General information about birthmarks

Dangerous and non-dangerous changes in moles

Why should you know how dangerous and non-dangerous changes in moles look like ? Because birthmarks (melanocytic nevi) are found in most people, moles are of several types and can vary, and some of them increase the risk of developing this type of skin cancer

Moles: what can you do, and what can not?

Moles are called limited clusters in the upper layer of the skin of melanocytes - special cells containing a protective pigment melanin. In connection with the birthmarks that every person has, a lot of questions arise.


Dermatoscopy is a modern method that is used to diagnose various neoplasms on the skin without the need for surgical intervention.

Birthmarks in children

The fact that moles can be unsafe, many of us have heard. However, as well as the fact that all birthmarks should be treated with extreme caution. That is why birthmarks in children are not a groundless cause for concern by parents.

Causes of the appearance of moles

It is generally accepted that the causes of moles on the body that can be formed in any of its areas are covered in benign local spread of melanocytes - dendritic cells of the basal layer of the epidermis.

What should I do if I damage my birthmark?

Although in some cases, damage to the birthmark can cause serious problems, such a probability is rather low, so you do not need to panic beforehand (but you should not let things go too).

Where can I check moles?

Moles are congenital markings on the skin that can change throughout life. Consider where to check birthmarks and how to identify the symptoms of their pathological degeneration.

Doctor by birthmark

These pigmented formations are found on the skin, in Latin - dermis. And all problems related to the skin, as is known, deals with a special section of medicine - dermatology.

Histology of a birthmark

First of all, you need to understand what the histology of a mole is. To conduct it, you must take special tissue tests, which are carried out using a microscope.


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