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Polyphepanum for cleansing the body and losing weight: composition, indications and contraindications

Last reviewed by: Aleksey Portnov , medical expert, on 25.06.2018

Our body is a large laboratory in which various chemical reactions constantly occur, as a result of which both useful substances necessary for normal life are formed, as well as harmful, toxic substances that subsequently settle on the walls of the intestines, poison the body and do not interfere with the digestion of nutrients. In this regard, many people watching their health, even there is no doubt about the need for regular cleaning of the body from harmful products of life. Moreover, if you can use a very inexpensive and effective preparation "Polyphepan" for cleansing the body, which is also developed on the basis of vegetable raw materials and does not have a negative effect on the human body.

Indications of the polyphepan

The popularity of the use of the preparation "Polyphepan" for the purification of the organism does not detract from its value as a medicinal product in the following pathologies:

  • Various diseases associated with the work of the digestive tract (both acute and chronic), in which one of the symptoms is diarrhea
  • Intoxication of the body, taking place in acute and chronic form
  • Acute poisoning with food, chemicals and harmful fumes, poisons, alcohol, drugs (overdose or intolerance of the drug), heavy metals
  • Foodborne diseases
  • Allergies, including reactions of intolerance to medications and food
  • Abstinence syndrome with alcohol abuse
  • Dysbacteriosis of the intestine, manifested as diarrhea
  • Chronic pyelonephritis and its complication in the form of development of renal failure
  • Liver pathologies associated with insufficient performance of its functions, which is observed with cirrhosis, viral hepatitis.
  • Infected wounds and burns, characterized by the formation of toxic necrotic masses
  • Pathologies associated with bacterial infection (typhoid fever, dysentery, salmonellosis, etc.)
  • Toxicosis of pregnant women, especially severe its stage - gestosis.
  • Inflammatory reactions after surgery.
  • Inflammatory processes in the oral cavity (inflammation of the gums, pustules on the mucosa, etc.)
  • Bacterial-inflammatory and fungal pathologies in gynecological practice.

Apply "Polyphepan" and to combat the consequences of chemotherapy and radiation therapy, as well as to remove radionuclides that enter the body together with contaminated food and air.

The purifying effect of this drug makes it useful in correcting weight and getting rid of acne.

The use of "Polyphepan" for the purification of the body is also advisable to improve the therapeutic effect of taking medications, the assimilation of which in the gastrointestinal tract occurs more quickly and in full. The main thing is to take the drug correctly, which we'll talk about a little later.

Release form

Such a useful preparation in all respects as "Polyphepan" has the following forms of release:

  • Tablets for oral administration in brown color, containing 375 mg of the main active substance.

The package may contain a different number of tablets, information on this is placed on the outside of the package. Since the daily dosage for an adult is quite large, packages with 30 or 50 tablets are preferred for solving problems that are resolved in a short time (diarrhea, food poisoning, etc.). For the treatment of chronic pathologies and body cleansing, "Polyphepan" is best purchased in packs of 100 and 200 tablets.

  • Brown granules in a package of 50 and 100 g. The granules are placed in paper bags (10 pieces per pack) or plastic jars (100 g).
  • Powder for ingestion and suspension.

A powder called "Polyphepan" is placed in sachets and plastic jars with various dosages. For short-term treatment, dosages of 10 (disposable packets) and 50 g are provided, dosages of 100 and 250 g are recommended for long-term use and cleansing of the body.

The powder itself, which practically does not dissolve in water, has an unsightly dark brown color, and despite the absence of pronounced taste and smell, many note that the suspension is very difficult to swallow because of the approaching disgust.

  • Paste for topical application in gynecology, which is applied to the vaginal walls with bacterial (vaginitis, cervicitis) and fungal (candidiasis) pathologies.

The main active substance of the drug is a substance of plant origin, which can be found in algae and plants with a developed vascular system. The preparation uses a component of wood, which in the instructions to it is designated as lignin hydrolyzed. In powder, lignin is contained in a pure form without impurities, and in tablets (granules) sucrose acts as an auxiliary component, improving the taste qualities.


"Polyphepan", which many use for prophylactic purification of the body and losing weight, is a preparation from inexpensive but sufficiently effective enterosorbents. It can be considered with great certainty a universal intestinal sorbent, which is capable of binding and removing harmful toxins, slags, poisons, metal salts, radioactive isotopes, cholesterol, particles with allergenic action and many other substances that are not necessary for humans without harm to the body.

