Treatment of longitudinal flat feet

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Last reviewed: 01.06.2018

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Treatment of longitudinal flat feet is a time-consuming and time-consuming process. It should be noted immediately that in adults it is impossible to completely remove it.

Only children can be treated, and then, in the early stages of the disease. It's not worth doing anything yourself, it's necessary to consult a specialist. Much depends on the degree of flat feet.

Treatment of longitudinal flat foot 2 degrees

Treatment of longitudinal flat feet of the 2 nd degree includes a whole complex of therapeutic measures, which must be performed in a clear order. Before turning to the consideration of this issue, it is worthwhile to note what this disease is. Flattening of the 2nd degree is characterized by some changes, which can be noticed not with an armed eye. The disease is able to gain strength, and quite swiftly. In this case, there are pains in the ankle, noticeably the gait changes and the clubfoot appears.

What to do with this disease? It should be noted immediately that it is impossible to cure it, unfortunately it is impossible, but it is quite possible to alleviate the condition. It is advisable to resort to the help of physiotherapy exercises. It takes about 15 minutes, several times a day. Usually, the complex of exercises is developed individually. Therefore, only a few basic options will be presented below.

The first exercise is performed sitting on the floor. It is necessary to tightly connect the straightened legs, so that the heels and knees easily touch each other. Then the leg of the left leg is maximally unbent and wound up behind the front part of the right foot. This exercise is performed for each lower limb.

Next, you need to sit on a chair or sofa and start bending the toes of your feet, doing it all slowly. You can take the ball and grab it with your feet. Then it is lifted several times, up and down. The following exercise involves the use of a smaller object, pen, pencil or battery. It is necessary to take it with your fingers and raise it, repeat it all several times.

There are a couple of exercises for standing. To do this, you need exactly an article and climb the socks. From this state, it is necessary to go smoothly to the outside and then return to its original position. It is recommended to walk around the room on tiptoe.

Besides exercises, massage is also done. But you should not conduct it yourself. This process should be fully controlled by the attending physician. You yourself are allowed to purchase a few massage mats and just place them in the places where people usually walk. Treatment of longitudinal flat feet is a complex process, which is controlled by a specialist.

Treatment of longitudinal flatfoot of the 3rd degree

Treatment of longitudinal flatfoot of the 3rd degree is a very complicated process, because it is a question of the last stage of the development of the disease. At this stage the disease is pronounced. The work of the musculoskeletal system is significantly impaired. There are severe pains, while walking a person is experiencing difficulties.

To help a person can only conservative or surgical treatment. In general, the second method is preferred. The fact is that with the help of exercises and massage to fix the current situation is almost impossible. Supinators, correctors and orthopedic shoes do not have the proper effect.

Remove longitudinal flat feet effectively can be surgically. This technique allows you to change the normal course of the tendon of the tibial muscle with the direction of it under the tuberosity of the navicular bone with its intersection. Then, the stitching is shortened by 1-2 cm. Such an operation is performed by experienced surgeons.

Naturally, you can try to eliminate the problem with the help of physiotherapy exercises. To do this, you will have to perform certain exercises for 15 minutes several times a day.

Exercise one. It is necessary to sit on the floor and spread your feet to each other. Then the right leg is bent and the lower leg of the left leg is stroked by the sole of the right foot. In this case, it is necessary to focus on the inner surface of the foot.

Exercise two. You need to sit on a table or sofa and take a sponge or any other soft object with your feet. He will need to grab his fingers and lift. The exercise repeats several times. A similar procedure is repeated with a towel. It must be crumpled and with the help of the toes try to straighten it.

Exercise three. It is necessary to walk around the room a little on the outside of the foot, while bending your fingers. You can move around the apartment on tiptoe.

Massage is also a great help, but an experienced person should perform it. Independently it should not be done. Treatment of longitudinal flat feet is a complex process, which should be monitored by a specialist.

Treatment of longitudinal flat feet in children

Treatment of longitudinal flatfoot in children can be performed in a conservative way, surgical intervention in this case is not implied. This problem can be congenital, therefore for its elimination use special gypsum bandages or langets. This kind of flatfoot is extremely rare.

The main causes of the development of this disease are the fragile bones, weak muscles and ligaments. Therefore, treatment has a "toning" character. To solve the problem, therapeutic massage and exercise are used. And all this is done individually for each case. Special hardening procedures help to improve blood circulation and improve muscle tone. For this action, contrast baths for feet are perfect.

Flattening in children is treated in a similar way, as in adults. For this purpose, special orthopedic footwear and insoles are prescribed. The child should not walk on the floor barefoot. It will be useful for him to do this by unevenness, grass, sand or small gravel. During the treatment, special attention is paid to the gait of the child. The kid should put feet in parallel and lean against the outer edge of the foot.

It must be understood that the most important and important factor in the treatment of longitudinal flat feet is time. There is no need to rush things, everything must be done correctly and qualitatively, in which case the problem will recede.

Treatment of longitudinal flat feet in adults

Treatment of longitudinal flat feet in adults is carried out by performing certain exercises. Naturally, in more neglected cases without surgical intervention can not be done. This issue is decided solely by the attending physician.

So, in most cases resort to the help of physiotherapy exercises. Her exercises are aimed at developing the motor skills of the toes. To do this, the object is collected from the floor, they go up and down. You can move around the apartment on tiptoe, it helps very well. The main thing is not to walk on a level surface. A full set of exercises should be coordinated with the doctor.

In addition to therapeutic gymnastics, it is recommended to wear special orthopedic insoles and shoes. It is advisable to place special massage mats throughout the apartment, this will strengthen the effect.

It is necessary to understand that quality treatment should be slow and effective. For this, it is obligatory to perform a whole range of therapeutic measures. It should be understood that no medication is able to eliminate this problem.

It is possible to resort to the help of massage. But it becomes a specialist. After all, much depends on the degree of development of the disease. Treatment of longitudinal flat feet is a complex process that requires patience.

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