Fibrolipoma of the breast


Fibrolipoma of the breast refers to benign neoplasms.

Consider the causes of fibrolipoma, symptoms and methods of diagnosis. And also possible treatment options, prevention methods and prognosis for recovery.


Lipomas are most often found in women older than 40 years. When new growth occurs in young girls, the lipoma has a hereditary character. It is extremely rare to diagnose multiple lipomatosis. The disease is characterized by the proliferation of lime in all organs and limbs. Pathology is hereditary. The presence of one fibrolipoma in the mammary gland can provoke the growth of the rest. The growth of the compaction is not connected with the general state of the organism, in some cases the size of the formations reaches 10 or more centimeters.

Causes of the fibrolipoma of the mammary gland

The causes of fibro-lipoma of the breast are not fully understood, since there are many risk factors that provoke the growth of the tumor. Some experts believe that clogged sebaceous gland can cause fibrolipoma. Consider the main reasons for the emergence of education:

  • Metabolic disorders and genetic failures.
  • Pathologies and diseases of the digestive or reproductive system.
  • Hormonal restructuring of the body.
  • Hereditary predisposition.
  • Constant psycho-emotional stress, which caused exhaustion of the nervous system.
  • Living in poor environmental conditions.

Most often fibrolipoma appears in women during menopause. Neoplasm grows very slowly, gradually penetrating into neighboring tissues and expanding as they grow. The main feature of the tumor is its painless growth. The lipoma is mobile, elastic when palpated, its lobular structure is determined.

In addition to fibrolipoma, several other types of mammary glands are isolated. With the nodal lipoma, there is a capsule, and the diffuse lipoma does not have a capsule, since it is surrounded by a fatty tissue. Fibrolipoma is considered a dense fatty tumor, the structure of which includes adipose tissue. The myolipoma consists of muscle fibers, and with angiolipoma a vascular network arises. This classification also includes lipogranulema, which is an adipose tissue deformed as a result of inflammation. The cause of the tumor can be a traumatizing of the breast or a violation of normal blood circulation.

Symptoms of the fibrolipoma of the mammary gland

Fibrolipoma of the breast is a benign formation that occurs from the fatty tissue of the breast. Fibrolipoma can appear on any organs containing adipose tissue. Many people mistakenly believe that they appear only in full people. But in fact, the growth of fibrolipoma does not depend on the state of the organism. Education can appear even in people with a lack of weight, and still will gain fat and gradually expand. Seals have different shapes, they occur both single and multiple.

  • The seal has a soft consistency, but becomes more dense when it grows strongly. Depending on the prevalence of fat or fibrous tissue, lipofibromas and fibrolipomas are isolated. If there is a profuse development of blood vessels, the tumor takes the form of angiolipoma, in the presence of smooth muscle fibers - myolipoma, and with mulled tissue - myxolipoma.
  • Fibrolipomes rarely degenerate into liposarcomas, that is, cancers, but can contribute to the development of malignant diseases in the mammary gland. If the seal becomes large, this leads to a shift in the surrounding tissues and deformity of the breast. It is the presence of a cosmetic defect - this is the main indication for surgical treatment. The operation is performed and with suspicions of breast cancer, due to the large size of the compaction and its intensive growth.
  • If the formation is formed deep in the tissues of the mammary gland, it is not always possible to detect it on palpation. In such cases, the tumor does not cause painful symptoms or complaints in the patient. And it is revealed by chance, when passing the examination from a mammologist (mammography, ultrasound).

Symptoms of fibrolipoma of the breast do not have a strong expression, so when palpation and self-examination of the breast, it is not always possible to identify pathology. But if the tumor grows, it leads to deformity of the gland and the symptomatology of the neoplasm is visible to the naked eye. As a rule, fibrolipoma develops in the deep layers of tissue, but sometimes skin changes, that is, cosmetic defects of the disease, are visible on the surface of the breast.

Fibrolipoma is a pathology that is characterized by a prolonged course and the transformation of healthy tissues into fibrin fibers of connective tissues. There is a high risk of calcium salts being deposited in the tumor tissue. In this case, the neoplasm causes pain and discomfort when wearing a bra. With this symptomatology, fibrolipoma must be removed, as other types of tumor formations may arise against its background. If the blood vessels grow into the tumor, it leads to its transformation into angiolipoma, operative treatment of which is accompanied by severe bleeding.

