Symptoms of menopause

Symptoms of menopause after removal of the uterus

Radical intervention for hysterectomy (amputation of the uterus) is now quite common. Statistics say that about a third of women over 45 years of age have undergone this operation to a greater or lesser extent.

Tides with menopause: what is it, the symptoms

A hot wave covering the face and upper half of the body, profuse sweating, palpitation is familiar to four out of five women who celebrated the 50th anniversary. These are tides - a condition provoked by hormonal restructuring of the female body, a kind of farewell to childbearing age.

The first signs of menopause, or the beginning of a new period in the life of a woman

A woman is a beautiful creature, the true purpose of which is not only to beautify the world, but also to continue the human race.

Pathological menopause

Climax is a natural age in the life of not only women, but also men. This physiological period, as a rule, lasts three to five years.

Symptoms and treatment of severe menopause

Every woman, not paying attention to what she already is for forty-five, feels herself in this period of time full of energy, cheerful, young and beautiful. But, when the skin became saggy, flabby, wrinkles became more noticeable, the hair thinner, thinner and faded, the weight is growing rapidly, even if the nutrition is correct, menstrual cycles are not regular - signs of menopause.

Dryness in the vagina with menopause

There are cases when this pathology brings a lot of unpleasant sensations, which requires certain measures, sometimes you can do with home remedies, and sometimes you need to use medicines.

Temperature with menopause

When menopause, the woman's well-being changes greatly, and not for the better. In this case, many decide that they just overtired or caught a cold.

Sweating with menopause

A woman in her physiology can not avoid a menopause: the stopping of sexual function is inevitable. Psychologically, this is stress. These are cardinal changes in health and lifestyle. As a rule, there is one more factor: sweating with menopause.

Menopause without symptoms

Changes in the functioning of internal organs against the background of a gradual decline in the hormonal background occurs more gently, which reduces the severity of the pathological effect of menopause on the female body.

Symptoms of male menopause

Absolutely all the symptoms of men's menopause are associated with a natural age-related decline in the production of gonadotropins and, in the first place, the main male hormone (androgen) - testosterone.


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