Fractures between the legs

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Last reviewed: 25.06.2018

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Despite the fact that diaper rash between the legs is not one of the most frequent cases of this disease, however, such irritation and inflammation of the skin that differ precisely in this localization on the human body, still sometimes takes place.

This disease, especially when it occurs for a long period of time, can cause significant trouble, and complicate a person's life. Adverse phenomena associated with the presence of intertrigo between the legs are reflected in the deterioration of the skin - reddening and condensation of the upper skin, which is then burdened by damp rashes, cracking and other skin lesions. In addition to such manifestations, this diaper rash is accompanied by a burning sensation, pain and discomfort during walking. It should be remembered that, although diaperness at first looks like absolutely not representing the slightest threat, and as something that can be easily reconciled, but if we neglect the real seriousness of this problem, it can cause extremely undesirable consequences.

To avoid such negative phenomena is not required, no matter what, supernatural efforts. To do this, it is necessary to ventilate the room and regularly change bed linens (which is especially important with increased sweating) and, of course, carefully follow the rules of personal hygiene, wash or rub at least twice a day. Thanks to this, it becomes possible to cope with such unpleasantness as an intertrigo between the legs.

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Treating intertrigo between the legs

Inflammation of the skin between the legs is common on hot days in toddlers and obese adults. The appearance of itching, redness, slight swelling means the need to take soap and boiled water. It will not be superfluous to blot the inflamed zone with an antiseptic solution. Treatment of intertrigo between the legs at the onset of initiation involves the use of talc, a baby cream with healing and drying properties. The emulsion on the basis of mink oil, boiled vegetable oils (sea buckthorn, olives, etc.) helps to cope with irritation.

With a tendency to skin dermatitis, it is good to treat rubbing areas between the legs and folds with decoctions of medicinal herbs, at home to ensure free skin breathing. By adjusting the daily diet, you can easily get rid of diaper rash allergic. If you yourself can not overcome diaper rash between your legs or you see a spill in the skin, it is better to consult a specialist and undergo a course of treatment.

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