Where does it hurt?

Diagnostics of the fibrolipoma of the mammary gland

Diagnosis of breast fibrolipoma begins with regular palpation and self-examination of the breast. If palpation is palpated with a movable seal with clear contours, then you need to seek medical help. Symptoms of the neoplasm may not manifest itself for a long time, that is, the woman does not feel any discomfort. That is why it is necessary to undergo regular examinations with a gynecologist and mammologist. But with the growth of fibrolipoma, the chest is deformed, increases in size, which causes cosmetic defects and requires immediate treatment.

Mammography and ultrasound are used to diagnose neoplasms. Also use additional studies: computed tomography, thermomammography and analyzes for oncomarkers.

What do need to examine?

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Treatment of the fibrolipoma of the mammary gland

Treatment of fibrolipoma of the breast depends on the symptoms of the tumor and the characteristics of the tumor. Despite the fact that fibrolipoma is a benign neoplasm, it does not dissolve independently and in most cases requires surgical treatment. It grows very slowly and can not make itself felt for many years.

  • Large lipomas are removed surgically. For this, the method of sectoral resection and enucleation of the tumor is used. Removal is carried out with rapid growth of pathology and in the case when the fibrolipoma reaches a large size, causing cosmetic defects and compression of the surrounding tissue of the gland. Operation is necessary at risk of malignancy of a tumor. High rice degeneration into cancer, occurs in the pre-menopausal period.
  • If the size of the formation is not more than 2-3 cm, then drugs are introduced for resorption. The most effective means is Diprospan, the course of treatment takes about a month with interruptions.
  • If the formation is small and does not cause any inconvenience, the fibrolipoma can be left. But in this case, careful medical supervision is required. Every quarter a woman should undergo ultrasound, several times a year mammograms and analyzes for cancer markers. Obligatory is oncocytology to be separated from the nipple.

After surgical treatment, the patient is waiting for a course of rehabilitation.

To fully restore the body and prevent recurrence of fibrolipoma, a woman is prescribed immunomodulating and vitamin preparations.

Regular inspection of the mammary glands is mandatory. After the operation, it is necessary to undergo an examination 3-4 times a year from a mammal and carry out an ultrasound examination for the timely detection of new foci of pathology.


Prevention of fibrotypoma of the breast is a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition and regular preventive examinations.

  • If a woman has had an operation to remove the compaction, then for her prevention is to regularly process the surgical suture and to ensure that there are no secretions or seals from the site of surgery.
  • All patients with fibrolipomas are given immunomodulatory medications, various pharmacological agents for strengthening and restoring their health, and vitamin and mineral complexes.
  • In some cases, to prevent neoplasm, the doctor prescribes hormonal therapy. This contributes to the correction of body weight and establishes metabolic processes, that is, metabolism.
  • Mandatory are a healthy diet, that is, limiting the amount of fat and carbohydrates in the food and a full-length long night's sleep (more than eight hours a day). Regular physical activity and frequent walks in the fresh air.
  • Some patients are prescribed hormonal contraception, which prevents the risk of recurrence of fibrolipoma and any other hormone-dependent neoplasms.


The prognosis of breast fibrolipoma depends on the stage at which it was found, the size of the tumor, the tumor causes pain and discomfort, and also the individual characteristics of the patient's body. As a rule, the prognosis for fibrolipoma is positive, the woman is operated on, or a number of drugs are prescribed that help control the growth of the tumor. But without timely treatment, a tumor can cause serious complications.

  • The first complication is an inflammation of the fibrolipoma due to injuries and mechanical damage. This leads to the transformation of the tumor into a lipogranuloma, which is manifested by local edema and is accompanied by painful sensations with a change in skin color. This pathology can be treated both conservatively and surgically.
  • A more dangerous complication of fibrolipoma is a malignant degeneration of the neoplasm. In this case, the patient undergoes surgical treatment and a course of oncotherapy is possible

Fibrolipoma of the breast can not manifest itself for a long time. Therefore, it is very important to carry out regular palpation of the breast and undergo preventive examinations. Early diagnosis allows to avoid possible complications, gives a positive prognosis for recovery and prevents relapses of fibrolipoma.

Last update: 18.06.2018
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