Symptoms and types of glaucoma

Giant filter cushions and glaucoma

Giant pads can grow on the cornea, occupying the central zone and inducing asymmetrical astigmatism with the inability to correct visual acuity. The treatment of giant pads should be progressive, starting from the simplest methods and proceeding to more complex ones.

External filtration and glaucoma

External filtration develops with a small hole in the wall of the filtration cushion, which leads to leakage of intraocular fluid with a direct communication between the outer surface and the internal cavity of the pillow.

Small and flat anterior chamber and glaucoma

Depending on the etiology in the case of flat chambers, high or low intraocular pressure is recorded. The doctor sets the diagnosis based on the detection of a flat or shallow chamber in the postoperative period, a clinical history, examination data and the level of intraocular pressure.

Hypotonic maculopathy

Hypotonic maculopathy is a condition in which folds of choroid and / or retina are formed with involvement of the macular area, leading to a decrease in vision against the background of hypotension.

Malignant glaucoma: causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment

The syndrome of disturbance of the intraocular fluid current (malignant glaucoma) usually develops after a penetrating operation, but cases of occurrence and after laser procedures are described.

Iridocorneal syndrome: causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment

Iridocorneal syndrome is rare, the exact prevalence is unknown. Typically, the disease is typical for middle-aged women, with the defeat of one eye.

Neovascular glaucoma: causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment

Neovascular glaucoma (NVH) is a secondary, closed-angle form of glaucoma. At first, the fibrovascular membrane grows on top of the trabecular network. The angle is open, but blocked.

Flat Iris: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment

Flat iris develops, as a rule, in women aged 40-60 years. Hypermetropia with a flat iris is not as common as in the secondary closure of the angle with a relative pupillary block.

Primary angle-closure glaucoma: causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment

Closed-angle glaucoma, developing with predisposing forms of the iris, is called primary closed-angle. Pathology can be with acute, subacute and secondary chronic closure of the angle with a pupil block or a flat iris.

Cyclodialysis: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment

Cyclodialysis is a focal detachment of the ciliary body from its attachment to the scleral spur. Cyclodialysis develops after a dull or penetrating injury or as a complication after intraocular surgery, resulting in temporary or permanent hypotension.


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