Due to its ability to remove toxic substances of various nature from the body, the detoxification effect of the drug is carried out. Thus, by purifying the body of harmful substances, "Polyphepan" improves the health of patients, incidentally normalizing the various physiological processes that constantly occur in our body.

The drug helps to remove from the gastrointestinal tract not only the toxins that form in the process of vital activity of pathogenic microorganisms, but also the bacteria themselves, fungi and viruses, preventing their entry into the blood and lymph. So, not only the work of the intestine improves, but also the functioning of other organs, such as the liver, kidneys, lungs.

Applying "Polyphepan" for the treatment of the above pathologies can achieve a speedy recovery or at least alleviate the course of the disease.

The drug has sufficient antioxidant and antidiarrhoeal action, without interfering in the digestive process, but only cleaning the intestine from what prevents it from working normally, and normalizing the microflora of this important organ.

By the way, the appearance of acne on the body is often associated with abnormalities of the digestive tract, as a result of which a large amount of degradation products are accumulating in the body, finding an outlet even through the skin. It is them that we see in the form of purulent contents of acne. Helping to remove harmful toxic substances and waste products from the body "Polyphepan" thus contributes to the solution of this problem, preventing inflammation of the skin.

The "lipid-lowering effect" for "Polyphepan" is also noticed, which shows a decrease in the cholesterol content in the blood and an improvement in lipid metabolism. The latter is due to the popularity of the drug as a means of losing weight.

Being a biopolymer of vegetable origin, lignin is able to bind and remove from the body harmful substances that differ in structure and in chemical composition. By the number of bacteria excreted, connected through one gram of the drug, the enterosorbent "Polyphepan" is considered almost ten times more effective than the one favored by many for the cheapness and efficiency of "Activated Carbon".


Applying "Polyphepan" for cleansing the body and solving various cosmetic problems, it would not hurt to know that the drug does not interfere in the work of the body in any way, does not enter into any chemical reactions taking place in the gastrointestinal tract, and therefore can not be negatively affected on human health.

Passing through the digestive tracts, lignin does not undergo any changes, does not enter the blood and lymph and is removed in its original form by the intestine during the first day after taking the powder or tablets. Its only purpose is molecules and cells harmful to the body of substances, which it as a magnet attaches to itself and displays along with the calves.

There was no negative effect of the drug on the microflora of the body, and in particular of the intestine. On the contrary, doctors note that the drug is a source of plant hair, contributing to the normalization of the process of digestion of food and the formation of stool. The process of bowel evacuation in this case also comes to normal and becomes regular.

Preserving the microflora of the intestines "Polyphepan" in this way promotes the increase of cellular and local immunity, and also helps the body to fight diseases independently.

Use of the polyphepan during pregnancy

"Polyphepan" is one of the few drugs that are not only allowed, but also shown during pregnancy. At the same time, future mothers have nothing to worry about. The drug is not able to harm neither the health of the woman herself, nor affect the development of her child. The drug does not have a negative effect on the course of pregnancy.

Only while waiting for the child, future mothers take "Polyphepan" not for the purification of the body (although the purifying effect still remains), but on other indications. The drug can be prescribed for food poisoning and medicines, as well as for the treatment of acute intestinal infections.

It is instructive to take this safe enterosorbent to fight a painful condition called toxicosis (gestosis) of pregnant women. The drug effectively fights against nausea and prevents the appearance of vomiting, which are observed in toxicoses at various periods of pregnancy.

Thanks to the content of plant fiber "Polyphepan", among other things, it can normalize the process of digestion, which during pregnancy often undergoes not the best changes. The drug does not have an irritant effect on the gastrointestinal mucosa, but it improves intestinal peristalsis and prevents stagnant phenomena in it, being an excellent prevention of constipation (another problem of pregnant women).


There are practically no medicines in the world, which have absolutely no contraindications to the use. But among the large selection of medicines offered by pharmaceutical companies, it is always possible to find medicines with a minimum of restrictions on the patient's health condition.

It is to such drugs with a minimum set of contraindications and refers to the intestinal sorbent "Polyphepan", used to cleanse the body of harmful substances in both medical and preventive purposes.

