Sweating with menopause

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A woman in her physiology can not avoid a menopause: the stopping of sexual function is inevitable. Psychologically, this is stress. These are cardinal changes in health and lifestyle. As a rule, there is one more factor: sweating with menopause.

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Causes of the sweating with menopause

Seldom does anyone manage to avoid increased sweating. This causes discomfort and irritation, insecurity and isolation, a sense of fear not only before old age, but also a potential illness. The absolute majority, and according to statistics it is 90% of women, are exposed to tides and profuse sweating. The reasons for sweating should be known to every woman who has menopause: then she will be mentally prepared.

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The medical term "pathogenesis" is the mechanisms of the developing disease and the processes that accompany it. When sweating, especially manifested during menopause, the hormonal background changes in the body - estrogen production decreases, which, in turn, affects the center of thermoregulation. As soon as there is a deficiency of estrogens, the brain, more precisely, one of its parts - the hypothalamus, receives a false signal about the body's overheating. And immediately there is a connection of the mechanism providing heat release. Then it happens:

  • expansion of peripheral vessels or hot flush;
  • cardiopalmus;
  • copious sweating.

It is impossible not to notice this. But, knowing the reason, you can and should perceive the tides without unnecessary anxiety.

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Symptoms of the sweating with menopause

Strong sweating with menopause, especially often night sweats and sharp tides are the first signs of an upcoming menopause. In parallel, there is a malfunction with monthly: they are irregular, the cycle changes, decreasing or extending, can be simply missed. Bleeding is more or less profuse.

Returning to the symptoms of sweating, it should be noted that it is impossible to conceal them: sweat is so abundantly allocated. And almost at the same time a woman feels chills. In this case, often the process of sweating is accompanied by a contrast sign when there is dryness in the mouth and in all mucous membranes. Another obvious symptom: hair is rapidly graying, becoming brittle.

Complications and consequences

The very fact of sweating, changing chills, often strong and prolonged, suggests the probability of a cold. But perhaps a disease with the same sign - for example, tuberculosis. The consequences and complications from accompanying sweating are not dangerous only if they are temporary and caused by age-related changes in the female body. In this case, intense perspiration sharply changing chills for a while affects the general well-being of the woman. This is typical for menopause.

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Diagnostics of the sweating with menopause

Typically, complex studies of profuse sweating in a woman who entered the menopause period or is in it is not required. But to exclude a parallel disease that has similar symptoms is necessary. Assays for hormones:

  • the definition of a follicle-stimulating hormone in the blood;
  • on estradiol - the main sex hormone in women. With menopause, it will be below the norm - 70 pmol / l;
  • LH or luteinizing hormone, showing the maturation of the egg and ovulation, i.e. Sperm fertilization. If a woman has entered the menopause, the LH level rises to 40-60 IU / L and more.

Based on the results of these three analyzes, hormones can be prescribed for hormones during menopausal syndrome, if necessary, hormone therapy.

On the condition of a woman will tell and the diagnosis of sweating with menopause. Feeling the first "attack" of profuse sweating, you need to be convinced of the probability of an advancing menopause. This can be done by conducting a special test for the level of FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) in the urine. For the test, special diagnostic strips are used, freely sold in the pharmacy. It is enough 2-3 positive tests to be able to say with a high probability that the hot flashes and sweating signify the onset of the premenopause, and then the menopause.

But you can not limit yourself to this: the climax is a kind of platform for the development and exacerbation of diseases of the cardiovascular system, metabolic disorders, skin diseases, etc. If disturbing profuse and prolonged sweating, examination of only the gynecologist is not enough. Consultations of the cardiologist, the endocrinologist, the neurologist are required. Already having the results of the tests and tests described above, a histological scraping of the uterus is performed, a cytological examination of the smears, which must be analyzed in dynamics, and a graph of the basal temperature.

Differential diagnostics is also mandatory. Its role is to distinguish:

  • premature termination (40 years) of ovarian function;
  • Thyroid gland diseases;
  • hormone-active tumor or pheochromocytoma;
  • psychopathy and accompanying panic attacks;
  • an increase in the blood of prolactin or hyperprolactinemia;
  • tuberculosis;
  • infectious diseases.

To establish an accurate diagnosis in particularly difficult cases, such instrumental methods of investigation as ultrasound of the abdominal cavity, chest X-ray, mammography are also used.

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Differential diagnosis

Differentiating the menopause and its symptoms from other diseases is vital. Otherwise, the wrong treatment can be prescribed. Its consequences are often irreversible. Suffice it to mention, as an example, developing diabetes mellitus, in which a woman can also experience hot flashes and profuse sweating. His treatment requires a completely different technique than with menopause.

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Treatment of the sweating with menopause

In the menopause and the accompanying tides, many women do without treatment. This is a natural process, which in most cases safely ends. But if there are chronic diseases, or the intensity of sweating and tidal flashes increases, then treatment of hot flushes with menopause is necessary. The first step is to eliminate the provocation. It must be remembered that the way of life that leads a woman, serves as a springboard for psychological stress. If the intensity of the tides does not decrease, even with an adequate climate regime, then the doctor can decide on the treatment.

