very young children 6-12 months. Pathology is indicated by a narrowed chest, round back, shoulders inclined forward. The reason lies at times in the violation of intrauterine development, heredity, rickets, poliomyelitis.

How to fix lumbar lordosis?

Lumbar lordosis (you should immediately make a reservation - if we are talking about lordosis as a pathology, with excessive curvature of the spine) can only be corrected with the help of physical exercises.

How to fix chest kyphosis?

Thoracic kyphosis is a fairly common pathology that progresses rapidly if timely measures are not taken. What should be done if this problem is suspected? The first is to see a doctor.

Treatment of lordosis in children and adults

When it comes to lordosis, you need to understand that this term can be defined as normal, physiological curvature of the spine, which performs a number of important functions, and is necessary to maintain the normal functioning of the spine.

Left back pain treatment

Patients with acute back pain are not currently prescribed bed rest, they are advised to maintain a normal activity regimen or to limit it to a few when there is a high intensity of pain.

Treatment of severe back pain

Sharp pain in the back, of course, no one gives pleasure. When such complaints occur, a person immediately tries to find a means to get rid of this pain as soon as possible.

Treatment of vertebrogenic lumbargia

It should be said that the treatment regimens for pain syndrome with various types of dorsalgia are practically the same, but there are differences in the management of patients with acute and chronic course of the disease.

Treatment of lumbar spine: standards, medicine, exercise therapy, exercise

Lumbalia requires an integrated approach. Treatment is aimed at stopping pain on one side. On the other hand, treatment should be aimed at eliminating pathology, as well as normalizing the level of mobility of the affected area.

Effective therapeutic, pain-relieving patches with back pain

Many people know firsthand what back pain is. Sometimes it completely paralyzes a person, the slightest movement is given with great difficulty, sometimes drawing pains accompany for a long time, reducing the quality of life.

Back bleeding: how to treat and how to smear at home, alternative means

Many people are wondering what to do if the back is blown. To facilitate the state, one must adhere to simple rules - warmth and peace. Consider the algorithm for treating the inflammatory process


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