Treatment of lymphoma in Israel

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Last reviewed: 18.06.2018

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Treatment of lymphoma in Israel is an opportunity to restore health quickly and effectively. Let's look at the methods and the best Israeli clinics for treating this disease. And also the cost of therapy and feedback from patients who successfully cured lymphoma.

Lymphoma is one of the types of cancer that affects the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is a component of the human immune system, it consists of lymph nodes, and vessels carrying lymph (a fluid with protective cells). The main function of the lymphatic system is the production of lymphocytes. The lymphatic system includes: thymus gland, tonsils, spleen, intestines, bone marrow and skin. The danger of this hematologic disease is that it can affect any organ. Lymphoma accounts for about 5% of all cancers.

With lymphoma, cells of the lymphatic system undergo uncontrolled division, which leads to the formation and growth of the tumor. Malignant cells spread throughout the body, hitting various systems. Lymphoma is a common term for cancer, which affects the lymphatic system. Isolate Hodgkin's disease in which white blood cells develop blood cancer and non-Hodgkin's lymphomas that can affect any system or part of the body.

Treatment of lymphoma in Israel begins with the diagnosis of the disease. The doctors are faced with the task of determining the type of cancer and the type of lymphoma. Modern methods of diagnosis can detect lymphoma at an early stage of development. This allows you to prevent pathological processes that affect the entire body. The success of therapy depends on the stage of development of the disease, so the early stages of the disease are more treatable, but the last stages of the disease - it is almost an irreversible process.

Methods of treatment of lymphoma in Israel

Methods of treating lymphoma in Israel differ in their diversity and effectiveness. Therapeutic tactics depends on the type, stage of the disease, the severity of the symptoms, the age and overall health of the patient. Let's look at the widespread methods of therapy for lymphoma in Israel:

  • Chemotherapy

The most effective way to treat non-Hodgkin's lymphomas. For therapy, drugs that lower the action of certain blood cells are used. In some cases, patients are transfused with blood factors. Liposome chemotherapy can be used to treat lymphoma. This method implies the introduction of drugs not in solution, but in microscopic particles - liposomes. The method is considered innovative and improves the effectiveness of chemotherapy.

  • Radiation therapy

Can be used as the main method of therapy at an early stage. This method is used in complex treatment with chemotherapy in the late stages of the disease, to alleviate the pain syndrome.

  • Proton therapy

High doses of radiation act directly in the tumor region, without damaging effects on nearby healthy tissues. In the treatment of certain types of disease, proton therapy shows high efficiency. This method has minimal side effects.

  • Immunotherapy

Used to treat non-Hodgkin's lymphomas and Hodgkin's lymphomas. Doctors use monoclonal antibodies, that is biological methods of therapy, which ensure the production of antibodies to fight the body against cancer. Another method of treatment with immunotherapy is the use of a protease inhibitor. For treatment, immunomodulators (Thalidomide, Lenalidomide) are used that change the environment of the tumor cell, which leads to its death. Immunotherapy destroys cancer cells and prevents tumor metastasis.

  • Radioimmunotherapy

Radioimmunotherapy is a complex method of treating lymphoma, which consists of monoclonal antibodies that have the ability to locally destroy cancer cells. The most popular means for conducting radioimmunotherapy Zevalin. The mechanism of action of the drug is based on the defeat of cancer cells due to compounds from monoclonal antibodies and radioactive isotopes.

  • Biotherapy

Treatment of the disease is effected by the immune system. Patients are given vaccines or antibodies that act on certain molecules of malignant markers. The peculiarity of the therapy is the absence of side effects.

  • Bone marrow transplantation

For the treatment of lymphoma, oncologists use high doses of chemotherapy, which can damage the bone marrow. Therefore, before the chemotherapy, the patient takes his bone marrow and freezes. After chemotherapy, the previously taken bone marrow is thawed and injected intravenously. This is necessary to replace the damaged bone marrow and successfully recover after treatment.

To date, in the advanced clinics for the treatment of lymphoma in Israel is testing low-dose intensive chemotherapy. Such therapy is low-toxic and safe for the body. Another development that accelerates the process of lymphoma therapy is the collection of stem cells directly from the blood of the patient or donor.