The main contraindication inherent in literally all medicines is the increased sensitivity to the components of the drug. True, with intolerance to sucrose tablets can be replaced with a powder, thus solving the problem of hypersensitivity. But with intolerance of lignin itself and the appearance of severe allergic reactions, the drug will have to be replaced with another with another active substance.

Constipations are another important taboo for taking Polyphepan. The drug does not have a laxative effect, so the substances associated with it will again linger and accumulate in the intestine, only worsening the patient's condition.

There is a drug and several relative contraindications. This means that the enterosorbent patients can take only with the permission and under the supervision of the attending physician, who determines the necessary doses and monitors the patient's condition.

Caution when using the drug should be observed during periods of peptic ulcer exacerbation, gastritis with reduced acidity of gastric juice, diabetes mellitus (granules contain sucrose, so preference should be given to the powder), decreased intestinal muscle tone (intestinal atony).

Side effects of the polyphepan

As for side effects of the drug "Polyphepan", then you can be more or less calm. The frequency of undesirable effects during the administration of the drug is very low. Most patients respond to the drug normally.

People prone to allergies can experience mild allergic reactions, which are usually limited to skin rashes and itching. In rare cases of hypersensitivity to the drug, allergic manifestations may be more severe, but not life-threatening.

Patients with weak intestinal motility may complain of the appearance of constipation, and those who suffer from chronic constipation - to worsen the general condition, indicating an intoxication of the body.

Prophylactic reception of the drug "Polyphepan" for the purification of the body lasts for 2 weeks, so there are usually no other side effects. But if you take the drug for a long time (3 weeks or more), it is possible to develop in the body conditions that are deficient in vitamins and necessary for the operation of various organs and systems of minerals, because special selectivity does not have enterosorbents. Therefore, doctors recommend during the therapy of "Polyphepanom" to take vitamin-mineral complexes to maintain their balance in the body.

Dosing and administration

The drug "Polyphepan" has various forms of release, which differ not only in dosage, but also in the way they are used. For the treatment of young children, susceptible to food poisoning and intoxications, even more than adults, preference is given to give a powder that can be added to improve the taste properties in the child's favorite sour-milk products or give a drink along with the water. Adults can use both tablets and powder with equal success.

The way of using the powder and tablets has certain differences. The concentration of the drug in tablets seems to be slightly higher, therefore, the recommended daily dose of "Polyphepan" for cleansing the body and treating the pathologies noted in the indications for use in tablets is much lower than in the powder.

So, the tablets are intended for oral administration. Multiplicity of their reception can vary from 3 to 4 times a day. Doctors recommend taking the drug not for a full stomach, and you can eat only after an hour and a half. By the way, and taking medication will have to wait, it should take at least an hour, after using "Polyphepan", before you can drink another medicine.

The optimal daily dosage for adults is 12-16 tablets, i.e. At a time you can take from 3 to 4 tablets. Using "Polyphepan" for the purification of the body can be limited to the minimum effective dose, but people with a large weight can be closer to the maximum dosage used for therapeutic purposes.

For children, the drug is given in the amount of 9-10 tablets per day and only for therapeutic purposes as prescribed by the doctor.

"Polyphepan" in powder is usually taken inside by first diluting the product with water. Water can be taken from ¼ to ½ cup, and it is better if it is slightly warm. The ingestion of the powder in dry form may present certain difficulties, even if it is washed down with water.

The daily dose of the drug in the powder is calculated based on the body weight of the person. For each kilogram of weight should be about 0.5-1 g of the drug. The drug is given in smaller doses (from 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon depending on the age) for therapeutic purposes. Multiplicity of reception of a powder is the same as that of tablets.

The duration of treatment with pills is usually from 3 to 7 days, the drug in the form of a powder - from 3 to 5 days. But in order to cleanse the body, "Polyphepan" is recommended to take at least 1 week, but not more than 14 days.

If the body cleansing is associated with poisoning, the drug is taken until normalization of the stool occurs and the symptoms of intoxication disappear. In this case, doctors recommend a daily dose of the sorbent divided in two. One part of the drink immediately if you suspect a possible development of intoxication or the appearance of its first symptoms. And the second part to drink in equal portions in 4 doses at intervals of 1.5 hours. The next day the medication is taken according to the usual schedule, in a daily dosage corresponding to the weight of the patient.

