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It is an increase in the sensitivity of the skin, teeth. Also, in some cases, hyperesthesia implies excessive psychic reactivity, which is accompanied by irritability, aggressiveness, less often - crying, pain, discomfort along the nerves.

What is the strong sweating of the whole body in women?

Women face the problem of increased sweating much more often than men. This is due to the peculiarities of the woman's hormonal background, as well as its anatomical and physiological characteristics (peculiar structure of the skin, sweat and sebaceous glands, hyperproduction of fluid and acid acids).

Severe sweating in women, men and children

Often considered as a purely cosmetic problem, but this is not entirely true. The fact is that this condition can become a sign of a serious disorder in the body.

Strong sweating of the body, head, legs and underarms in men

Human skin is strewn with sweat glands - tubular structural elements that release excess liquid from the body (sweat) on its surface. 

Red spots in various diseases and conditions

Red spots are rarely an independent manifestation, in most cases they act as a sign of a more severe disease. They are mainly associated with infectious and inflammatory processes.

Why did the body show red spots?

Today, more and more often you have to deal with the problem of the appearance of various rashes, irritation, spots. One of the main reasons for addressing a dermatologist is the red spots on the body. They appear in both children and adults for various reasons.

The groin in women, men and the child is strongly swollen: causes, alternative remedies for sweating

Increased sweating is a pathology that can ruin the life of any person. And it's not so much the physical discomfort that a person feels because of the constant moisture on the body, but in violation of the psychoemotional state.

Earth-gray complexion: what does it say about what to do?

The complexion is directly related to the state of health. It's not a secret for anyone that only a healthy person can have a fresh, rich complexion. The slightest changes in the state of the body immediately reflected on the skin, hair, nails.


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