Diseases and menopause

Atrophic vaginitis

Inflammation of the mucous membrane of the vagina does not always have an infectious nature. In the period of extinction of fertility, the production of female sex hormones-estrogens decreases, which affects the state of reproductive organs. 

Change of mammary glands with menopause: pain, swelling, burning, tightening, tingling

Among the signs of that restructuring of the female body, which occurs with the onset of menopause, is also the change in the mammary glands with menopause.

Insomnia during menopause: how to fight, alternative remedies, herbs, preparations

Only after a good sleep, we can feel cheerful in the morning and keep working throughout the day. But how to be, if insomnia with menopause does not allow to fully relax?

Dizziness with menopause in women: signs of what to do, alternative remedies

Every woman has the idea of what a climax is: speaking in ordinary words, this is a natural sign of the aging of the female body, which is associated with changes in sexual function.

Slimming during menopause

Everyone knows that with menopause, many women begin to gain weight - this is due to hormonal failure and metabolic disorders. Therefore, such a problem is taken for granted.

Allocations in women with menopause: bloody, with a smell, brown, yellow, white, watery, abundant

Due to a decrease in the synthesis of sex hormones and follicular atresia of the ovaries, which are characteristic of the period of extinction of the genital function in women, vaginal discharge in menopause is reduced to a minimum.

Itching, burning of the skin, in the intimate area with menopause

At a certain age, during the menopause, most women face a problem such as itching with menopause. This symptom is part of a climacteric syndrome, so you need to understand its root causes in order to find the best options for eliminating or at least reducing the intensity.

Dry eyes with menopause

Normally, the epithelium of the cornea of the eye is wetted by a tear film. It is restored involuntarily in the process of blinking and provides easy gliding of eyelids on the surface of the eyeball, protection of the eye surface from drying out, infection, contamination, contains substances that promote the rapid regeneration of the corneal epithelium as a result of microtrauma.

Hypothyroidism with menopause

Hypothyroidism is a disease that occurs due to a deficiency in the body of thyroid hormones - there is a decrease in the level of thyroid hormones in the blood.

Endometrial hyperplasia in menopause

Menopause is a natural change in the functioning of the female reproductive system associated with the age-related hormonal changes in the body. A woman loses the ability to ovulate, conceive and bear pregnancy.


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