Clinics in Israel for the treatment of lymphoma

Clinics in Israel for the treatment of lymphoma are undertaking the restoration of patients with the most neglected diseases. Many modern certified medical centers and clinics allow you to choose the best therapy for cancer. Let's look at the most popular clinics in Israel for the treatment of lymphoma:

  • The Ichiol Clinic is a multidisciplinary medical center, which is famous for professional oncologists of the highest category, having authority not only in Israel, but all over the world. The clinic has its own diagnostic base, which makes it possible to recognize the disease at the earliest stages. A set of therapeutic measures is carried out both by methods of chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and by surgical intervention.

Address: Israel, Tel-Aviv, Weizmann 14

  • Herzliya Medical Center is the leading multidisciplinary clinic in Israel, in which the best specialists from all over the world work. Professional oncologists, onco-surgeons and other narrow specialists are ready at any time to receive the patient and provide medical assistance. Every year more than 10 thousand foreign tourists come to the clinic to treat lymphoma and other malignant diseases. On the basis of the clinic, a pathological laboratory operates, in which analyzes are carried out for most medical centers in Israel. The clinic is equipped with advanced equipment, and for the treatment of the disease only modern, highly effective methods are used.

Address: Israel, Herzliya, st. Ramat Yam 7

  • Hadassah is the largest clinical and scientific medical center in the world. Hadassah is engaged in the treatment of cancer of different localization and at different stages of development. On the basis of the clinic there is a specialized medical center that deals with the therapy of all kinds of lymphomas.

Address: Israel, Jerusalem, st. Kiryat Hadassah

  • The Tel Hah Shomer Medical Center is a university medical center, which is famous for its multidisciplinary high-qualified specialists. On the basis of the clinic is a large research center, which cooperates with the world's pharmaceutical companies for the production of medicines and medical technologies. For patients, this is a guarantee that the treatment will be carried out by the most modern methods and means.

Address: Israel, Ramat Gan, Derekh Shiba 2

  • Medical Center Rabin - is the second in Israel as a multidisciplinary medical clinic. The center includes many other clinics that are known outside of Israel. Rabin is famous for its oncology center Davidoff and the Institute of Genetics Recanati. The medical center provides therapy for all types of diseases, including malignancies. Upon arrival at the clinic, the patient will be accompanied by personal support throughout the course of treatment and working with professional doctors.

Address: Israel, Petah Tikva, ul. Jabotinsky 39

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The cost of treating lymphoma in Israel

The cost of treating lymphoma in Israel depends on the stage of the disease and the type of lymphoma. Another important point - the location of the disease, the age of the patient and the presence of chronic diseases. The type of treatment and the clinic in which the therapy will take place is another factor that affects the final cost of treating lymphoma.

So, an initial consultation with a hematologist or a lymphologist who will make a program of further actions, that is, assign diagnostics and tests, costs about $ 500. The detailed blood tests, which are necessary for the formulation of an accurate diagnosis (biochemistry, hormonal profile, oncomarkers, electrolytes) will cost 600-800 USD. When biopsy from the lymph node, the cost of the procedure will cost 500-600 USD, the same cost of bone marrow biopsy. Computer tomography and additional diagnostic methods, which allow to visualize the state of lymphoid tissue, cost about 1000 cu. A bone marrow biopsy with histochemistry and histopathology is about 3000 cu.

After this, the patient is waiting for a final consultation with a lymphologist who prescribes therapy. The price of a doctor's visit to make a treatment plan will cost 200-400 USD. The course of chemotherapy costs from 3000 US dollars, and the surgical removal of an enlarged lymph node from 8000 USD. All the above prices are the average for Israel for this type of medical services. To determine the final cost, you need to contact the medical center or clinic, which will be treated.

Reviews about the treatment of lymphoma in Israel

Numerous positive responses about the treatment of lymphoma in Israel are confirmed by the high level of medicine and the professionalism of doctors. Israeli clinics successfully treat diseases of different localization, both at early and late stages of development. The peculiarity of the treatment is the selection of the most safe for the body and effective method of therapy.

Treatment of lymphoma in Israel is an opportunity to get rid of malignant disease and lead a full-fledged lifestyle. Modern clinics and multidisciplinary medical centers are ready to accept patients at any time and conduct a full course of therapy aimed at recovery.

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