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The owners of four-legged pets, both cats and dogs, often encounter different parasites, including fleas. They bring a lot of problems, because they often bite not only animals, but also people. Fighting fleas can be done with the help of special tools: sprays, drops, shampoos. But recently, the pill against fleas, which are recommended not only for animals, but also for their owners, has become quite popular.

Indications of the tablets against fleas

Tablets from fleas are used in the case when the body showed the first signs of their bites. It should be noted that only some of these parasites are bitten by humans: cat fleas Ctenocephalides felis, canine fleas Ctenocephalides canis, rat fleas Xenopsylla cheopis and rabbit fleas Spilopsyllus cuniculi. But there is also a parasite that reproduces and lives exclusively in humans: Pulex irritans.

The main symptoms of a flea bite are the following symptoms:

  1. Strong enough and unpleasant painful sensations (similar to a prick with a thin needle).
  2. At the site of the bite, a red dot appears, in the center of which there may be gore.
  3. The place of the bite swells and slightly swells.
  4. The red dot is very itchy.
  5. The skin also reddens around the bite.

Release form

Today, finding effective pills that are suitable for getting rid of fleas is quite difficult. In particular, there are only two drugs with which you can completely get rid of these parasites:

  1. Comfortis.
  2. Braveto.

Please note that these products are suitable only for the treatment of animals. But it should be remembered that first you need to save the pet from the parasites, and only then start the treatment of a person.

If flea bites nevertheless appeared on the human body, it is recommended, first of all, to disinfect the wounds and remove the unpleasant itching, which can lead to combing of damaged skin and infection in bites. For this purpose, a calamine lotion or boron-plus is suitable. If itching is very severe, you can apply flucinar, hydrocortisone or other steroid ointments.

Inflammation of the wound can be successfully removed using a conventional sulfuric ointment. In some cases, the doctor may recommend taking antihistamine tablets to relieve the main symptoms of bites from fleas.

Further we will consider more detailed information about them.


Tablets from fleas are a more effective and reliable way to combat parasites. This is due to the fact that a drop, shampoo or spray animal can lick off the coat, but the tablet will exactly work the way it should.

Comfort tablets based on the active component of the synoside are characterized by a targeted effect on the nervous system of the parasite. When the active ingredients of the drug come into the stomach of the fleas, muscle spasms and nerve palsy develop, which lead to the death of the insect.

This drug is available in different dosage, so you need to buy a pill, based on the weight of the pet. It is very important to carefully read the instructions before giving the drug to the animal. In this case, the remedy can be given both during meals and after its reception. Thanks to special flavors, the animal eats a pill without any problems.

The drug begins in half an hour after taking. And parasites die within two hours. Comfortis can also be used for prevention. It should be noted that this drug is suitable only for the treatment of animals, starting from the 14th week of their life.


The Braveto tablets are designed to treat dogs against fleas. Produced in five different dosages. A drug based on the active component of fluralaner helps to quickly cope with parasites. Fluralaner blocks GABA-dependent and glutamate-dependent receptors of fleas and ticks, which leads to the development of nervous excitation, paralysis and further death of parasites.

Braveto is prescribed for dogs in a dosage that depends on the weight of your pet. As a rule, animals chew these chewable tablets without problems, as they have a pleasant smell and taste.

It is rare that this medication can cause diarrhea in dogs, vomiting, drooling and worsening of appetite. Braveto can not be used to treat pregnant dogs, as well as animals weighing less than 2 kg.

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  1. Intolerance of active components of tablets against fleas by animals.
  2. The pet's small weight.
  3. Pregnancy and feeding offspring.
  4. Animals with epilepsy.

Side effects of the tablets against fleas

  1. Vomiting.
  2. Diarrhea.
  3. Increased salivation.
  4. Impairment of appetite.

Dosing and administration

Tablets from fleas are used mainly orally. In this case, you can find just such a dosage of the active component, which is most suitable in your particular case. It is very important to fully follow the instructions that are always attached to the remedy. As a rule, for dogs ranging from 1 kg of weight, no more than 70 mg of the drug is prescribed, and for cats - not more than 100 mg.

Storage conditions

Keep tablets away from fleas separately from food in tightly closed containers. The place should be completely protected from small children and direct sunlight. The air temperature should not exceed +30 degrees.

Shelf life

The shelf life of tablets against fleas, usually up to three years.

It is important to know!

It is known that insects can cause allergies, skin itch, dermatitis. But the biggest danger is that fleas act as carriers of many dangerous infectious diseases.

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