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Climax without symptoms is one of the most pleasant options for the development of menopause in a woman. This is due not only to the absence of any symptoms, but also to a gradual decrease in the level of the main hormones of the female body. This has a beneficial effect on the nervous system and the woman is easier to tolerate this period. Also, changes in the functioning of internal organs against the background of a gradual decline in the hormonal background occurs more gently, which reduces the severity of the pathological effect of menopause on the female body. Therefore, if the climacterium passes asymptomatically, this is a good prediction for the body.

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Causes of the menopause without symptoms

Throughout life, a woman has a specific hormonal background, which is due to the concentration of major female sex hormones - estrogens and progestogens (progesterone). These hormones do not immediately regulate the basic processes of the body, because a woman for all her life is subject to change, and her whole body is subjected to several successive stages of development. First the girl is in the period of newborn, when all the systems and organs develop and begin to contact the external environment. During this period, the ovaries already have all the eggs that are in a "dormant" position. Next - the period of childhood, then the period of sexual development, in which all secondary sexual characteristics develop and the girl matures for the continuation of the genus. Then the period of puberty, which lasts about thirty years. All ends with menopause - an involution of the reproductive system. Climax is a physiological process of changes in the female reproductive system, in which hormonal disorders occur in the body. The climacteric period is conditionally divided:

  • premenopause - the period from 45 years to the onset of menopause;
  • Menopause is the period of the last menstruation, the average age is about fifty years;
  • Postmenopause - the period from the last menstruation to the end of a woman's life.

All these periods are characterized by their own characteristics, which you need to know in order to regulate the state of the body and know exactly when something is broken.

Premenopause is characterized by:

  • The involution of the higher regulatory center is the hypothalamus, which is characterized by a gradual decrease in the sensitivity of the hypothalamus to the effect of estrogens, which violates its regulatory function by the principle of reverse regulation.
  • The level of pituitary hormones increases - follicle-stimulating and luteinizing, which in future can promote the development of various benign processes in the uterus in the form of fibroids, fibroids.
  • In the adrenal gland, the production of adrenaline and norepinephrine is increased due to disturbances in the normal regulation of the hypothalamus function of peripheral organs.
  • The number of sensitive special receptors to estrogens decreases in the ovary and in the uterus, which contributes to the violation of the regulation of these organs.
  • In the ovaries, the most specific changes occur in the form of follicular atresia, the destruction of the membranes, the death of oocytes and the preservation of only the stroma, which helps to reduce the amount of secreting estrogen. This, in turn, disrupts the feedback to the hypothalamus, which increases the changes more.
  • There is insufficient stimulation of the pituitary gland and the release of follicle-stimulating and luteinizing hormones is broken, which leads to anovulatory cycle without isolation of the oocyte.

As a consequence of all these processes - there is not enough concentration of hormones and their alternation for the next normal menstruation, and menstruation does not occur - this is the period of menopause. In this period, under the influence of a decrease in the level of sex hormones, various pathological reactions can be observed, as a manifestation of menopause. But in the event that these changes at the level of the hypothalamus, pituitary, ovaries and uterus occur gradually, then no subjective sensations and disorders from the nervous system, cardiovascular system and others - is not observed. This is the basis of the development of menopause without symptoms.

Therefore, the main cause and, rather, a pathogenetic mechanism for the development of menopause without symptoms is a normal gradual decrease in the level of sex hormones. Coming from this, it is possible to identify the factors that influence the development of menopause without symptoms. These include:

  • The normal beginning of the girl is menarche;
  • Regular sex life with one partner;
  • The normal course of pregnancy and the absence of abortions or miscarriages in the anamnesis;
  • The interval between pregnancies is not less than three years;
  • Breastfeeding is not less than six months after the birth of the child;
  • Absence in the anamnesis of inflammatory diseases and neoplasms.

All these factors contribute to the normal regulation of the ovario-menstrual cycle, which in turn affects the regulation of menopause and its normal course.

Thus, menopause without symptoms is accompanied only by a menses violation without concomitant pathologies on the part of other organs. Menstruation becomes irregular: usually one month is normal, and two or three months are not. These are typical signs of the onset of menopause. But there may be other options: profuse menstruation once, then there are no six months or scant excretions every month with a gradual decrease in their number. These are the main manifestations in this period that can disturb a woman, and other changes are not characteristic.

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Complications and consequences

Complications of menopause, if it has an asymptomatic course, usually does not. But it is necessary to be cautious, because behind such a course various pathologies can be hidden from the internal organs. Therefore, complications can occur in the form of pathology from the side of the cardiovascular system - coronary heart disease, bone system pathology - osteoporosis, as well as metabolic disorders. Therefore, even with menopause without symptoms, it is necessary to conduct all mandatory diagnostic methods and prevent complications. The prognosis of menopause without symptoms is favorable in case of its correct correction and maintenance of the basic principles of normalizing the way of life.

