Treatment of exacerbation of chronic gastritis with drugs

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Last reviewed: 11.04.2020

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With exacerbation of gastritis, you should immediately consult a doctor for diagnosis and appropriate treatment. It is also necessary to switch to a sparing diet. From the diet should exclude all foods that contribute to the maintenance of the inflammatory process. Fried and spicy dishes, spices, sauces, marinades are excluded. We need only boiled and steamed food. Gradually include in the diet of soft, mashed foods.

Treatment for exacerbation of gastritis

Any scheme implies, first of all, compliance with the regime. Then there is medication: prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs, drugs that normalize bowel motility and normal bile secretion. In addition, funds can be allocated to normalize acidity or microflora. Symptomatic treatment depends on the concomitant pathologies and results of the examination. Pain relief can be used to relieve pain. In the fight against spasm, antispasmodics will help.


With exacerbation of gastritis, as with any other disease, the body needs vitamins. Below is the daily vitamin norm, which the patient should receive during the period of exacerbation:

  • Vitamin PP - 60 mg
  • Vitamin H - 150 μg
  • Vitamin C - 500 mg
  • Vitamin K - 360 mcg.

Physiotherapeutic treatment

With gastritis, thermal, electrolytic procedures are used. A common procedure is electrophoresis, in which the drug is applied to the mucous membranes. Under the action of microcurrents, medication is absorbed. The advantage of this method is that the active substance is delivered directly to the inflammation zone, where it has a direct anti-inflammatory effect. The dosage is reduced and the effectiveness of the drug is increased, the risk of side effects is minimized.

Exercise for chronic gastritis during exacerbation

Immediately at the time of inflammation physical activity is better to exclude. Only light exercises, static poses, breathing exercises and relaxing techniques are allowed. If there is severe pain, nausea, it is best to refrain from doing the exercises.

Exercises for stretching, stretching of the spine and twisting are shown. Today there are many complexes that are presented in the form of video lessons. You can also go to a polyclinic or a hospital to get a full consultation of an instructor in physiotherapy. It will help to select individual exercises that will be effective in this form and the severity of the disease. You can attend group sessions, in which the instructor checks the correctness of the performance, determine the optimal load.

When exacerbation, the exercise aimed at stretching the spine helps a lot. To do this, lie on the floor, try to relax, then slowly begin to stretch the shoulders, hands and spine in one direction, and legs and waist zone - in the other.

You can also perform this exercise in an upright position. This will require an ordinary horizontal bar or gym wall. You need to hang on the bar with your legs tucked. At the same time, one should try to stretch the spine as much as possible: hands and head go one way, legs - in the opposite direction.

The "pose of the child" will help to remove the pain. Her detailed description can be found in the complex of exercises of the system "Hatha Yoga" and yoga therapy. It is necessary to sit down on your knees, close your eyes, relax. Gradually we descend forward, we lower the chest and stomach area to our knees, while trying to lower our head to the floor. Arms for back, back or pull forward. In this exercise, we try to relax as much as possible. With the effort of will we direct all attention to the area of the stomach, to the place where the pain is felt. We try to mentally relax the muscles of the stomach, abdomen, internal organs, muscles of the press. Exercise at least 10-15 minutes.

Breathing exercises help relieve pain, spasm, eliminate discomfort and nausea. You need to sit down and relax. Breathing is performed by the abdomen. On inhalation, the stomach as much as possible goes forward, on exhalation - we press to the spine. At the same time it represents how, in inspiration, along with air, a stream of light, pure force enters us, directed to the area of the stomach, to the focus of inflammation. At the same time, pain sensations decrease, warmth spreads through the body. At the output of the black energy, the dirt collects in the area of the stomach and exits outwards through a black stream. The muscles of the abdomen relax all the time, we direct all attention to them. The same exercise can be performed while standing.

Relaxing exercises are aimed at relieving tension, eliminating spasm, pain. Relaxation is especially effective in the system of complex treatment of gastritis, aggravated by nervous stress. There are many meditative complexes, special relaxing music, mantras, sounds of nature that contribute to deeper relaxation, muscle relaxation.

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Alternative treatment

Gastritis can be treated with alternative means, which should only be used after a doctor's prior consultation. During an exacerbation, alternative drugs should be used only as part of complex therapy, in themselves they are ineffective.

To strengthen the body and normalize metabolic processes, it is recommended to use a strengthening agent. It also helps to cleanse the body, including the digestive tract. For its preparation, take 200 grams of dates without pits, dried apples, dried apricots. All this is mixed, passed through a meat grinder. Add to taste honey, ground ginger. Allowed to infuse for 3 days, then ingested 1 tablespoon, twice a day.

