Wipe off at high temperature with vinegar, vodka, water

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Cool wiping with heat and fever has been practiced since ancient times, when still people did not know antipyretic drugs. They are still practiced today, despite the fact that Dr. Komarovsky has long been voiced on the television screen, referring to such an authoritative source as the World Health Organization, why this should not be done. It is especially dangerous to rub sick children with solutions of vodka or vinegar, it is not recommended to do this with adults.

However, many still practice this method of reducing heat and claim that it gives excellent results, not in the form of antipyretic drugs.

Indications for the procedure

The rise in body temperature is above 38.5 ° C, caused by various causes.

The procedures are performed in classic cases, when the patient has a fever, his body is hotter to the touch, cheeks are ruddy (red hyperthermia).


The room should be warm, but not hot (20-22 ° C). To perform the procedure you will need a soft napkin, a small towel or a flap made from natural (linen, cotton) fabric. First, a solution for wiping is prepared, it must be pleasantly warm for the patient, its temperature should not be much lower than body temperature, since the heat decreases when the solution evaporates from the surface of the body, and not from the action of cold liquid.

Then the patient undresses or is undressed, and he lies down on his back. It is worth considering that bed linen during the procedure will get wet, so you need to spread the oilcloth on top of her put a large towel or sheet that can be removed after wiping.

Technique of the wiping at a temperature of

The rules for wiping at a temperature are not very complicated. The tissue is dipped in a container with a prepared warm solution (you can lightly squeeze it) and wipe the patient's body. The procedure is carried out by light movements, avoiding pressing and intensive rubbing of the solution. First, rub palms and feet, axillary and popliteal cavities, i.e. Places of localization of large vessels. For young children this is enough. Children of school age and adults can wipe the whole body. First - hands, from the hands to the shoulders, the thorax, bypassing the skin area located above the heart. Then wipe the abdomen, bypassing the inguinal region, go down to the feet, wiping them from the top down. The patient turns on his stomach and wipes his back, gluteal region and legs.

Wiping with vinegar at a temperature of

Apple vinegar to wipe at a temperature is preferable, consider the apologists for rubbing. It does not have such an aggressive action as usual, besides, absorbed through the surface of the skin, has a calming effect on the nervous system.

Vinegar for wiping is used only diluted. When making a solution for grinding a child, it is required to observe the following proportions: one tablespoon of 9% vinegar, both apple and ordinary, is diluted in 1/2 liter of warm water (~37 ° C). During the procedure, you need to ensure that the solution does not cool.

Wiping with vinegar and water at a temperature in adolescents and adults make a solution in a 1: 1 ratio.

At the end of the procedure, the patient is covered with a light sheet and put a napkin moistened in the already cooled solution for rubbing on the forehead. It must be periodically changed as it warms up.

Wiping with vodka at a temperature of

Such wipes even advocates of this method are not recommended for children under the age of three, in other sources, age limits extend to seven years.

Vodka for wiping is recommended to dilute with water, observing equal proportions, and for any age category the same composition is used.

Wipings are carried out according to the usual procedure, then the patient's body is warmed by warm air for a minute and a half with the help of a hair dryer (the air temperature switch is set to the middle position).

It is possible, for greater effect, to prepare a solution of three components, mixing vodka, vinegar and water in equal proportions.

After the procedure, the patient is laid in bed, hiding without fanaticism. On his forehead they put a napkin moistened with cool water, which is periodically refreshed.

Wiping with water at a temperature of

Wiping with water at a temperature is recognized even by opponents of procedures using vinegar and vodka, since water is not toxic and, if it does not help, it does not hurt. Modern research has shown that vodka and vinegar do not have any advantages as antipyretic agents in front of plain water, but they can have side effects.

Wiping with cold water at a temperature is unacceptable, as it will cause chills, and the body will try to warm itself by further raising the temperature. Hot too it is not necessary. The water temperature should not be very different from the body temperature (below no more than 2-3 °).

The most acceptable are wiping with a wet towel at a temperature of. The towel should be soaked in warm water, slightly wring out and wipe the body with it. This procedure can be repeated at intervals of 30 minutes repeatedly.

Wiping the child at a temperature of modern pediatrics allows only water. Acetic wiping at the temperature of an adult modern medicine is also not welcome, as well as alcohol-containing products, however, the choice is for the patient.

Of course, it is best to do the wiping at the temperature during pregnancy with water. The technique is the same, only the stomach to wipe is not recommended. And it is better to limit oneself to the palms, feet, axillary and popliteal areas.

Alternative medicine does not deny the possibility of wiping a pregnant woman with vinegar or vodka, but from the modern point of view it should not be done. A pregnant woman does not need any risks associated with the action of toxic substances, what they are.

Children, pregnant women and adults can be wiped off at a temperature with special wet wipes, which are sold in pharmacies.

Contraindications to the procedure

There are age limits to rubbing vodka and vinegar, and, since these methods are not used by official medicine, there are differences in this paragraph. Vinegar wipes are not used to reduce the temperature in infants up to six months, in other sources, as well as vodka - up to three years of age, some sources indicate a lower limit for vodka wipes - seven years.

Wiping with vinegar is not shown to adults and children with respiratory manifestations of the disease or chronic pathology of the respiratory system. Evaporation can worsen a patient's condition.

Contraindication is intolerance to vinegar or alcohol, and also - the presence of lesions and irritations of the skin.

Wiping with warm water has practically no contraindications, however, if a patient with a high temperature is pale, he has cold to the touch limbs (the so-called - white hyperthermia), then he is contraindicated in any wiping and antipyretic agents are recommended spasmolytic.

Consequences after the procedure

Both alcohol and vinegar applied to the child's skin are absorbed into the systemic bloodstream and can cause intoxication. Especially dangerous for a child is alcohol. Consequences after the procedure with the use of alcohol - coma, and sometimes a death. Already in the fifties of the last century, American pediatricians began to warn parents about the danger of using alcohol for rubbing at high temperatures.

Inhalation of acetic and alcoholic vapors aggravates intoxication and can provoke spasm of the larynx.

Complications after the procedure

Rapid reduction in skin surface temperature leads to narrowing and spasm of its vessels, which causes such complications after the procedure of wiping as a violation of heat transfer and overheating of internal organs (heat stroke).

Care after the procedure

After the procedure, the patient is laid in bed, wearing a thin cotton pajamas and covering with a sheet or a light blanket. On his forehead they put a napkin moistened with cool water, which is periodically refreshed. It is necessary to monitor the patient's body temperature every 30-40 minutes, if it does not decrease, then the procedure is carried out again. Water rubbing can be repeated many times, they are also used as additional measures between medicines.

It is important to know!

The main task of parents in such cases is to differentiate states that require immediate assistance.

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