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Female genital organs

Моча красного цвета у ребенка

Features of hematuria in children are associated with age indices. Urine red in a child aged 9-12 months to 2 years can be considered a relatively acceptable symptom.

Моча красного цвета как признак болезни

Signs and features of hematuria are caused by the main, provoking urine of red color, a disease. Symptoms of urine red - this is clearly a visible change in the color of urine.

Причины появления мочи желто и оранжево красного цвета

An admixture of blood in the urine of normal color can have causes as pathological in nature, as it is provoked by physiological, transient factors.

Причины появления красной мочи: от темно-розового до ярко-коричневого оттенков

Massive isolation of erythrocytes (haemolys) provokes a sharp change in the parameters of urine.

Моча красного цвета и боль: причины

Hematuria is transient, physiological, as a rule, is not accompanied by painful sensations. Urine red and pain is a signal of serious pathology.

Моча по утрам красного цвета

An important diagnostic role is played by a portion of urine atypical shade. Urine in the mornings of red color is the allocation of red blood cells in the first portion and a clear indication of the localization of the disease.

Моча красного цвета у женщины

The most common urological symptom in women is hematuria, which in principle is considered one of the most common clinical signs in urology and nephropathology.

Моча красного цвета при беременности

Doctors pay special attention to women awaiting the appearance of a child. Urine of red color during pregnancy disturbs both the future mother and her treating doctor.

Моча красного цвета у мужчин

A typical symptom of dysfunction of the urinary system in men is hematuria. Urine red in men as a clinical manifestation of many pathologies occurs in 65-70% of patients older than 55-60 years.

Причины красного цвета мочи

Urine or urine is a liquid excreta (excrementum), a product of a complex biochemical process (filtration, reabsorption, tubular secretion). Urina has quantitative and qualitative parameters, allowing to judge the health of the entire urinary system.


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