What to do and how to get rid of itching with diabetes?

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Last reviewed: 19.11.2018

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To get rid of itching, you need to cure diabetes. This is a major disease, and itching is one of its symptoms. Therefore, itching is not advisable. It would be more rational to eliminate the cause of the disease. The method of treatment is chosen depending on the clinical form of the disease, the severity of diabetic angiopathies and concomitant pathology. In addition, as symptomatic therapy, various ointments and sprays are used to reduce itching.


Antidiabetic oral preparations are widely used in the treatment of diabetes mellitus and the elimination of itching in diabetes mellitus. Precautions should be taken: follow the doctor's recommendations, adhere to the diet. It must also be taken into account that the drugs may have side effects: they have a toxic effect on the liver. Therefore, they should be taken in conjunction with hepatoprotectors. After a long reception (2-3 months), these drugs must be replaced with analogs or insulin, as addiction develops. It should be borne in mind that they act gently and smoothly, rarely causing a hypoglycemic condition

Currently, two main groups of hypoglycemic drugs are used : sulfonamides and biguanides. Sugar-reducing sulfonamide preparations are more effective, but more toxic. They have toxic effects on liver and bone marrow cells, suppress appetite, can cause vomiting, anorexia.

Well-proven drug such as butamid (daily dose is 2 grams). Bukarban appoint to 1.5 grams per day. For cyclamid, the daily dosage is 1 gram. Chlorpropamide is prescribed at 0.5 grams per day. All drugs have a single treatment regimen. In the first days of treatment, the maximum daily dose of the drug is prescribed, then it is reduced to the optimal maintenance dose. Ineffectiveness of sulfanilamide therapy for 7 days, indicates the need for the appointment of insulin.

Ointments for itching with diabetes

As a remedy for symptomatic treatment against itching, non-hormonal ointments have proven themselves well. They quickly eliminate unpleasant symptoms, act gently, without having a systemic effect on the body. Despite the fact that they do not contain hormones, they can not be called absolutely safe. They can have serious side effects, especially if they are taken uncontrollably, disrupt the treatment regimen. There are also many cases in which these ointments are contraindicated.

Applying non-hormonal ointment, you can eliminate the symptoms (reduce their manifestation), but not cure completely. This is due to the fact that the cause of the itch is a disease - diabetes. Therefore, the main therapy should be aimed at getting rid of the cause. Then the symptoms will pass independently. Application can only contain the manifestation of symptoms.

A great advantage is that they do not penetrate the skin barrier into the blood, therefore, do not exert any systemic influence on the body.

The disadvantages are that they contain a large number of different toxic substances. All of them are potent. Therefore, some people do not tolerate them well. If you misuse these tools, you can only increase the itching.

Ointments are used externally, applying a thin layer on the surface of the skin, rubbing with massaging movements. Practically traditionally used salicylic and zinc ointments.

Sprays from itching with diabetes

From itching, you can use not only creams, but also sprays. They have a similar mechanism of action. The only difference is that they have the form of an aerosol in which the active substances are suspended in the form of a dispersion solution. Help to eliminate the itching, and other symptoms of diabetes. The advantage is that when spraying the particles are evenly distributed throughout the affected area, promoting a reliable film that has a lasting effect on the body.


When diabetes is indicated, the use of increased amounts of vitamin. Retinol acetate is prescribed one tablet (0.001 g) three times a day for a month. Also prescribe 1 ml of a 1% solution of riboflavin. A course of 15 injections of pyridoxine hydrochloride is recommended - 1 ml of a 5% solution. Cyanocabalamine is prescribed for 80 mg (10 injections). Acidum ascorbicum is entered on 5 ml of 5% of a solution intravenously, on 15 injections. The nicotinic acid is added to 0.05 grams three times a day for 2 months.

Physiotherapeutic treatment

To eliminate the itch, physiotherapy is rarely used. The main method is electrophoresis, which allows you to remove anxious symptoms in a relatively short time. In this case, drugs penetrate directly into the focus of inflammation under the influence of microcurrent. At the same time, their effect is increased, the need for dosage is reduced. Accordingly, the risk of side effects and overdose is reduced.

Alternative treatment

Alternative agents have always been effective in the treatment of any disease, including itching. In general, for the elimination of itching, various means of external application are used - ointments, decoctions for lotions, compresses.

Widely used ointment from plant components. To prepare the ointment you need to take badger fat (enough will be 50 grams), melt it over low heat. The agent must be stirred constantly. Add 2 tablespoons of honey, continue stirring until a uniform mass is formed. Separately, you need to grind about 2 tablespoons of coffee beans, slowly stirring, pour the ground coffee into the prepared mixture. Stir and remove from heat. Give the opportunity to freeze. After that, cut in small pieces, use it to lubricate the damaged areas.