To prepare a decoction that will remove the spasm and pain, take the leaves of mint and nettle in equal parts, mix together. To prepare the broth, take 1 tablespoon of the mixture, pour boiling water (a glass). They give the opportunity to brew. Filter, add honey to taste, drink warmly as tea. In a day, you can drink up to 1, 5-2 liters of this decoction.

Well-established decoction of rose hips with nutrients. For cooking, take 1 tablespoon of rose hips, pour a glass of boiling water. They give the opportunity to brew. Before use add 10-15 drops of extract or magnolia juice, 1 teaspoon of sea buckthorn oil. Drink as a tea in a warm form, up to 1 liter a day. Rosehip removes the inflammatory process, magnolia-tree saturates the body with nutrients, sea buckthorn helps restore the mucous membrane, prevents the development of ulcers and erosion.

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Herbal Treatment

Herbs have long been used to treat various inflammatory processes, restore the body. Grass pal-pala helps quickly to remove the inflammatory process, to stop the pain. For broth take 5-10 grams of herbs, pour boiling water. Allow to stand for half an hour. Drink 1 teaspoon every 5 hours.

To quickly cure gastritis, which is inflamed against a background of nervous overstrain, stress is infused with valerian infusion. To do this, 15 grams of valerian root is poured a glass of vodka. Insist 3-5 days in a dark place. Drink 1 tablespoon three times a day.

At a nausea of a gastric origin use broth of a dill. When cooking, take 5 grams of dill seeds per 500 ml of water, pour boiling water. Allow to stand for half an hour. They drink warmly when there is a feeling of heaviness, nausea. If nausea does not bother, use 2-3 tablespoons of broth every 3-4 hours.


Homeopathic remedies have proven themselves in the treatment of gastritis and other diseases of the stomach and intestines. Precautions should be observed before taking. Be sure to consult a doctor. Homeopathic remedies should be included in complex therapy. But only you need to know at what stage this is best done. It must be remembered that some substances can be incompatible with each other, which will lead to numerous side effects. It should be taken with caution, since many drugs have a cumulative effect: that is, they begin to act only after they accumulate a certain amount in the body. Some can begin to act even after a full course of treatment.

  • Balsam "Family Doctor"

Has a positive effect on the stomach, the walls of the esophagus, normalizes acidity, relieves inflammation. The composition includes bearish fat, propolis extract, labaznik, sage and sea buckthorn oil. Apply 1 teaspoon of the drug twice a day. Store in the original packaging in the refrigerator.

  • Doctor Amura

Balsam, which prevents the development of ulcers, normalizes the mucous membranes and walls of the stomach and intestines. Promotes the recovery and recovery of the body. Take should be within a month for 1 tablespoon 2-3 times a day. The composition of the drug includes badger fat, perga, licorice and St. John's wort, cedar gum.

  • «Healthy stomach»

To restore the stomach after inflammation, to heal lesions and erosions apply this balm for one tablespoon 2-3 times a day. The composition includes perga, Altai mummy, St. John's wort, ginseng, cedar oil.

"Siberian herbalist"

Applied for the prevention of gastritis, in the treatment of inflammatory processes in the stomach and intestines. Normalizes intestinal motility. Take 1 tablespoon 1-2 times a day. The composition includes beeswax, milk thistle, mountain Altai honey and cedarwood.


Surgical interventions can be required only in emergency cases, for example, when opening bleeding, the appearance of open ulcers, neoplasms. Also, surgical intervention may be required in the event that the cause of gastritis is a foreign body in the stomach or esophagus, with obstruction of the esophagus.

Nutrition for exacerbation of gastritis

With exacerbation of gastritis should be dietary, gentle nutrition. On the first day with severe pain and severity of symptoms, it is recommended to go hungry all day. On the second day it is recommended to include in the diet broths, broths of wild rose, herbal decoctions and infusions. On the third day you can add lightly wiped dishes in boiled and steam form. On day 5, you can gradually expand the menu, including every day one dish or product. Gentle diet should be observed from 14 to 28 days. Better 28 days, because this is a complete biochemical cycle and during this time, a complete restoration and renewal of the organism takes place.

Diet with exacerbation of gastritis

During the period of compliance, you should observe a sparing diet, which does not overload the body and does not contain harmful, irritating substances. An approximate menu for one day has roughly the following form:

  • Breakfast

Cottage cheese with sour cream and sugar, berry jelly.

  • Dinner

Broth chicken, porridge barley (liquid, mashed). Meat, minced with small pieces, carrots, grated with greens. Green tea.

  • Dinner

Porridge pumpkin semi-liquid, boiled egg. Kissel.

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What is in the early days of exacerbation of gastritis?