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Diagnostics of the menopause without symptoms

Climax - a special condition of the female body, which requires correction of any of its manifestations, if it brings discomfort to a woman. Therefore, it is necessary to correctly diagnose any condition in menopause for timely treatment. If the climacterium without symptoms, it sometimes causes more fears, since a hidden pathology in the form of an asymptomatic lesion of the cardiovascular or bone system is possible. Therefore, it is important to carry out diagnosis and differential diagnosis and menopause without symptoms because often women do not turn if they do not have complaints.

First of all, you need to start the diagnosis with a careful history. It is necessary to find out when for the first time there was a delay in menstruation, what their nature is now, how the symptomatology changed with the onset of menopause, and also to detail the patient's complaints. It is necessary to clarify the nature of menstruation and whether there are any other symptoms that disturb the woman. You also need to measure blood pressure, because his recovery can be asymptomatic, and this is a risk factor for complications. Therefore, if a woman of climacteric age does not have any complaints, this is certainly good, but to some extent one should be alerted and conduct a diagnosis of her condition for hidden pathology.

Analyzes that are conducted in the case of menopause without symptoms are not very wide range, because if there are no complaints, then general analyzes will show whether there are any changes in the body and whether something needs to be done further. Therefore, the level of the main female hormones in the blood is determined, what it is necessary to know for the further tactics of the patient's management and the decision on the appointment. Also conduct general tests - a blood test, a biochemical blood test with a lipidogram, a urinalysis. With climax due to the activation of the decomposition of fatty acids, it is possible to increase triglycerides and low density lipoproteins. These substances can play a secondary role in the development of the pathology of the cardiovascular system in the form of coronary heart disease, which have asymptomatic course at the onset of the disease, so determining them allows you to monitor the condition even with menopause without symptoms.

Instrumental diagnosis in menopause is aimed at identifying and eliminating organic pathologies. Therefore, even in the case of menopause without symptoms, mandatory methods of research are carried out. Among the mandatory methods - electrocardiography, which allows you to exclude cardiac pathology. If there are no complaints from the woman, then you can limit yourself to only such studies.

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Differential diagnosis

Differential diagnosis of menopause without symptoms should primarily exclude those pathologies that do not have their clinical manifestations at the beginning of menopause. For this purpose, careful collection of the history and mandatory laboratory and instrumental research methods is sufficient to conduct differential diagnosis and correct the changes if necessary. If there are any changes in the analysis of blood in the form of dyslipidemia or changes in the electrocardiogram, then it is necessary to clarify the question of correction of the condition. It is also necessary to observe the changes throughout the climacteric period.

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Treatment of the menopause without symptoms

If there are no complaints from a woman and menopause has a calm course without any symptoms, then the woman does not require a specific treatment. It is only necessary to carry out preventive measures to maintain hormonal balance. Therefore, drugs in the form of drug replacement hormone therapy should not be taken. It is better to make a lifestyle correction using some alternative means and homeopathic ones that will help regulate the normal course of menopause, and then there will be no any hormonal symptoms.

First of all, it is necessary to correct the way of life.

  1. It is necessary to exclude bad habits, because smoking has a very bad effect on the tone of the vessels, and nicotine further narrows the blood vessels and can provoke headaches, disruption of the heart, so this factor should be categorically excluded.
  2. Eliminate stress, strain, avoid traumatic moments.
  3. Normalization of sleep by means of a rest - you need to go to bed at about the same time, sleep at least 8-9 hours a day. It is necessary to carry out hygiene measures in the room where the woman sleeps - wet cleaning, ventilation, fresh linen - all this contributes to rest at night and improves blood circulation in the vessels of the brain.
  4. Correction of the regime of the day with the normalization of the period of rest and work. It is necessary to establish exactly the rest regime after each labor. This will help the body to properly distribute forces and relieve tension.
  5. It is important to organize the right diet with dietary elements. It is necessary to exclude fatty foods, which load internal organs and contribute to the disruption of the metabolism of essential nutrients. It is also necessary to organize frequent fractional meals in small portions, with the exception of simple carbohydrates and the predominance of vegetable protein. You need to eat at least 300 grams of fruits and vegetables a day. Also, one should not forget about the drinking regime and drink clean water at least 1.5 liters.
  6. It is necessary to organize leisure activities with dosed physical loads in the form of easy jogging, swimming or simple walking.

Such measures will help rather not in the treatment of menopause without symptoms, but thanks to this lifestyle change the asymptomatic climax will continue to flow without any special violations.