Despite the fact that a day has to take a decent amount of the drug, it does not accumulate in the body and does not cause symptoms of an overdose. However, any purification procedures can cause a violation of the vitamin-mineral balance. Therefore, after the completion of the course of cleansing the body of "Polyphepanom" or its analogs, it is necessary to replenish the supplies of substances necessary for its functioning by taking vitamin complexes and products containing calcium, vitamins E, K, D and all kinds of vitamins of group B.

Features of reception of "Polyphepan" for organism purification

When it comes to preventive cleansing of the body in order to lose excess weight or to prevent the appearance of various diseases and unpleasant symptoms indicating slagging of organs and systems, the reception of "Polyphepanan" will give the best effect if certain other conditions are observed.

On the need for cleaning procedures can say causeless deterioration of health, the appearance of acne on the skin, unhealthy eating habits (fast food, sweets, fried foods and products containing toxic substances, alcohol, etc.), excess weight, not to mention the obvious symptoms of body intoxication. But even if the requirements of a healthy lifestyle are met at a certain age, significant "deposits" of slag and harmful substances can accumulate in the body, which requires the removal of this "dirt" from the body.

To help the enterosorbent to quickly and efficiently cope with its task, we ourselves, by adjusting your diet for the period of cleaning the body. In this case, it is necessary to give preference mainly to food of vegetable origin (vegetables, fruits, citrus fruits, vegetable oils). From meat, eggs, dairy products, butter, bread, rolls, cakes, cake, ice cream will have to be abandoned. It is desirable to minimize the use of boiled potatoes, but raw vegetables are better to eat.

Sprouted wheat, sea cabbage, berries and fruits, bran, garlic will become sources of vitamins, microelements and other useful substances necessary for the body during the body's polishing "Polyphepanom".

It will help the drug to excrete toxins from the body and clean water, which must be drunk in large quantities, especially if it is prone to constipation.

Applying "Polyphepan" for cleansing the body should not be abandoned and other effective methods, which together will have a tremendous effect. Such simple alternative methods include:

  • cleansing the mouth of toxins with sunflower oil (it should be kept in the mouth for 15 minutes, filtering through the teeth, then necessarily spit),
  • wiping the body with a 3% solution of apple cider vinegar, which must be done in the morning and evening hours, then rinse the body with warm water (you can lie in the bathroom or take a shower),
  • a daily evening cleansing enema (it is better to use the Esmarch mug for this purpose).

The main thing when cleaning the body of harmful substances is not to retreat, even if for a while the condition worsens a little, which is associated with active elimination of toxins. If the deterioration of well-being is associated with contraindications to the use of the drug, which must be taken into account, for whatever purpose the sorbent is used, other substances and methods of treatment will have to be chosen to purify the body of harmful substances.

Interactions with other drugs

Taking other medications you need to take into account that "Polyphepan", used to cleanse the body, is able to bind and remove not only toxins and slags. Chemical and even natural substances in the composition of medicines are perceived by him as foreign substances to the body. Components of drugs, getting into the digestive tract, are also subjected to the "attack" of "Polyphepan", in connection with which a significant part of them can be excreted from the body without providing therapeutic effect.

In this regard, there is a correct requirement to observe an interval of at least 1 hour between the reception of "Polyphepan" and other medications.

This requirement is more concerned with the administration of oral drugs, since Polyphepan acts primarily at the level of the gastrointestinal system, cleansing the stomach and intestines from harmful substances, where the absorption of dosage forms for internal reception occurs.

Storage conditions

Enterosorbent "Polyphepan", which in various situations is used for prophylactic purification of the body, for weight loss, for acne control and the treatment of multiple pathologies in which the detoxification, antioxidant and antidiarrheal properties of the drug are important, requires certain storage conditions to preserve its properties.

The storage area for the preparation, especially for the pharmacological form in the form of a powder, should be cool with an air temperature of 10-15 degrees. An indispensable condition is considered to be low humidity in the room, which will prevent the clumping of friable mass with a violation of its properties. After opening a large-capacity package (from 50 to 200 g) and using part of the contents, the rest of the powder should be tightly packed again until the next use. The prepared solution must be consumed within 24 hours. 