You can also use an ointment of a different composition. For cooking, it is necessary to separately grind the oats (about 5-6 table spoons), coffee (2-3 tablespoons). Heat in a small bowl about a glass of milk. Gently stirring, pour first the ground oats, then - ground coffee beans. Stir until a homogeneous mass is formed. We remove from the fire, letting the components settle down. After that, strain through gauze. The broth can be used for lotions on the affected area. The resulting thick mass is mixed with a tablespoon of honey, stir until homogeneous. They give the opportunity to stand for 1-2 hours. Apply to the affected area with a thin layer several times a day.

Well recommended ointment based on mustard powder. To prepare the ointment you need any cream base, but it's better to use a regular baby cream. Squeeze the tube of cream into a convenient container. Add a teaspoon of mustard powder, then carefully mix the product and apply it to the affected area.

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How to eliminate the itching of the skin in diabetes?

You can alleviate the condition in various ways. In addition to the usual medication therapy, which is traditionally prescribed in this case, and which must be strictly observed, some alternative or homeopathic remedies can be used.

Let's consider some recipes.

  • Recipe number 1.

Well-proven ointment from the leaves of dry raspberries. For its preparation you need to take dry leaves, crush them in a mortar, if possible to a powdery state. Then add one egg yolk to the resulting powder, mix thoroughly. Make a tablespoon of sesame flour. All this is thoroughly mixed. The resulting mass is taken and applied a thin layer on the affected area. So repeat every day until the itch stops worrying.

  • Recipe number 2.

Good ointment works from tar and sabelnik. To prepare the ointment take about 50 grams of tar, melt in a water bath, add 5-10 grams of saber, stir until a uniform mass, give the opportunity to brew for 1-2 hours. Apply a thin layer on the area that is prone to itching. You can smear up to three times a day. Duration of treatment - until the disappearance of the itch.

  • Recipe number 3.

Bee venom with bone meal quite quickly eliminates the itching of any etiology, including diabetes. Take about 50 grams of bee venom, melt it in a water bath, add a teaspoon of bone meal, mix thoroughly until a uniform mass is formed. The resulting ointment is applied to the skin 3-4 times a day until the symptoms completely disappear. 

Treatment of genital itching in diabetes

The cause is a violation of microflora and local immunity. In order to get rid of this unpleasant phenomenon, it is possible to use various medicamentous and alternative means. Apply lotions, compresses, syringing. But the easiest way to get rid of itching is to wash it. Many different recipes are known for washing. Here are the most effective (oils and decoctions, which can be added directly to the water for washing).

  • Recipe number 1. Oil based on plant extracts

Oil from stevia and nettle increases the state of immunity, normalizes mucous membranes, normalizes urogenital microflora, relieves itching and irritation. For cooking take 2 tablespoons of herbs and pour two cups of boiled hot sunflower or olive oil. Allowed to stand under a tightly closed lid for 2-3 hours, after which you can use oil for washing. It is recommended to add two tablespoons of oil to 5 liters of warm water used for washing. The water must be warm.

  • Recipe number 2. Butter-vegetable oil

As a plant base take the leaves of plantain, burdock and cherries. These substances have wound-healing, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. The leaves are ground. Separately, melted 100 grams of butter (on low heat). After the oil has melted, crushed leaves of plants are added to it. Continue stirring until a uniform mass is formed. Remove from the fire, give the opportunity to freeze. After that, the product is stored in the refrigerator. Add 1-2 teaspoons to the wash basin.

  • Recipe number 3. Mustard-Oatmeal

For cooking, take 200 ml of mustard oil, warm to a warm state on low heat. Separately, grind the oats in a coffee grinder to a powdery state. Then the resulting powder is added to the dishes with warm mustard oil. 20 ml of mustard oil consumes about 30 grams of oat powder. All this is thoroughly mixed and allowed to infuse for 10-12 hours, after which it is possible to use oil for washing. It is recommended to add two tablespoons of oil to 4-5 liters of warm water used for washing. The water must be warm. It is necessary to wash out as itching occurs, there are no restrictions on quantitative application.

If you want to quickly and effectively eliminate the itching in diabetes, remember that when using any means it is important to observe the principle of regularity - to apply funds systematically throughout the course of treatment, and to complete treatment even if the symptoms are no longer delivered inconvenience.

Treatment of an itch of a head at Diabetum

When itching occurs, the head is prescribed various medications. First of all, it depends on the cause of itching. So, if the cause is an increased sensitization of the body, the development of an allergic reaction, excessive histamine content in the blood, it is quite simple to solve the problem. In this case, prescribe antihistamines. The simplest remedy is suprastin. This tool has been known for more than 30 years, and still does not lose its effectiveness and relevance. The recommended dosage is 1 tablet 2-3 times a day. The multiplicity (the number of doses per day) depends on the severity of the disease and the severity of the symptoms. If the itching strongly worries a person and becomes unbearable, one tablet is prescribed up to 3-4 times a day. With moderate itching, one tablet per day is enough. It should be noted that the drug may cause drowsiness and delayed reaction. This should be taken into account by persons whose work requires increased concentration of attention. Care must also be taken when driving a car.

