Ginger for cold is an effective and proven remedy

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Last reviewed: 01.06.2018

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The systematic use of tea with ginger for colds, especially during the cold season and seasonal epidemics of ARI, ARVI and influenza, many times reduces the likelihood of serious illness. And this is not an allegation, but a fact acknowledged by doctors.

The birthplace of ginger is Southeast Asia. This spicy-flavored and medicinal plant Indian and Chinese peasants cultivated in their gardens in ancient times, and in treatises of traditional Indian medicine Ayurveda has detailed information about its unique medicinal properties.

An impressive list of essential oils, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids and trace elements included in ginger is not inferior to the list of diseases that it can overcome. All the chemical components of ginger have a positive effect on virtually all systems of the human body - from the respiratory to the endocrine. In addition, drinking tea with ginger improves blood composition and strengthens the immune system.


Tea with ginger for cold: preparation rules

This healing plant has antipyretic, analgesic, diaphoretic and expectorant properties, so tea with ginger for cold has long been included in the arsenal of means to combat respiratory diseases of various types.

Tea with ginger for cold is considered an express agent with harbingers and the first symptoms of the disease. There are no special difficulties in its preparation.

It should be noted immediately that the powder of the dried plant, which is sold in supermarkets (in the department of spices) will be stored longer than the fresh root. But the powder has a completely different taste and aroma, and even on the therapeutic effect, it hardly compares with fresh ginger. In addition, the dried root in the form of spices is crushed into flour, so yours will be cloudy.

Useful ginger substances are close to the skin, so when cleaning the root, try to cut as little flesh as possible. Many recipes of tea with ginger for colds indicate that the peeled root should be rubbed on a grater, and the resulting drink should be filtered. Doing this is not necessary. The flesh of the root has a fibrous structure, so it rubs badly. It is enough to chop very finely.

So, how to brew ginger for cold. The simplest recipe is based on 0.5 liters of water: a piece of root weighing 20 grams (or about half a meter long) is gently peeled and crushed with a knife. Then put in the teapot, add black tea, pour steep boiling water and insist 15 minutes under the lid. Everything is ready!

How to cook ginger for colds with green tea? Just replace the tea leaves, but try to make it without any additives: they will taste and taste the ginger.

Lemon, ginger and honey for cold - elixir of health

To make it even more useful and much tastier, try ginger with a lemon for a cold. For this, in the process of making ginger tea in a teapot, put a couple of slices of lemon. And better - add the lemon directly into the cup, as in ordinary tea. Ginger with honey for cold is prepared similarly, but there is a third option - to drink tea with a snack with honey. And you can combine all this - "except for the good, there will be no harm" ...

In the East, in a traditional hot ginger drink, which is heated in the winter and treated for a cold, put cinnamon, cloves and cardamom. This tea boil for 10-15 minutes, and, taking off the fire, add sugar and juice of fresh lemon. The Chinese strengthen the body's resistance by adding to the tea with ginger for cold black pepper.

How to brew the root of ginger with other medicinal plants? The principle is similar to the above. And as additional ingredients with ginger, peppermint and melissa are best combined.

How to drink ginger for cold: we clarify the nuances

One of the frequently asked questions about the use of ginger root for medicinal purposes: is it possible to use ginger for colds to children? It is possible, but only after two years.

It is especially useful to drink tea with a cold, sore throat and dry cough. A child may not like a burning, fragrant drink, and to soften his taste during the brewing, you can put apple peel.

And to clean the air in the room of a sick child, you can use ginger essential oil: drop a few drops of oil on a hot saucer and put it on the floor - not far from the berth.

How to drink ginger for cold? Of course, hot, and if there are obvious symptoms of a cold - at least three cups a day. By the way, despite its versatility, ginger is contraindicated at a temperature above + 38 ° С, inflammatory skin diseases, ulcer of the esophagus and stomach, ulcerative colitis, stones and sand in the kidneys and bladder. Ginger is also not recommended for pregnant women in later periods and during lactation.

And now - the prescription means, stronger than tea with ginger for cold - ginger tincture to strengthen immunity. To make it, you need 250-300 g of purified ginger root and a half-liter bottle of vodka. Pour a thinly sliced root with vodka, close the container tightly and put it in a dark place for three weeks. The future drug should be shaken from time to time. After this period, the ginger tincture is ready for use: twice a day, one teaspoonful.

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