Diseases of the mammary glands (mammology)

Irradiation in breast cancer

Radiation therapy with oncology of the breast is one of the methods of suppressing cancer cells. Let's consider features of an irradiation, indications to its carrying out and possible collateral actions.

Cancer of the nipple

One of the varieties of malignant breast tumors is nipple cancer, or Paget's eczematic disease.

Blood from the nipple

If you have any type of discharge from the mammary glands from your mammary glands, especially when you notice blood from your nipple, you should immediately contact a mammologist.

Three times negative breast cancer

This cancer belongs to a separate group of diseases, as it is characterized by an aggressive course in comparison with other malignant lesions of the breast.

Forms of breast cancer

Clinical symptoms of cancer may differ or be the same, but the further development of the disease and its outcome directly depends on the form of the cancer.

Invasive breast carcinoma

Most often, the disease is found in women of reproductive age.

Classification of breast cancer

The variety of morphological features, variants of clinical manifestations and reactions to therapeutic effects gives all grounds to define breast cancer as a non-uniform disease.

Mammary glands in boys: structure and diseases

In this article, let's talk about future real men. Let's try to figure out what is the anatomy and structure of mammary glands in boys? What is their difference?

The drawn nipple

This pathology is found in every tenth woman. Many women, faced with this problem, acquire an inferiority complex, asking the question, why did this happen?  

Breast cancer in men

Men also have mammary glands that are somewhat different from females, but they can also develop a malignant tumor.


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