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A medicinal preparation with a high iron content refers to the pharmacotherapeutic group of anti-anemia medications.

Indications of the tardiferon

Anti-anemic drug Tardiferon is used to treat hypochromic (iron-deficient) anemia, as well as after prolonged or large-scale blood loss, with poor assimilation of iron from the digestive tract, with insufficient or malnutrition.

In addition, Tardiferone can be used to prevent anemic conditions in female patients during childbearing. For example, the appointment of the drug Tardifiron is relevant in cases where there is no possibility to provide a permanent intake of iron in the body with food.

Release form

Tardiferon is a tablet with prolonged activity, protected by a light (almost white) shell film. The tablets are convex on both sides, their surface is flat.

Each tablet of Tardiferon contains a compound of sulfate iron, the amount of which corresponds to 80 mg of iron.

As part of the Tardiferon tablets, ascorbic acid is present, which improves the absorption of iron in the digestive system.

Factory packaging of cardboard contains three blister plates. In each plate are soldered 10 pcs. Tablets Tardiferon.


Tardiferone is a representative of complex medicines with a high iron content and prolonged activity.

The drug contains a divalent ion of sulfate iron, which eliminates the shortage of iron in the blood and activates the processes of hematopoiesis.

The absolute safety of the drug Tardifiron is due to the presence of mucoproteosis - a natural mucopolysaccharide, which creates protection for the mucous tissues of the digestive system from the irritating action of iron ions. Mucopolysaccharide provides a gradual release of iron for several hours. This has a positive effect on the tolerability of the drug.

The presence of ascorbic acid provides high bioavailability of iron and improves its assimilation.


The processes of absorption of Tardiferon occur in the duodenum and in the proximal segment of the small intestine.

Usually, iron salts are digested quite badly - on average, only 15% of the used dosage of the drug. Prolonged release of iron allows it to be absorbed fully, for a long time.

Use of the tardiferon during pregnancy

Tardiferone is indicated for use during pregnancy. The recommended amount of medication for the prevention of iron deficiency anemia in pregnant women is one tablet a day, or once every two days, during the second and third trimester (Tardiferone may be taken from the fourth month of pregnancy).

Iron is found in the composition of breast milk in a relatively small volume - about 0.25 mg per day. During lactation, Tardiferone should be taken only after consultation with the doctor.


Do not administer Tardiferon:

  • with anemic conditions that are not related to iron deficiency (for example, with aplastic and hemolytic anemia, megaloblastic anemia, thalassemia);
  • at conditions characterized by a high level of iron in the body (for example, in hemochromatosis);
  • in violation of the assimilation of iron (eg, after lead intoxication);
  • with spasm of the esophagus, with obstruction of the digestive system, intestinal obstruction, acute internal bleeding;
  • with poor fructose tolerance, with impaired glucose-galactose absorption, with isomaltase-invertase deficiency syndrome;
  • in children younger than six years;
  • with hypersensitivity to the composition of the drug.

Relative contraindications are:

  • colitis, enterocolitis;
  • chronic alcoholism;
  • severe liver or kidney damage;
  • a stomach ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer.

Side effects of the tardiferon

Side effects during treatment with Tardiferon are rare. They can be expressed by such signs:

  • hypersensitive reactions, skin rashes;
  • gouttural edema;
  • digestive disorders, darkening of stool;
  • darkening of tooth enamel, stomatitis;
  • skin itching, redness of the skin.

Dosing and administration

Adults and children from 7 years of age are prescribed 1-2 tablets daily, with water, preferably before meals.

Tablets Tardifiron should be swallowed, not chewing and not holding a long time in the mouth.

For prevention, Tardifiron is prescribed in the amount of 1 tablet per day, or once every two days.

Duration of admission Tardiferon depends on the results of the patient's tests: after correction of anemia and recovery of iron level, the drug is stopped taking.

If the patient has been diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia, the course of treatment of Tardifiron can usually be 3-6 months.


If the recommended dose of Tardiferon is significantly exceeded, there may be signs of an overdose:

  • nausea with vomiting;
  • pain in the abdomen, diarrhea with the release of greenish or tar-like stools;
  • weakness, drowsiness, the secretion of cold sweat;
  • weakening of the pulse, lowering of blood pressure;
  • shock or coma.

The lethal amount of elemental iron in the body is 180-300 mg per kilogram of human weight. The toxic amount of iron is from 30 mg per kilogram of weight.

At the first signs of an overdose, Tardiferon should cause the victim to vomit, after which it is recommended to use several raw eggs and / or whole milk.

 When taking a potentially lethal amount, Tardiferon is chelated with deferoxamine:

  • 5-10 g deferoxamine inside (the contents of 10-20 ampoules dissolve in clean water and drink);
  • 1-2 g of deferoxamine in the form of intramuscular injection once every 3-12 hours;
  • intravenous drip infusion 1 g deferoxamine.

If necessary, treat the shock and acidosis. In severe violations of kidney function, it is recommended to resort to peritoneal or hemodialysis.

Interactions with other drugs

Deteriorate the absorption of iron from the drug Tardiferon:

  • antioxidant preparations based on salts of aluminum, magnesium, calcium, and also medicines, the action of which is aimed at lowering the acidity of gastric juice;
  • preparations based on carbonates, oxalates, phosphates, hydrocarbons;
  • preparations based on enzymes of the pancreas.

Mutually deteriorate the absorption of tetracycline drugs, black tea, egg yolk.

Improves the absorption of iron ascorbic acid and ethyl alcohol. However, the latter increases the risk of toxic effects of treatment.

Tardiferon worsens the absorption of zinc preparations.

It is not recommended to treat simultaneously with several drugs with high iron content.

Storage conditions

Preserve Tardiferon in ordinary room conditions, outside the area of children's access. Do not let direct sun rays hit the package with the drug.

Shelf life

Preserve Tardiferon no more than 3 years.

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To simplify the perception of information, this instruction for use of the drug "Tardiferon" translated and presented in a special form on the basis of the official instructions for medical use of the drug. Before use read the annotation that came directly to medicines.

Description provided for informational purposes and is not a guide to self-healing. The need for this drug, the purpose of the treatment regimen, methods and dose of the drug is determined solely by the attending physician. Self-medication is dangerous for your health.

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