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Valerian tincture

Valerian is a perennial herb, whose name in Latin means "to be healthy", and it fully justifies it. In total there are more than 200 varieties of valerian in the world. Although in other countries it is used in the food industry for the production of alcoholic beverages: liqueurs, tinctures; as flavors, as spices, and leaves - for the preparation of salads, the most widely used is valerian medicinal in medicine as a sedative. This recognition is due to the essential oils contained in it and alkaloids. The plant is used in various forms: tablets, decoctions, powders, infusions, including tinctures.

Indications of the tinctures of valerian

Indications for the use of tincture are such symptoms as irritability, insomnia, increased nervousness, anxiety, anxiety. Applied tincture in the violation of the cardiovascular system, manifested in arrhythmia, tachycardia, rapid fatigue, headaches, reduced physical activity, the appearance of dyspnea with increased loads - all that is attributed to the manifestations of the vegetative-vascular distanii. High blood pressure - another reason to resort to valerian. If there are spasms of the gastrointestinal tract, when a painful contraction of muscles occurs, the tincture of the plant will help to relax their smooth muscles and calm down. 

Release form

The medicine is produced in the form of tincture, prepared from the roots of the plant and ethyl alcohol. Packed in bottles and bottles of droppers of different capacities. 


Pharmacodynamics of valerian tincture, due to its biologically active substances, consists in inhibition of CNS excitation mechanisms and enhancement of the effect of taking other soothing, analgesic and antispasmodics. What are these substances? Consider the main:

  • essential oil, which by virtue of its chemical structure easily penetrates through the wall into the cage, transporting oxygen and nutrition there. It is a kind of filter that cleans the body of toxins, toxins and other harmful substances, and also has a positive effect on the nervous system;
  • alkaloids - affect the receptors, block the transmission of the signal from the nerve endings to the muscles;
  • tannins - have anti-inflammatory, astringent and bactericidal action.


The drug, having helped, is excreted after half an hour from the body through the urinary system.

Use of the tinctures of valerian during pregnancy

The root of valerian is not contraindicated for pregnant women, but since the tincture is prepared on ethyl alcohol, it is not recommended to apply it to this category of persons.


The tincture of valerian is contraindicated for people with a tendency to depressive depressed states, with a weak and weak reaction to what is happening, drowsiness, reduced physical activity. The use of the drug will lead to even more obvious symptoms of CNS depression. The alcohol base of the tincture prohibits its use by children under 12 and women during lactation. A special sensitivity to the plant, which is quite possible, because it has a characteristic and pronounced odor, making it impossible to use this remedy. Drivers of vehicles and people whose work is associated with the use of dangerous mechanisms is also not recommended to resort to tincture of valerian.

Side effects of the tinctures of valerian

Tincture of valerian can cause side effects in people with allergies to the plant. The reaction can appear in the redness of the skin, itching and rashes. The effect of depression of mood, the raised or increased sleepiness, depression of an emotional mood is possible. 

Dosing and administration

The way of application and dose depends on the age, so children under 12 years must determine the required number of drops per drop per drop for each year of life. Give the child 2-3 times a day. Duration of treatment up to 2 months. The dose of adults is 20-30 drops. You can drip on the water, take 3-4 times a day. Adults drink before the onset of a steady effect.


Overdose is possible in case of long reception. She can manifest herself with headaches, palpitations, general weakness, a constant desire to sleep. There were also symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and cases of dizziness. With this state of health, it is necessary to stop taking the drug and turn to emergency measures to de-toxify the body: washing the stomach, taking sorbents. Then direct the treatment to specific symptoms.

Interactions with other drugs

The tincture of valerian enhances the effect of cardiac, calming and relieving neuro-emotional stress, hypnotics, antispasmodics.

Storage conditions

The best storage for the drug will be a cool place, away from direct sunlight and out of reach of children.

Shelf life

Shelf life of valerian tincture is 5 years, after which, in order to avoid unpleasant consequences, the bottle must be discarded, especially since the cost of the drug is available to everyone. 

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