Medicines: tablets for sweating with menopause

The most effective method is considered to be hormone replacement therapy. Entering into them, estrogens are saturated with sex hormones. These are tablets for sweating with menopause. They normalize profuse sweating, reduce fever sweating. And to stabilize the psychoemotional state of the drugs are indispensable. They balance the mood, strengthen memory and sleep, resist nervous irritation. Among them:

  • a preparation of Russian manufacture Cliofit. Its components are coriander, dog rose, hawthorn, anise, motherwort, yarrow, mint, plantain, eleutherococcus. Already the composition itself indicates the sedative action of the elixir. He normalizes sleep, relieves dizziness and hot flashes;
  • tablets Lerivon from the Netherlands manufacturer, cumulative, duration of 2-3 weeks, the action. Effective and safe in comparison with other antidepressants, antioxiotic action, normalizing sleep. Do not become addictive. But requiring the abstinence of dangerous activities, which require increased attention and quick motor skills. Doses are set individually for a particular patient;
  • Czech Novo-Passit - a solution and tablets that have become widespread due to the natural composition of the components. Practice confirms a favorable effect on the hormonal background of a woman. Application Novo-Passit relieves dyspnea, headache, eliminates the heartbeat, normalizes sweating. The daily dose is prescribed, depending on individual tolerability: 1 tablet 3 times a day or 1 tsp. 3 times. The drug is also convenient because it can be taken with tea and juices;
  • Persen (Czech production) consists of lemon balm, valerian and mint in the form of their extracts. In addition to removing sweating, normalizes sleep, palpitations, and resists nervous tension. Available as pills and capsules. Receiving Persen - up to 3 times a day for 1 drop or 2 dragees an hour before bedtime.

These medications can be used together with other medicines that are prescribed by the doctor for therapeutic treatment. Cases when the operative treatment of sweating with the menopause was applied was not observed.

Alternative treatment

Do not trust the recipes that are part of the alternative treatment, there are no grounds: they are used from generation to generation. Today, alternative medicine works in parallel with traditional medicine. In her classification, healing or positive correction of health of tens of thousands of patients. There are proven ways to relieve and with menopause, when a woman suffers from hot flashes and sweating. The most accessible is a hot foot bath before going to bed. The water temperature is about 40 degrees, the time is 20 to 30 minutes. Holding your feet in such a bath, they must be well wiped and go to bed. And if you take before bedtime contrasting foot baths, when 4-5 minutes keep your feet in hot water, then half a minute in cold, more precisely, room temperature, the effect will increase.

For many women, salvage is a sage from sweating with menopause. Affordable means can be bought without a prescription in a pharmacy. Brewing 3 tsp. In a quarter of a liter of boiling water, one must drink such a herbal tea warm and before the very sleep.

Alternative healers recommend and decoction of rosemary. A tablespoon of his leaves should be poured a glass of boiling water and hold on low heat for 20 minutes. Strain and take half an hour before meals 2-3 times a day.

Effective tincture of hawthorn, which can always be bought at the pharmacy. It is enough to take 30 drops a day, so that the tides decrease, sleep normalized.

In addition, you can drink lime tea, which is brewed as usual. There are other ready-made collections of herbs recommended for hot flashes and sweating.

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Whether it is possible to correct a situation homeopathic preparations - today already so the question is not necessary. Homeopathy has a unique property: the principle of its work is to prevent such things from being similar. In the case of heavy sweating and hot flashes during menopause, homeopathic preparations are introduced into the body to provoke the disease. At the same time, the cause of pathology is potentiated. And the body has to cope with it. As a result, there is elimination of insomnia and depression, nervous activity returns to normal. All this means the restoration of physiology, its initial reactions.

As for the permission for treatment with homeopathic medicines, it was given by the Ministry of Health. Therefore, pharmacies can buy Climakt-Hel, Remens, Sepia, etc.

Homeopathic tablets for resorption of "Climacte Hel" consist of many components - sanguinaria canadensis, ignition, cedron, etc., which determine a decrease in increased nervous excitability and tides during climax. Are taken 3 times a day for 30 minutes before meals or an hour after. The course of treatment lasts from 1 to 2 months. But to adjust it, as well as prescribe the drug, should a specialist. As for the parallel reception of other drugs, there is no prohibition.

Sepia (Sepia) is a remedy that alleviates the condition of a woman during menopause, when sleep is disturbed, sweating, irritability. The composition of the drug includes klopogon racemose, the poison of the snake Bushmeyster, the secret of a bag of cuttlefish ink and ethyl alcohol. 8-10 drops of the composition should be dissolved in a quarter of a glass of water and drink up to 2 times a day for half an hour before meals or an hour after eating. The course of treatment, if a woman does not have drug intolerance, lasts two months. During this time, the release of sweat stabilizes, tides will decrease. Cases of Sepia overdose were not noted.

Homeopathic medicinal product "Remens" is an effective remedy for menopause, which leads to failure in some body systems, especially in female genital organs. "Remens" restores the disturbed ratio of endocrine glands that provide normalization of the hormonal background. This drug is characterized by the fact that it can be used in combination with other medicines at any stage of menopause. "Remens" is released as a drop. Bottles of 20, 50 or 100 ml with a dispenser. There are pills that need to be taken under the tongue. In addition to providing hormonal balance, "Remex" stabilizes the autonomic nervous system: it removes excessive sweating, hot flashes, heart palpitations and pains in the heart.

These and other homeopathic preparations are not just popular, they are justifiably popular: the components of them are exclusively of vegetable origin.


Prevention is also no different than something special. Mode, nutrition, management of emotions, the presence of physical education and maximum movement.

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Speaking of the latter, the prognosis is favorable in the vast majority of cases: after a while, the climacterium and accompanying discomfort stop giving trouble to the woman. But by itself this will not happen: it is necessary to change the habits and even the way of life for a period of menopause. He should be healthy: without alcohol and nicotine, with enough time for rest, always mobile, with the right diet. Recommendations are the same as for other diseases.


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