Types and symptoms of back pain

Scoliosis of the lumbar spine

Curvature of the lumbar spine - lumbar scoliosis - is often formed in the form of a compensatory reaction in the primary deformity of the thoracic spine, or is formed primarily. 

Scoliosis of the spine 3 degrees in adults and children

Curvature of the spine in the frontal plane with an angle of deviation from the axis in the range of 26 to 50 degrees is diagnosed as grade 3 scoliosis. 

Scoliosis 2 degrees in adults and children

Complex, but moderate (within 11-25 °) curvature of the spinal column along the frontal and sagittal planes, which is accompanied by twisting of the vertebrae, is called scoliosis.

Left-sided scoliosis

There are many types of such curvatures - for example, if the spine bends to the left, then they talk about such a pathology as left-sided scoliosis.

Stitching pain in the back: left, right, under the shoulder blade

Stitching pain in the back is not uncommon. Today it is no secret to anyone that hypothermia or inflammation in the back is not always the cause. There can be quite a few reasons that lead to the development of pain in the back.

Thoracolumbar Scoliosis

According to statistics, lumbar scoliosis is most often found in school-age children and mainly in girls (more than 85% of all cases).

Scoliosis pain

Gradually developing scoliotic spinal deformity is manifested by a number of symptoms, and pain with scoliosis - of various localization and intensity - is part of the clinical picture of this disease. However, pain does not occur in everyone.

Lumbar kyphosis

In foreign literature, this disease is referred to as lumbar degenerative kyphosis (LDK), which is a subgroup of flat back syndrome.

Scoliosis of the cervical spine

The spine takes on a pathological position most often in childhood or adolescence during the period of active development of cartilage and bone tissue, although such a defect can also occur in adults. The term scoliosis itself suggests that the curvature plane is frontal, in contrast to lordosis and kyphosis - bends in the sagittal plane. 


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