Treatment of hemorrhoids in pregnancy

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Treatment of hemorrhoids during pregnancy should be as early as possible to prevent complications during pregnancy and directly during childbirth. Therefore, taking into account the possible harm of drugs for the future child, local means and alternative methods of treatment are of great importance. Hemorrhoids are a common problem for pregnant women, even if they have not previously encountered it. This is due to physiological and anatomical changes during pregnancy. Therefore, you need to know some recipes that will help fight these problems.

Features of the use of various means for the treatment of hemorrhoids in pregnancy

Hemorrhoids during pregnancy develops because of anatomical and physiological changes in the body of a woman during pregnancy. This is due to the fact that the uterus, when enlarged in size, presses on all the organs of the small pelvis - the rectum, the bladder, and also on the lower vena cava. All these changes contribute to the disruption of the normal outflow of venous blood from the rectum and form its stasis with the gradual expansion of venous sinuses. This process is also facilitated by a gradual increase in intra-abdominal pressure. There are other factors that affect the stagnation of venous blood - a sedentary lifestyle of a pregnant woman, a decrease in intestinal motility, and the nature of nutrition.

The severity of symptoms may be minor, but there may be acute manifestations of the disease that require immediate treatment. It should be noted that the treatment of an acute period should be conducted with caution.

Priority in the treatment of hemorrhoids in pregnancy have local remedies, because they have the fastest effect and are less toxic to the child. Means for treating hemorrhoids during pregnancy should not only have a pronounced therapeutic effect, but also should be safe - this is another statement in favor of local remedies.

Treatment with creams and ointments is used most often, since it is an available local pharmacological form of the drug. In this case, any ointment has some features of use. It is better to apply ointment for the treatment of hemorrhoids in pregnant women after the act of bowel movement, when the intestine is empty. There may be unpleasant sensations in the rectum or pain, in which case the ointment will just relieve soreness due to the presence of anesthetic properties in its composition. Also ointment should be used after a light toilet of genitals for the prevention of an ascending infection. It is better to do these procedures at night, if there is a need to use the ointment several times a day, then you need to lie down for a few minutes for better absorption.

The main ointments that are used at different stages of hemorrhoids and with different clinical manifestations are the following: "Roxerutin", "Aetscin", "Doxium", "Misengal", "Proctaglyvenol", "Gepatrombin".

Means for the treatment of hemorrhoids in pregnancy

Treatment of hemorrhoids should be differentiated. That is, different stages of the disease, different localization of the process, the presence or absence of complications - in all these cases the treatment is different.

First of all it is necessary to distinguish hemorrhoids of different localization - external and internal. The difference between these two concepts is that the external hemorrhoids are localized in the very anus and can be seen with the naked eye. Such hemorrhoids in terms of diagnosis and treatment are more favorable. In this case, in case of inflammation of the nodes, burning, pain, and unpleasant sensations appear, which requires immediate action. In this case, the treatment aims to reduce the severity of clinical manifestations and to remove edema and inflammatory reaction. For the treatment of external hemorrhoids during pregnancy are used: "Ginkor-Forte", "Doxium", "Misvengal". These drugs have the ability to strengthen the muscular layer of the venous wall of the hemorrhoidally dilated veins, increase the tone of the veins and reduce blood stasis and thrombus formation in them, strengthen the vessel wall, and also have an anti-inflammatory, anti-edematous and antiseptic effect. This contributes to the fact that the drug is used during an acute period of hemorrhoids during pregnancy, especially when it is outwardly localized. It is better to use drugs in the form of ointments, because they are easier to use, so as not to injure the increased hemorrhoids and not cause bleeding.

To treat internal hemorrhoids, you can also use the above listed drugs, but it is better to use them in the pharmacological form of the candles, since this form allows you to have a longer and more pronounced therapeutic effect. Sea-buckthorn candles are also widely used to treat hemorrhoids during pregnancy. They have a plant composition that affects the hemorrhoidal nodes in the event of their active inflammation. Sea-buckthorn suppository has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antispasmodic, regenerating and antibacterial effects, which also prevents the emergence of bacterial complications.

Treatment of bleeding hemorrhoids during pregnancy should primarily be aimed at stopping these bloody discharge. Therefore, priority drugs are drugs that have a haemostatic component in their composition. Therefore, in this case, use "Himopsin" and "Gepatrombin." Sometimes, in a chronic process, correction of developed anemia may be necessary.

Alternative treatment of hemorrhoids in pregnancy

Alternative treatment of hemorrhoids during pregnancy is used very often, especially during the period of remission. Use a lot of medicines, tinctures, and also other means of treatment.

First of all, it is necessary to note the importance of gymnastic exercises. In the case of the first stage of the disease, with proper prevention, it is possible to stop the process at this stage of the disease until the very birth. Therefore it is important to use various exercises that strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor, which improves the flow of venous blood from the rectum and increases the tone of the vessels. It is necessary to walk periodically with the exception of a sedentary lifestyle.

An important element is nutrition - you need to eat light protein foods and vegetables, without complex long-term retarded proteins. You need to have your diet, so that the bowel movement process is not broken.

Treatment of hemorrhoids during pregnancy at home provides special gymnastic exercises, diet, as well as alternative treatments that are always at hand.

The main alternatives are:

  1. It is useful to take sedentary baths with herbal infusions. To do this, take in equal amounts the leaves of chamomile, oak bark, calendula flowers - all this boil for five to ten minutes, then cool and warmly pour into a container, then sit in it for about ten minutes.
  2. Infusions of herbs for ingestion - the herb St. John's wort is cooked in hot water for several minutes, then it is insisted for an hour or two and can be taken on an empty stomach by a teaspoonful.
  3. Well strengthens the tone of veins chokeberry. It is necessary to squeeze out the juice from it and take on a tablespoon three times a day.
  4. Three average apples should be cut into pieces, pour a liter of water and cook for half an hour, then insist another hour, strain and take such a compote on a glass three times a day.
  5. Treatment of hemorrhoids with potatoes during pregnancy is very common and effective, especially such a remedy can be done at home. There are several ways for this. You can cut potatoes with long straws and use candles instead of candles twice a day. You can also grate the potatoes, squeeze the excess juice and wrap the remaining potatoes in the cheesecloth, making a tampon that also needs to be inserted into the anus.

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This is the main alternative treatment that is used to treat hemorrhoids during pregnancy, but they are often used because of less harm to the child.

Treatment of hemorrhoids during pregnancy can be carried out by medicines and alternative methods. At the same time in the treatment of medicinal products have a more good and less harmful effect have local forms - ointments and rectal suppositories. Alternative therapies play an important role in treating hemorrhoids precisely during pregnancy, so they are often used by women.

It is important to know!

When a doctor examines the patient, his hemorrhoids (cones) are visible to the naked eye. They are as small as a pea or as large as cherries. Cones can be single or they can be a wreath. Hemorrhoids but can be not only outside, but also internal. How to diagnose hemorrhoids, if the cones are not visible? Read more..

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