A positive feature of the drug is that its administration does not affect the functioning of the central nervous system. The sorbent does not worsen the concentration of attention and reaction speed, which means that cleansing the body is not an obstacle to performing work that requires increased attention.

Any form of the drug can be purchased at the pharmacy without a doctor's prescription.

Shelf life

The shelf life of the drug, if the above requirements are met, will be 2 years. Otherwise, the sorbent may lose its useful properties much earlier.

Analogues of Polyphepanan

It should be noted immediately that the preparations with the composition identical to the sorbent "Polyphepan", as well as it used for detoxification and purification of the body, is not so much. Let's recall the names of these drugs:

  • Polyphene
  • Entegnine
  • Lignosorb
  • Filtrum - STI

There are also 2 effective sorbents based on lignin hydrolysis and lactulose "Lactofiltrum" and "Lactofiltrum IVF", which serve to purify the intestine and restore its microflora.

For the same purpose, it is possible to use enterosorbents such as Polysorb, Enterosgel, activated carbon and others with similar action.

Reviews about the drug "Polyphepan"

That's what, and good reviews about the preparation "Polyphepan" are almost more than useful properties of this amazing natural enterosorbent. People who use Polyphepan for preventive cleansing of the body are very happy with the simplicity of the procedure and the effect obtained from it. In addition, the drug is safe for health, so do not worry about the consequences of such cleaning.

Treatment of acne with the help of "Polyphepan" has a good, stable effect, because cleansing the body prevents the appearance of new rashes in the future.

Some patients with extra pounds, especially women, fell in love with Polyphepan for helping to lose weight effectively. Such indications for use in the drug is not, and it is not positioned as a means to combat excess weight, because it can not particularly affect the exchange of fats and carbohydrates.

Nevertheless, it is known that, without first cleaning the gastrointestinal tract, it is very, very difficult to lose weight. And "Polyphepan", cleansing the digestive system, thereby contributing to the normalization of metabolism, and, accordingly, the correction of the figure. In this case, losing weight again does not give a temporary, but rather persistent effect, unless, of course, you return to the old way of life, characterized by physical inactivity and nutritional excesses.

Some of the reviews about "Polyphepanel" as a weight loss remedy, which it is not, has a negative color due to the fact that the drug is expected to be more than what it is capable of. It should be understood that this drug is not able to break down fats and carbohydrates, it only stimulates the metabolism as much as possible and slightly reduces the weight by removing toxins from the body. During the cleaning of the digestive system, exactly these kilograms go away, which consist of particles of undigested food deposited on the walls of the intestine, the products of the vital activity of bacteria, etc.

To get the expected result in the form of getting rid of excess kilograms (and even more so, if there are many of them), the use of "Polyphepanan" is not enough. The drug will cleanse the body, normalize the metabolism, correct the composition of the intestinal microflora and prepare the ground for further struggle against excess weight with the help of physical exercises, proper nutrition and the use of funds that stimulate active burning of fats.

Cleansing the body of the effects of intoxication also has a lot of positive feedback, ranging from a good quick effect and ending with a low cost of the drug. Particularly satisfied in this regard are pregnant women who can, with the help of "Polifepane", effectively and safely get rid of the painful manifestations of toxicosis and cleanse the body of harmful substances in food and drug poisoning, which, alas, not so rarely happen in the lives of expectant mothers.

Negative feedback on the use of "Polyphepan" for the purification of the body is mainly associated with the type and taste of the drug. The brown color of tablets and solution does not cause a desire to swallow them, and the surprisingly unpleasant taste noted by many people does not help to facilitate their reception. But if you take into account the result of using the drug, but with such moments, believe me, you can accept, because we drink somehow bitter antispasmodics, analgesics and antibiotics, if we suffer unbearable pain or a dangerous disease.

It is important to know!

Today, acid poisoning occurs more and more in medical practice. This is due to the fact that acids are increasingly being used in various fields of human activity.

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To simplify the perception of information, this instruction for use of the drug "Polyphepanum for cleansing the body and losing weight: composition, indications and contraindications" translated and presented in a special form on the basis of the official instructions for medical use of the drug. Before use read the annotation that came directly to medicines.

Description provided for informational purposes and is not a guide to self-healing. The need for this drug, the purpose of the treatment regimen, methods and dose of the drug is determined solely by the attending physician. Self-medication is dangerous for your health.

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