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Pain in the mammary gland

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Last reviewed: 01.06.2018

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Pain in the mammary gland is just the case when you need to plan for a doctor as soon as possible. In a healthy state, the body of a woman, if she should feel pain, then only from love torments or spiritual disappointments, all other pains are the result of the development of a disease, to which one should pay close attention and take emergency measures. 

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Diseases that cause pain in the mammary gland

Let's start with the simplest, and almost harmless, hormonal disorder. Oh, this mastopathy! If it did not have at its core pathological changes, its appearance could only be dreamed, especially to women with tiny breasts. The fact is that due to changes in the structure of glandular tissue and its swelling during mastopathy, the breast becomes noticeably larger and more elastic, although painful, of course. The truth on this all the "charms" of mastopathy and ends. Pain in the mammary gland, with this disease, is due to the swelling of glandular tissue. Signs of pain appear in the premenstrual period and pass in a similar way, terminate with the appearance of menstrual flow or after their termination. Together with soreness, there is a tightening in the chest, and the breast itself takes on the same dimensions.

The harmful effect on the entire body of mastopathy does not have, except for changes in the mammary gland, no more signs are observed. But also to relax, having found in one breast, or at once in two, seals, it is unimportant, painful these seals or not, it is not necessary. A timely appeal to the gynecologist will make it possible to clarify the nature of the seals and take the necessary measures. A visit to a mammologist can be done either before visiting a gynecologist, or after receiving a referral for a further examination and consultation in gynecology. Since recently, gynecologists, without fail, are obliged to examine the chest, palpating it for the purpose of preventing mastopathy. Therefore, it is very likely that the first, the ailment is suspected by the gynecologist, and not by the woman herself.

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Bruises and trauma of the mammary gland

Active way of life and all kinds of sports that attract women are good. A stretch, bruises and injuries of a different nature, which can be obtained during classes - is much worse. Breast trauma can be obtained not only with physical exercises in fitness centers, but also in everyday life, with inaccurate behavior, falls or improper lifting of gravity, strikes against solid objects. Traumas of the breast are rarely open, gunshot and knife wounds are not taken into account.

After receiving the bruise, the pain in the mammary gland is not significant, it is strengthened only at moments of chest muscle tension or when probing the area of the injury. Skin covers on the site of injury can be painted in a reddish color, then the formation of a bruise (bruise) is possible. In the deep layers of the breast, a compaction is felt, this is a deep hematoma (a small amount of blood accumulating inside the muscle or glandular tissue).

If, after an injury, the compaction does not pass for 3-5 days, the tenderness in the chest and the external hyperemia of the skin do not go away, but only increase, an urgent call for a doctor is necessary. And in general, with any suspicious manifestations in the chest, it is always worthwhile to get additional advice from a specialist. A visit to the doctor will never be superfluous.

Early manifestation of pregnancy

The woman's breast, as a litmus test, reacts to the slightest changes in the level of hormones in the body. In the earliest stages of pregnancy, when there are still no, even the most pronounced signs of it, the breast is already able to give the first bell. Almost every woman is faced with the fact that with the approach of the menstrual cycle, the breast becomes sensitive. Sensitivity increased, often with a strong pain, less often manifested weakly, but in any case, before menstruation, the chest behaves differently than usual. So, when pregnancy comes, this sensitivity is even more aggravated.

Attentive to her health, a woman can immediately suspect "wrong" with her body, discovering pain in the mammary gland, different from the usual premenstrual sensation. Special soreness is noted in the area of the nipple, the nipple itself reacts painfully even to the touch of the underwear fabric. To the touch, the breast is elastic, dense, but without nodular seals, evenly enlarged. With the approach of the night, the feeling of bursting in the mammary glands increases. If, in addition to the "strange behavior" of the breast, pregnancy does not manifest itself in any way and the test for its detection is done early, it is worth going to the gynecologist and taking a blood test for the presence of a special hormone indicating the presence of pregnancy - hCG. In norm, that is, in the absence of pregnancy, this hormone is not present in the blood, the indicator is zero. But if the implantation has occurred, the pregnancy hormone will immediately be at the level of 1 to 10 points. The more days after conception, the higher these figures. So, the doctor-gynecologist is the best friend and counselor in any cases of unpleasant sensations and pains in the female body.

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A terrible disease, to which, mainly, only lactating mothers are exposed. With any catarrhal diseases of a recent childbirth, exposure to drafts and cold temperatures, in the postpartum period, there may be a complication in the form of inflammation of the musculoskeletal breast tissue. The nature of this disease is infectious. On the mammary glands of parturient women, there are many cracks and small wounds, which are an open gate for penetration of the infection into the mammary gland. It affects, most often, one gland, less often both. In non-lactating women, mastitis is also possible, but occurs in very rare cases.

Pain in the mammary gland is pronounced and constant, increasing at the time of feeding. In acute form, breast-feeding is not at all possible, because the milk will come out with blood and pus. Ulcer can have an outlet to the surface of the chest. The whole body suffers from this disease. Elevated body temperature and all signs of intoxication, from headache and muscle pain, to nausea.