The first day should be completely hungry. It is not recommended to take anything except clean water. On the second day, medicinal broths, rosehips are added. You can drink tea from various herbs. Broths, crunches are added. Only on the third day you can include in the diet liquid and wiped dishes, boiled or steam products, low-fat.

What to drink with exacerbation of gastritis?

In the first day you can drink only pure water, non-carbonated. It can be any mineral water, in extreme cases - boiled.

On the second day you can drink vegetable broths, dog rose, weak tea.

On the third day you can add jelly, tea with milk, kefir.

Alcohol with exacerbation of gastritis

Any alcoholic beverages should be completely excluded, since alcohol is one of the main factors that contributes to the development of inflammation, increases pain and spasm. When drinking alcohol during the exacerbation of gastritis can go to a peptic ulcer.

Products with exacerbation of gastritis

During the period of exacerbation, all products are divided into permitted and prohibited. To the approved products include low-fat varieties of meat and fish, vegetables. All products must be boiled or steamed. Instead of bread should be toast or crackers. Instead of potatoes it is recommended to eat cereals. Potatoes are allowed only in the form of mashed potatoes. Frying and dressing does not apply. Soups are only liquid, transparent, you can light broths, cottage cheese, cheese. Prohibited products include pasta, flour and confectionery products, fresh bread, fatty meat, citrus fruits. Also forbidden fat, lard, butter, spices, seasonings, sauces and marinades.

  • Fruit

Fruits can be used fresh, as well as in the form of jam, jams, jam. Jam can be added to tea. Positively affect the body fruit purees, salads. It is recommended puree from apples, banana, melon, apricot puree. It is worth to try the grated berries with sugar. Exclude from the diet you need citrus, spicy fruit. You can take dried fruits, especially useful figs and dried apricots. Fruits can be filled with honey. Also allowed to use in the form of juices. You can drink juice with pulp. Do not recommend wet and canned fruit. Fruits not only contribute to the normalization of digestion and the removal of inflammation, they also saturate the body with vitamins, remove toxins. This greatly accelerates recovery.

  • Apples

Apples have a positive effect on the healing process. They are rich in vitamins, contain iron. This promotes rapid removal of inflammation, normalization of microflora. There is an acceleration of regeneration. You can use it in the form of puree, jam, fresh. Many add apples in the composition of fruit salads, in sweet cereals, a salad of cottage cheese. From apples it is possible to prepare a casserole, charlotte. Many prefer baked apples with the addition of cinnamon or vanilla.

  • Bananas

In the period of inflammation it is recommended to use bananas. They normalize the metabolism, relieve the sensation of pain, burning, eliminate nausea. Affect the mucosa soothing, relieve inflammation. Applied in the usual form. The action of bananas is enhanced when they are used with kefir. You can also make a mashed potatoes from bananas. Excellent proven themselves as one of the components of fruit salad.

  • Vegetables

With an exacerbation, you need to include more vegetables in your diet. If after eating vegetables fresh in the stomach pain intensifies, you need only use boiled, steamed or stewed vegetables. Recommended vegetable broths, soups. You can cook vegetable stew. Recommended boiled cauliflower, stewed cabbage, grated carrots, fresh cucumber, tomato, pepper. Eggplants and zucchini should be eaten in moderation. Fit stuffed vegetables. You can extinguish vegetables with meat. Sauces are excluded. You can drink vegetable juices, cook mashed potatoes. Especially useful for the stomach is tomato, carrot juice.

  • Beet

Beets can be used in a boiled form. You can also add with the composition of various vegetable salads. In the second or third week you can include a small amount of vinaigrette in the diet. Beetroot is recommended to fill with sunflower oil. You can make a salad with beans.

  • Fresh cucumber

Some fresh cucumbers can be transferred by the body in different ways. You need to look at the state of health: if after using cucumbers pain does not increase, you can safely include in the diet. With increased nausea and painful sensations, fresh cucumbers should be excluded from the diet (marinated, salted, salted are also prohibited). You can add in a small amount in other salads.

  • Milk

During the exacerbation of milk is not recommended. It is allowed to include milk in small quantities in tea, chicory. You can cook milk porridge. In addition, milk is not recommended for people over 20 years of age, because there is no enzyme in their body that contributes to the splitting of milk. As a result, the metabolism is disrupted. Milk is recommended only for children.

  • Kefir

In the diet, kefir is included on the third day of exacerbation. It promotes normalization of microflora, removes inflammation, eliminates nausea and pain. It can be taken during the day with small sips to suppress pain. When used together with bananas or banana mashed potatoes, the effect of kefir increases, there is a rapid recovery not only of the digestive tract, but also of the entire metabolism of the body.