Applying any medications, you must be careful and consult a doctor before taking any, even the most innocuous means. It is also important to take any means, including anti-allergic drugs, only after the exact cause of the pathology has been determined. This is due to the fact that in most cases the treatment of the itch is etiologic, that is, it is aimed at eliminating the cause of the pathology.

It is important to consult with a doctor, because the misuse of medications can lead to a number of complications and pathologies, in particular, itching can spread to other parts of the body and intensify with improper selection of the drug, co-occurring diseases and exacerbations of chronic pathologies may occur if the treatment regimen is not adhered to.

Treatment of itching in the ears with diabetes

Diabetes is accompanied by an itch of different localization, including in the ears. In order to get rid of itching in the ears, you need to see a doctor (otolaryngologist) who will carefully examine the ear, and prescribe the necessary treatment. It is not worth taking any action independently, because you can only worsen the condition.

Independently you can drink an antiallergic agent if the itching is very strong, and a person has a tendency to allergic reactions. So, the drug number 1 in the treatment of allergies is suprastin. It is worth to drink once, which will allow you to remove the itch. In order to eliminate the pathology completely and prevent relapses, it is worth to drink a full course of treatment: on a tablet 2-3 times a day. The course of treatment is 5-7 days. If suprastin is not affected and the itching is not eliminated, it is recommended to take loratodine. It is taken 1 tablet a day, as it is a drug of prolonged action. It is valid for 24 hours. Exceeding the dosage is not recommended, as strong intoxication, drowsiness, and symptoms can only develop.

Local preparations, ointments should not be used, because there is a risk of damage to the eardrum, and this is fraught with severe pain and hearing loss.

Herbal Treatment

In the treatment of itching, various plants are used. Orchisia spotted is used in the form of mucus. It can be used inside, and externally, applying to the affected area.

Prepare slime is simple enough. It is contained in root crops in fairly large quantities (up to 50%). Useful mucus for the digestive tract, envelops the walls of the gastrointestinal tract. Tubers are rich in nutrients, which can also be added to soup, drinks. Some make from this plant even a dough. It is better to cook fresh food every time.

Ephedra is also used for itching. Use the green branches of the plant, collected in August. It is mainly used in the form of broths and infusions. Has a softening effect on the body, eliminates irritation, itching, and other unpleasant sensations, including itching. Infusion is mainly applied externally. They smear the affected areas approximately three times a day. You can also drink a decoction over a tablespoon several times a day. This will speed up the recovery process.

Sorrel horse is applied in the form of roots and leaves. The composition of leaves include oxalic acid, vitamins, in the composition of the roots - tannins. Leaves due to its composition provide recovery of the body, normalize metabolic processes, including carbohydrate. Roots provide the elimination of various pathological phenomena, and unpleasant symptoms from the skin, digestive tract. They are also used for liver diseases. Applied basically as a decoction.


Homeopathic remedies have found wide application in the elimination of various skin diseases, including itch of different origin. Use the drugs with caution: they can have side effects. If you misuse them, you can not only not eliminate the itching, but also strengthen it. Therefore, it is important to take precautions: consult a doctor before starting treatment.

It is also important when applying external means to apply a screening test: do not apply immediately to a large area of the skin. First check for a limited area of the skin. It is better to do this on the inside of the palm of your hand. If within 10-15 minutes there was no redness, pain, you can apply ointment to the entire affected area.

You can apply the ointment from the string. For cooking, you need a baby cream, or any other cream. Squeeze it into a bowl, convenient for stirring. After that, add 2-3 tablespoons of dry leaves of the string, mashed in a mortar to a shallow state. Mix thoroughly until smooth, after which you can apply this ointment to areas where itching is felt.

For a general strengthening of the body, a vitaminized syrup is used. To prepare the syrup, you need about a glass of rose hips, hawthorn, 2 cups of pomegranate. All this is mixed with each other, 2-3 tablespoons of honey are added. Stir until homogeneous. Take a third cup for about 28 days.

Strengthen the body with a strengthening mixture: rowan, sea buckthorn and viburnum are taken in equal parts, passed through a meat grinder. After that, everything is thoroughly mixed, added to a teaspoon of ground ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg.

You can use one more infusion. It will help strengthen the walls of blood vessels, normalize metabolic processes, eliminate skin pathologies. For the preparation of the infusion, approximately 50 grams of walnut partitions, 2-4 tablespoons of stevia grass, 1 tablespoon of dried nettle leaves, and 100 grams of any berries or fruits to give flavor and aroma qualities will be required and poured with vodka or alcohol. Insist in a dark place for 2-3 days, you need to drink this remedy on a third of a glass daily for a month. This will not only eliminate the itching, but also restore the metabolism.


For the treatment of pruritus, surgical methods are not used. In diabetes, surgical methods are also rarely used. They can be used only if complications arise that require immediate surgical intervention. Operations are urgent and planned. Urgent spend on emergency indications, whereas planned ones must be carefully prepared in advance.

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