Mammary cancer

Contrary to the popular belief that a cancerous tumor causes severe pain in the mammary gland, you need to know that the cancer can be completely asymptomatic for a very long time and even in its latest stages, pain can be absent. Therefore, for those who care for their health, who follows the condition of their breasts, one should take note of the following changes in the breast, which, if detected, must be acted immediately:

  • any changes in the mammary gland, especially the available seals;
  • tumor, with smooth contour boundaries, similar to pea;
  • an increase in one breast, without changes from the other;
  • the presence of redness on the skin, irregularities, rashes, wrinkles and cracks;
  • "Strange" behavior of the nipple in the form of falling into the breast.

In the event that all of the above symptoms or at least one of them were found, one should not lose one's self-control and lose heart. Early detection of any neoplasms leads to their complete cure. Even at the latest stages of development there is always a chance of recovery. To do this, you need to be able to correctly approach the problem and do not be afraid to seek help from specialists, exclude the use of self-treatment and most alternative means.

Checking the chest

Every month women of all ages should do the right thing, pay attention to this word, a proper independent examination of the mammary glands. It is correct to do this on certain days of the menstrual cycle, namely on 3-5 days. We stand in front of the mirror, raise our hand up and begin palpating (feeling) with light movements of the mammary gland in a clockwise direction, slightly grasping the axillary cavity. Normally no clear seals or tight strands should be. The glandular tissue under the fingers is felt as a cellular structure, pain in the mammary gland is not present, the nipple is even, located on the surface of the breast exactly in the center. After having examined one gland, we do the same on the other.

If until the end there is no confidence in the correctness of personal inspection or with the next monitoring identified suspicious formations - do not waste time looking for independent solutions, contact a gynecologist or mammologist. Inspection specialist, in conjunction with ultrasound examination of the mammary glands, will allow you to accurately determine the cause of disturbances or exclude it.

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Who to contact?

How to treat pain in the mammary gland?

Pathological changes in the mammary glands easily respond to the methods of modern medicine. With minor manifestations, treatment will take less time, with inattentiveness, a relation to the signals of your body, leading to a neglected painful condition or complicated inflammatory processes - treatment is delayed for a long time. But, in most cases, the outcome is full recovery.

If the pain in the mammary gland was provoked by a hormonal disorder, after obtaining the result of a blood test with an index of all the hormones, the deficiency of the needed one is restored due to hormone therapy. After the correction, the problem with mastopathy, for example, can completely exhaust itself.

Conservatively, that is, without surgical intervention, only by various therapeutic methods and means, it is possible to treat almost all breast diseases, except for cancer, especially late stages of its development. In the initial stages of breast cancer, conservative methods are still possible, and if the tumor was seen on time, this can be limited.

In cases of infectious inflammatory processes in the mammary gland, a comprehensive treatment is carried out: a course of antibiotics and analgesics, topical application of anesthetics and anti-inflammatory ointment dressings (in the event that there are open wounds and fistulas from abscesses). In difficult situations, it is possible to connect surgical intervention, when the abscess, with mastitis, is strongly pronounced, but has no way out. To force it to be opened, the wound is cleared, drainage is put, to exit the newly formed purulent-serous content, a bandage is applied.

Massage for pain in the mammary glands

The pain in the mammary glands is able to appear for various reasons, therefore it is unacceptable to take any independent actions without consulting the doctor. Before starting to stop the problem, it is necessary to consult a specialist who will help to find out the source of pain and prescribe a treatment that can include massaging.

After all, there are pathologies in which massage with pain in the mammary glands is the basic method of treatment, and for a number of diseases it is strictly forbidden.

The cause of pain can be:

  • Hormonal failure, which changes in a woman during the menstrual cycle or may change in the presence of certain pathologies. In this situation, massaging can bring relief and smooth the situation.
  • Injury of the gland (as a result of a fall, stroke, wearing an uncomfortable bra). In this situation, the application of the technique in question remains questionable, to which only the doctor is able to answer.
  • Mastopathy, this pathology is a consequence of prolonged hormonal dysfunction, milk stagnation in a nursing woman and a complication of another order. Massaging is one of the elements of complex treatment.
  • Breastfeeding - the procedure will activate lactation and prevent the development of many complications.
  • Inflammatory processes in the mammary gland - manipulation with the breast are possible only with the permission of a specialist.
  • Malignant neoplasm of breast. Massage is unacceptable.
  • The absence of sexual discharge can provoke pain symptoms in the chest. Massage of the mammary glands is not only permitted, but absolutely shown. The main thing is to learn how to properly execute it.

The main thing is not to self-medicate. The cause should be established by a mammalogist - an oncologist.


That the pain in the mammary gland never arose, and if it did appear, it would be associated only with the cyclic natural processes in the body, and did not cause special unrest, it needs very little:

  • to monitor the health of his body and all internal organs, undergoing scheduled inspections twice a year;
  • To lead an active life and give preference to swimming;
  • to pick up for themselves a complex of exercises aimed at strengthening the muscles surrounding and supporting the mammary glands;

Follow your weight - weight gain is bad for the skin of the chest. With rapid typing and rapid weight loss, the skin on the chest stretches, wrinkles and stretch marks appear, and the mammary gland itself "fills" with fat tissue, which is also not good;

  • eat healthy food that contains more vegetables in its composition. Eat porridge, especially pearl, buckwheat and wheat. The content of trace elements in porridges from these cereals is large enough, which favorably affects the condition of the female body.

As the life practice shows, the pain in the breast is less worried about those women who are happy in the marriage, feel their need and necessity.

It is important to know!

Blastoma of the breast is the most common form of cancer in women. If you diagnose it in time and start treatment, then you can successfully eliminate the tumor.

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