  • Yogurt

Approximately on the third day of exacerbation you can eat yogurt. It has a positive effect on intestinal motility, relieves inflammation, restores the microflora. Can be consumed throughout the day. Eliminates pain. You can take yogurt with pieces of fruit and berries, with cereals, but without dyes.

  • Cottage cheese

Approximately for 4-5 days in a diet in a small amount include cottage cheese. It can be eaten fresh. Often, salads are prepared from cottage cheese, adding sour cream, pieces of fruit, berries, jam or jams. You can prepare curds, cottage cheese casseroles. It goes well with yogurt and yogurt. It is better to eat for dinner.

  • Cheese

Cheese positively affects the body during the period of exacerbation. It is an easy, dietary product that provides the body with protein, nourishes. Cheese can be used slices, and also add to the composition of various dishes, salads. During the exacerbation, you can use any cheese, except smoked and suluguni. Positively affects the state of the stomach with processed cheese and cheese.

  • Kashi

It is recommended to use a variety of porridges. They are introduced on the third day of exacerbation. The first week you can eat only rubbed, liquid and semi-liquid porridge. It is necessary to try to include in the diet as much variety of cereals as possible. It is recommended to cook porridge from buckwheat, pearl barley, barley, corn, rice, wheat. Useful properties are mixtures of 2-3 kinds of cereal. For breakfast it is recommended oatmeal, "Hercules", pumpkin, semolina porridge. You can refill cereals with butter. You can add pieces of fruit, berries. Often, porridge is prepared on milk.

  • Buckwheat

Buckwheat quickly eliminates the inflammatory process, cleanses the body, removes toxins. You can cook in the form of porridge, add to the soup. From buckwheat prepare different dishes, for example, Greek, buckwheat pancakes. Buckwheat in combination with milk saturates the body with all the necessary amino acids, normalizes metabolism.

  • Soups

Soups are an obligatory part of the diet of a person suffering from gastritis, both during the period of exacerbation and during the period of remission. Soups can be cooked on broth and without it. The broth can be fish, meat, vegetable, mushroom. To the soup is not recommended bread, and crackers or croutons. You need to include a variety of soups: vegetable, buckwheat, rice, potato, soup. Dairy soups, soups with legumes are useful. The soup should be warm. When exacerbation is included in the diet on the third day of exacerbation. You do not need to fry the soup. Low-fat meat is used for broth. Spices should not be, the amount of salt is reduced to a minimum.

  • Honey

Honey has excellent wound-healing properties, restores damaged mucous membrane, relieves irritation and inflammation. Honey has antibacterial properties, restores the microflora. You can eat in pure form, especially on an empty stomach. Also add to tea, in the composition of syrups, balms, in salads.

  • Kissel

Kissel included on the second day of exacerbation. It has enveloping properties, protects the walls and mucous membranes from the damaging effects of various negative factors. Kissel reduces pain, spasm, prevents the development of ulcers. Significantly reduces inflammation. You can eat any fruit jelly, made from fruits and berries.

  • Mineral water

With exacerbation, you must drink mineral water. It must be without gas. You can pick up special water, which is designed to treat diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. On the first day of exacerbation, nothing is eaten, only mineral water is drunk. You need to drink at least 1.5-2 liters.

  • Linseed oil

Flax oil is applied on an empty stomach on 1 teaspoonful, or is added to salads, porridges. Removes inflammation and irritation, eliminates pain, softens mucous membranes, normalizes motor skills, stools.

  • Coffee

Coffee is completely excluded from the diet, because caffeine irritates the walls of the stomach, increases the inflammatory process. May lead to the development of ulcers, ulcers.

  • Turkey broth

Turkey is a nutritious, but not fatty meat. The turkey is rich in protein, vitamins. It can be used with exacerbations to make broth.

Menu with exacerbation of gastritis

Food should be divided, portions - small. You need to eat 5-6 times a day. The food should be mashed, light. It is recommended to cook boiled, steam dishes, including vegetables and fruits, broths, kefir, dairy products.

Recipes for exacerbation of gastritis

As hot dishes, vegetable, meat, fish soups, broths, soups of puree, milk soups are used. For lunch, cooked porridge and boiled or steam dish of meat or fish, vegetables. For dinner, you can cook a casserole, scrambled eggs, sweet porridge and drink milk products or jelly.

What you can not eat with exacerbation of gastritis?

At an exacerbation it is impossible to eat fried, smoked dishes, sauces, spices, marinades. It is necessary to exclude fatty meat and fish, preserves, canned food, sausages. Prohibited shish kebabs, lard, products cooked on the grill, mushrooms, alcohol.

Sport with exacerbation of gastritis

Heavy sports and heavy loads during the exacerbation will have to be deleted. Light, supportive exercises are allowed. For the stomach are useful breathing and meditative complexes, stretching exercises.

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