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The inhaler Tafen novolayzer refers to anti-asthmatic medications and is dispensed in the form of a dosage of powdered pulp.

Indications of the newfound Tafen

Tafen novolayzer appointed as part of a comprehensive treatment for patients with bronchial asthma or chronic obstruction of the lungs.

The acute form of bronchospasm is not an indication for the use of Tafen neolayzer.


Release form

In the cardboard box, there is one inhaler device and a removable cartridge with 2.18 g of pulverulent mass, which corresponds to 200 doses of 200 μg of the active ingredient budesonide.

Powdered white mass is a means for inhalation from the category of the crococorticoids - Tafen novolayzer.


Inhalation drug Tafen novolayzer belongs to the category of synthetic glucocorticoid medicines with a powerful external anti-inflammatory property and insignificant systemic penetration. With inhalation through the mouth of the Tafen, the novolaser demonstrates an anti-inflammatory effect on the mucous tissues of the bronchi.

The active ingredient Tafen novolayzer - budesonide, - deactivates various cellular structures involved in the development of the inflammation reaction. Such structures include eosinophils, lymphocytes, neutrophils, macrophages, etc. Among the additional actions of the medication, the inhibition of the release of mediators of the inflammatory process should be especially emphasized: this property allows us to restore the function of respiration and lower the excessive reactivity of the bronchi.

The use of the drug Tafen novolayzer in standard dosages is almost not accompanied by a resorptive effect. Tafen novolayzer does not differ in mineralocorticoid activity and is well perceived by patients (even with prolonged therapy).



The basic substance of Tafen novolayzer - budesonide, is a kind of epimeric mixing (epimer 22R and epimer 22S - 1: 1).

With the inhalation administration of the Tafen novolaser, about a quarter of the injected volume is found in the lungs. The rest of the drug settles in the tissues of the oral cavity, trachea and larynx, and also enters the digestive system.

The indicators of the total bioavailability of budesonide are small, since about 90% of the component found in the bloodstream is inactivated in the liver. The maximum possible serum amount can be achieved about half an hour after inhalation.

Tafen novolayzer easily subjected to distribution in the body and forms links with plasma albumin by 85%. The activity of glucocorticosteroids in the form of metabolites is less than 1% of the basic substance of Tafen novolayzer.

Metabolic products are excreted mainly through the system of renal filtration and intestines. The half-life can be from 2 to 3 hours, and in childhood - up to an hour and a half.


Use of the newfound Tafen during pregnancy

The use of the inhaled drug Tafen novolaser by pregnant and nursing patients is highly undesirable. If possible, the remedy should be replaced by another, safer - for both the woman and the child.


Do not prescribe the inhaler Tafen novolayzer with a tendency to allergy to the drug, as well as with untreated fungal, bacterial or viral infections of the respiratory system.

Tafen novolayzer is contraindicated in persons who have an active form of pulmonary tuberculosis, as well as children younger than six years.

Side effects of the newfound Tafen

Unwanted side-effects during therapy with Tafen novolayzer are not detected so often and quickly disappear on their own.

Can be observed:

  • Persecution in the throat, impaired voice, cough;
  • fungal lesions of the oral mucosa;
  • allergic manifestations;
  • anxiety, behavioral changes, depressive states.

Individual patients had bronchospasm and hypercorticism associated with increased function of the adrenal cortex.

Dosing and administration

Tafen novolayzer refers to inhalation. One dose of the drug contains 200 μg of the active ingredient and corresponds to one injection.

The amount of medication prescribed is determined individually. The average amount of medication can be from 200 to 1600 μg of active ingredient per day. The holding dosage should correspond to the lowest effective amount of medication.

Standard prescribe one dose of the substance 1-2 times a day - patients with 12 years of age.

If the daily amount of Tafen novolayzer exceeds 4 doses, then they should be administered 3-4 times.

The maximum possible daily amount of Tafen novolayzer equals eight doses.

In childhood - from 6 to 12 years - it is recommended to use one dose 1-2 times a day. In this case, the limiting amount of medicament can be 4 doses.

Treatment with medication can be prolonged.

Before applying Tafen novolayzer, you need to bring the inhaler into a horizontal position, remove the protection in the form of a special cap, and then press the button red until it stops. During the last action, a click should occur and the control indicator at the bottom of the inhaler should change from red to green: the device is ready for use.

The patient should exhale deeply the air from the lungs, then bring the nozzle to the oral cavity and take a quick and deep breath. With the proper inhalation, another click will be heard, and the indicator will again change color to red.

After inhaling, the patient should hold his breath for a while and exhale slowly.

The instrument is equipped with a metering counter that indicates the remainder of the doses in the container. If the counter shows a digit of 0, it means that it's time to change the cartridge.

With continued use, the inhaler will require periodic cleaning. To do this, you need to do the following:

  • remove cap-protection, remove mouthpiece;
  • Turn the inhaler upper part down and remove the dosing mechanism;
  • neatly pour powder from the inhaler, it is good to wipe the parts of the device with a napkin;
  • Return the metering mechanism to its place, put on the cap.

Do not wash the appliance with water or detergent.

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There have been no cases of acute overdose with the drug Tafen novolayzer to date. It is assumed that with prolonged use of the drug, there may be signs of hypercorticism with oppression of the functionality of the adrenal cortex. If this happens, then gradually reduce the amount of the drug Tafen novolayzer to the minimum therapeutic dosage, as well as simultaneously perform symptomatic treatment.


Interactions with other drugs

It is not advisable to conduct simultaneous treatment with Tafen novolaser and glucocorticoids of systemic value, as this increases the risk of developing undesirable side effects.

Preliminary inhalation of β 2 -adrenomimetic drugs promotes the expansion of the bronchial lumen, facilitates the entry of the Tafen novolayzer into the respiratory system and enhances its effect.

Since the metabolic processes involving the active ingredient budesonide occur with the participation of cytochrome P 450 -3A, it is recommended to guard against the simultaneous use of such drugs as ketoconazole, oleandomycin, cyclosporine or ethinyl estradiol: the combination of Tafen novolayzer with the listed medicines may lead to an increase in serum content of budesonide.

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Storage conditions

It is recommended to keep the packs from the Tafen novolayzer in dry places inaccessible to children. The optimum temperature regime for the preservation of the drug is from +18 to + 30 ° C.


Shelf life

Intact packaging with the drug Tafen novolayzer can be stored for up to three years.

The cartridge can be stored for up to 3 months after opening.

The inhaler to Tafen novolayzer can be stored for a year after the first use.



To simplify the perception of information, this instruction for use of the drug "Tafen novolayzer" translated and presented in a special form on the basis of the official instructions for medical use of the drug. Before use read the annotation that came directly to medicines.

Description provided for informational purposes and is not a guide to self-healing. The need for this drug, the purpose of the treatment regimen, methods and dose of the drug is determined solely by the attending physician. Self-medication is dangerous for your health.

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