Also, we should not forget about the regulation of the hormonal background through the use of alternative methods and homeopathic remedies. They have a milder effect and can be used even as a preventive therapy. The main ones are:

  1. An effective way to normalize the hormonal background is to use a shell of walnuts. Tincture of walnuts is prepared as follows: membranes or shells are cooked for about five minutes in hot water, then drain the water and fill half a cup of alcohol. This solution should be infused for about five to seven days, after which it can be taken one teaspoon twice a day, previously diluted with boiled water in the same proportion. The course of treatment is twenty one days. 
  2. Honey, as a natural source of nutrients and trace elements, which increase local immunity and stimulate regeneration, is widely used to treat the pathology of female genital organs, including in menopause. To create a medicine from honey, you need to make a solution of three tablespoons of honey, five drops of flaxseed oil and three tablespoons of boiled water and take a teaspoon twice a day, the course - 10 days. Such a tool helps normalize the hormonal background, and also has properties to calm the nervous system.
  3. Honey can be combined with herbs and take medicinal decoctions. To make such a decoction, you need to take the leaves of chamomile, mint, lemon balm and wild rose berries, then pour it all over with two glasses of hot boiled water and insist in a dark place for three hours. In such a decoction you need to add a tablespoon of honey and take a tablespoon twice a day: in the morning on an empty stomach, and in the evening after dinner before going to bed. This solution has a double effect: it regulates hormonal changes in the body with menopause, and also has an immunomodulating and soothing effect, which prevents the occurrence of other pathologies.
  4. Cones of hops, valerian, lime, coriander, motherwort and oregano must be filled with a liter of hot water and after being infused, drink in the morning and in the evening 2 teaspoons. Such a solution promotes the normalization of the hormonal background and prevents the development of its possible symptoms in the future.
  5. Dysmenorm is a combined homeopathic remedy that affects hormonal disturbances during the menopause, as well as the activities of other organs and systems, so it can be used with a preventive goal in menopause. Dysmenorm is produced in pharmacological form of tablets and is dosed one tablet three times a day twenty minutes before meals or an hour after. Side effects are not common, but there may be stool disorders, dyspepsia and allergic reactions. The drug is poorly tolerated by patients who do not overcook gluten, so they are limited in their use.
  6. Klimaktoplan - homeopathic drug, which is an analogue of phytoestrogenic drugs and promotes the normalization of the hormonal background in menopause. The drug also normalizes the tone of the vessels of the brain, cardiovascular activity and normalizes sleep. Therefore, it can be used as a prophylactic agent at the onset of menopause to maintain a normal state of health. Applies Klimaktoplan in tablets one tablet before meals or an hour after it three times a day. The course of treatment with the drug is long - about two months. There were no side effects. Contraindications to the use of Climacoplane - this is hypersensitivity to the individual contents of the drug.
  7. Cyclodinone is a combined homeopathic remedy that affects hormonal disorders and restores estrogen deficiency. This drug is available in the form of pharmaceutical drops and tablets. Take one tablet a day, preferably in the morning or 40 drops with the same multiplicity. Duration of treatment is about three months. Contraindication to taking the drug - acute infectious processes in the body. It can be successfully used not only for the treatment of climacteric disorders, but also for their prevention, so in this case it can be used for this purpose.

Operative treatment of menopause without symptoms is not used, because there is no special indication for such an intervention.

Along with preventive alternatives, it is important to carry out physiotherapeutic treatment, which also has a good preventive effect. Use therapeutic physical activity in the form of swimming or therapeutic gymnastics. Very good effect gives the use of magnetotherapy, laser therapy, electrophoresis with therapeutic solutions. Very useful because of its tonic effect contrast shower, which is recommended to take in the morning and you can do it even at home. This increases immunity and tones the nervous system with an adequate release of catecholamines and other hormones, which is also important in menopause.

As a complex therapy recommend the use of vitamins B, C, A, better in combination in complex vitamin products. You can take multivitamin complexes - Vitrum, Supradin, Undevit.


Measures to prevent the development of any symptoms or changes on the part of other organs in menopause is a nonspecific prevention of any disease, which is the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle. Since menopause can not be avoided, it is possible to prevent the appearance of its symptoms and the manifestation of diseases precisely during the menopause. It is necessary to properly organize your daily routine with alternating periods of rest and work. You need to eat right with the exception of all harmful foods and the consumption of fruits and vegetables. Sleep is a necessary measure for health, its duration should be at least 8-9 hours. It is necessary to exclude stresses in life and to go in for sports even in a mode of walking. It is also necessary to exclude bad habits and treat associated pathologies in the form of hypertension, because blood pressure control is very important for the prevention of complications in menopause, even if it is not accompanied by any other symptoms.

Specific measures to prevent symptomatology in menopause does not exist, but only non-specific methods can easily protect yourself from any manifestations.

Climax without symptoms is not a frequent phenomenon, but if this happens, then we can say that the woman was lucky. It is very important to correctly assess the condition of a woman during this period and to conduct all methods that will help maintain her health at a good level. Therefore, if the menopause manifests only menstrual irregularities, it is necessary to prevent the appearance of other more serious symptoms.

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