Strawberries with diabetes mellitus type 1 and 2: benefit, harm

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Last reviewed: 11.04.2020

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Strawberries are one of the favorite berries of adults and children, so it is so difficult to deny yourself such a treat, the aroma of which tempts you to taste the berry. Do I have to deny myself such pleasure in diabetes? Probably not, because the glycemic index of the strawberry rarely exceeds the figure of 32, and this is a relatively low indicator.

Particularly worry about the permissible amount of strawberries for diabetics is not worth it, because the caloric content of the berry is small (about 40 kcal per 100 g), as well as the carbohydrate content (only 7.5 -8 g, while diabetics can consume them per day in a day amount of 50 g). It turns out that even 400-500 g of strawberries with restriction of carbohydrate food will not do harm.

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But not only attracting aroma and unique taste attract people in this beautiful and brilliant berry. No less attractive is the vitamin and mineral composition. Strawberries are rich in vitamins A, C, E, K, PP and biotin. It is thanks to the latter that there is a decrease in the level of sugar in the blood, because the action of biotin is similar to insulin (it participates in the metabolism of glucose). The mineral composition of strawberries is no less useful in diabetes, because we are talking about reserves of potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, sodium, supporting the functionality of individual organs and the body as a whole.

Strawberry, although it has a sweetish taste, which indicates a high content of carbohydrates, is very rich in fiber, which inhibits the absorption of these substances, which means that it does not cause a sharp increase in the level of sugar in the blood. Like hawthorn, strawberry contains choline, which helps to control weight in cases of metabolic disorders.

To use strawberries with diabetes is better in fresh form, because it keeps the maximum amount of useful substances. It is the ideal dish for snacking (helps to avoid hypoglycemia), can be included in the composition of light fruit and berry desserts, salads, cocktails, perfect for decorating dishes from flour.



It is so popular and loved by many in our region, the berry, that we do not even think that it can have contraindications for use. Nevertheless, contraindications to the use of berries in diabetes and not only can serve as acute conditions associated with diseases of the stomach and intestines (small seeds and acids in the berry will irritate the inflamed walls of the digestive system), as well as taking antihypertensive drugs (this combination may be negative affect the work of the kidneys).

Caution with the use of berries should be observed and patients who have joint diseases diagnosed, so as not to provoke a complication of pathology.

Strawberries are considered quite a strong allergen, so it is necessary to include berries in your diet with great care, especially in childhood. Any rashes on the skin, a sudden runny nose, sneezing or coughing, vomiting, hyperhidrosis, etc. Symptoms can talk about intolerance to strawberries, and therefore, its use must be abandoned.

Toning properties of strawberries can be dangerous in pregnancy, which is associated with a risk of increasing the tone of the uterus and premature birth. This speaks in favor of limiting the intake of berries in small amounts.

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